The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive, empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia.
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Divine beloved masters of energy, frequency, love and light, you are the ones you have been waiting for; as we speak to you from the collective of your higher selves and being, the Blue Ray and Shekina in one voice.

What feels like rapid time acceleration is the earth frequency has increased its electromagnetic resonance. The pulse, the heartbeat to which Gaia (Mother Earth) is vibrating to the galactic core/center and the universes, is coming into alignment, emerging with ground zero which is the ascension gateway of 2012. This takes place as one cycle period ends and a new begins that is opening a dimensional frequency gateway to a new age of expanded light and love on earth.

Gaia Electromagnetic Resonance Increase

Science has done its best to calculate the increase of Gaia’s electromagnetic resonance (known as the Schumann resonances) as now having only 16 hours in what appears to be a normal 24 hour day. It is why many of you feel you cannot get done what you used to in a normal 24 hour day period. In essence, you cannot calculate an increase in dimensional frequency into manmade time as it is beyond time and space. The quickening is the ascension process creating rapid spiritual evolution, for you to transcend dimensional time and space, where time travel, becoming younger, cellular rejuvenation, stretching time, bi-location and miraculous healings are readily becoming part of your reality. This is a cycle where you may come together and truly create a world of Love and peace. 22

As you are adjusting to the increase in frequency resonance and still existing in manmade alterations of time, know that you are the forerunners and bridge of these two dimensions and worlds and will soon be in harmonious rhythm and flow of a higher way of living and well being in every way with all of life and Creation. In linear time there is a separation, a segmented reality of dimension that is limiting. In multidimensional unity consciousness, time becomes a circle of completion where you may transcend time to move forward and backward and into other realms and dimensions.

Experiences of transcending linear time, multidimensional reality and higher frequency resonances include
: • Losing time
• Not being able to find items that will later appear right in front of you
• Manifestation at the speed of light • Increased synchronicity
• Warp dimensional doorways that appear right before you
• Increase in seeing angels, fairies, orbs and extraterrestrials
• Seeing and hearing the spirit of rocks, trees, mountains and water
• Periods of extreme fatigue as your cells are vibrating faster as you go through the higher dimensional gateways
• Hearing your cells vibrating
• Increase in high pitch sounds
• Downloads from the celestial and angelic realms from your own lineage (you become the bridge that keeps open these celestial vibrational gateways of the divine)
• Dreams intensify as you feel them as real
• Not knowing what day it is and difficulty in keeping time
• Experiencing a day, week or month in “dimensional time space”, that is equivalent to a year’s worth, and sometimes more of accelerated spiritual, emotional and mental growth of evolution

Heightened sense of pure love, sadness and the Shekinah This natural quickening occurrence is activating your (Original Divine Blueprint) God DNA and expansion of your light bodies. The increase in frequency that is affecting your body and being is putting you in harmony with the divine plan. This shift in the electromagnetic pulse is affecting your heartbeat as you are increasing your frequency aligning to the true rhythms of Gaia and the cosmos. This can be felt as a stronger heartbeat at times, a light soreness and awareness of your higher heart, and a heightened sense of pure love. This heart expansion and awakening can bring endings, sadness, sorrow of release, cleansing from the long suppression of the sacred divine feminine, and love and healing for humanity. The sacred tears that come from this release will bring you to the depths of your being, your core, the unity and oneness of your true essence. This holy purification allows for the Shekinah dispensation to take place. The Shekinah is the divine presence of the feminine aspect of the Godhead that is bringing the embodiment of the Christed Self of the “Original Blueprint” through the higher heart to bring unity with Source Creation. 33

Gaia Point New Angelic Chakra

This alignment to the higher frequencies and new earth can also be felt in the higher area of the solar plexus as a heartbeat as well. It can feel like a pulse of new life force in your solar plexus activating the (Gaia Point) centered balance point with earth and the cosmos. It is a God Code Point and new Angelic Chakra. This (Gaia Point) New Angelic Chakra is being activated and especially designed for the ultra sensitive empath Star Beings and Light Bearers. This new Angelic Chakra realigns your frequency and light bodies to the Heart Grid of Gaia to assist your ascension with greater grace and ease.

Time Acceleration Statement of Being and Gaia Point New Angelic Chakra

The Time Acceleration Statement of Being and Gaia Point create a harmonic alignment of divine order that puts you in perfect placement with the increased acceleration frequencies of the Galactic Cosmic energies.

(Breathe, with one hand touch thymus, located at heart level, center sternum, with other hand at solar plexus)
Right here within me is God, my perfect place to be
All is in divine order and working for my highest good, joy and perfection of being ~ I Am (Place both hands at higher heart, located just above the thymus gland to the right of the heart chakra)
I am here, right where I Am to be, there is nowhere else but where I Am right now,
I Am here at home in love in my heart and being,
I Am ~breath
(with one hand lightly tap 3rd eye while other hand is still at higher heart, then placing both hands at side, feel the resonance and harmonic connection within your whole body)
Use this for Gaia Point New Angelic Chakra Click here for U tube activation "New Angelic Chakra" youtu.be/unBpGWs35ac

Not leaving the body ~ the Cosmos and the Heavens are coming to you

This new space that appears to be less time is greatly influenced by your ability to be in your embodiment of your true essence with Nature, Mother Earth and life. Being at home in your body through your higher heart will put you in line with your true connections with the divine and cosmos. You are here to be fully present, to bring the knowledge and essence of your sacred cosmic lineage to earth and humanity through your star gate vehicle body and being. You are the portal to the higher realms.

Ultra sensitive empaths, Blue Rays and many Light Bearers have had tendencies to leave their bodies as they did not feel fully safe with all the intense vibrational frequencies and shifts occurring for the ascension and new age. You may have felt the need to leave the body to connect with your true origins and divine energies. In these new vibrational frequencies, you bring the cosmos and divine light energies to you and find the harmonic resonances within the Gaia Heart Grid of your divine original seeding.

No more processing instant download

In the last decade, the universal rhythm has lent itself to allow more processing of the mind. This was to assist mankind in gradually coming into his heart and full embodiment from one dimensional frequency to the next. An allowance for this to occur (known as Divine Plan 444 and star seeding) has created this quickening process for you to return to your natural state of being, God DNA. In this new space you are at a higher resonance frequency and at-onement with Nature and do not need to spend time in your thoughts processing. The quickening has created an access for you to receive instant download of information from the higher realms and your core essence, where the cells of your body are in complete attunement of harmonic resonances throughout your entire being. Processing in your thoughts can keep you from being truly present in the body, and to activate your cells of light to ascend with Gaia. 444

Habitual thought forms & instant manifestation

Habitual thought forms are real energetics that can cloud your aura and energy bodies where you do not feel free and flowing with Creator. These thought forms can keep you from evolving and in the same beliefs, ideas, and concepts of life and from receiving abundance. Ultra sensitive beings, Blue Ray and Light Bearers can have a tendency to be in their thoughts which causes you to not be fully present in your bodies. We are especially speaking of the thoughts that did not serve your higher truth, and that are not even yours; they almost became a protection, a crutch that disconnected you from your heart and full embodiment to higher Self and Source.

Many times the ultra sensitive Blue Ray and Light Bearer can feel so deeply on many levels and dimensions they left their bodies or stayed in their thoughts to not feel pain and discomfort in their higher awareness energy bodies. You are now in a new earth and higher frequency that allows you to be in your divine power and in full body divine awareness, also called claircognizance. It is because you are an ultra sensitive being at a higher refined frequency that the new energies and earth will be easy and natural for you. You may finally use your deep etheric sensitive nature and knowing to be more alive and in tune with the greatest beauties, joys and riches of life. 13

In the full embodiment of who you are, you will not need to vacillate back and forth in your thoughts to know what serves you and which direction to take. You will feel the joy of your entire being speaking to you and the flow of Source supporting you more than ever before. Yes, this is where more abundance and the wealth of life can flow to you. Many a time your thoughts of how this or that can happen put a block on the universe from reaching you. The mind cannot conceive of eternity, or how the divine can rearrange time and space to bring you the miraculous from hopeless, the perfect encounter of opportunity from endings, from lack to wealth, and this is your new reality and even more. 13

There is not a need or any time to be processing as that is not in alignment with the new energies of being and can now keep you from evolving and aligning to your higher self. This is a reminder that you have graduated, the knowledge is within you; you are an ascended master, an angel Goddess of the Light. You are already connected and no longer need training wheels. You have mastered it, you are attuned, feel, sense and know the harmony of Nature, God, Source flowing through you. You are coming into your bodies through your core essence, through your higher heart the Shekinah energy, which puts you in the endless source of Love, happiness, sacred relationships and vibrant health. Step through the gateway now as you are already here, we are one with thee. 333

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Please feel free to pass on in divine love Light we are!!
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  •  Aly my new dear sister of the heart thank you. Apologies for missing you

     and so happy my words resonated with you. This NOW we are transiting into is

     feeling really fantastic. I also have a new computer and I have not yet transferred

     the images I have especially the Interlaced Heart which represents the merging

     of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine. As they say on Startrek "Make it so" Dearest Sisters of Our Heart the Mandate is now in your Hands and Hearts to Collectively

     come together with Purity of Intent to Collectively nurture and bind all Hearts together

     as Gaia has done in the Spiritual/Physical so it is your turn. Love you all. Blessings, Light Love, Peace and Hrmony. Kingjeff

  • Thank you Aly :)

  •  Thank you for the Post Happy Kelly. The message resonates with what I have been intuiting what I have written and what I have been talking about. This morning I received a message at 5.55am 555 and I am a Birth 15 No. This communique is sprinkled with supporting back up of the info I have been sharing. We have graduated so we only have to enjoy the ride and stay centered and focused. This is the Year of the Mother but more of the Universal Collective Ring Mother not one that is placed on a Pedastal as that is Control and not nurturing. You have heard that a Cat has nine lives. Why is that so? We say to the girls pussy pussy and they were excellent in the Musical Cats. The female is Femi-Nine it has always been so.

     The Mas(k) u Line has just one line one opportunity the male hides behind a mask . The Bullseye with circles going to the center is Feminine. A Bubble is Feminine as is the Ring. So the picture "The Lord of the Rings" is Wrong for it should be celebrating the Mother. After writing what I have written I realized Prime Creator of the Great Central Sun also had with Him Prime Creatrix aka Father Mother God Soarce being All That Is. There are another & Central Suns in descent until you get to Our Central Sun Alcyone that our Sun Sol orbits. Each one of the Central Suns have their Divine Compliments.
    My major point bweing that this is the Year of Community of coming together of the Femine into a Collective Ring not that of a Crescent like a Coven but a Ring. As the Feminine unite in Peace and Harmony into the Collective Goddess of the Ring so indeed will the Golden Age commence. I bless you Happy Kelly witha trillion Rainbow Heart Bubbles to cascade out of your heart 24/7 in the NOW leaving all with a memory of your special perfume. They speak of Sol our Sun being male but He is Androgynous otherwise He/She could not send out spherical golden waves of love light through our Solar System. The Bubbles I have asked for are feminine energy which I can ask for as I am Androgynous. Last week when Ashtar acknowledged he was following the Prime Directive I knew he was following Prime Creator as Tiamacious announced to this site. Thanks once more Happy Kelly Blessings Light Love Peace and Harmony Kingjeff
    • Oh thank you, Jeff!  You speak what is in my heart, we're gathering closer, all of us- do you see?  I understand everything you are saying, what joy to be alive and human, we have a unique perspective...

      I am going within for a time, the connection is nearly complete and feeling the need to gather strength for the leap ahead.  Sending you radiant light bubbles too, my brother :) 

      Thank you so much sharing, so nice to "hear" your pleasant voice :)

      •  Thank you my sister for your lovely words. As I was reading them cheers of excitement rippled through my body as I felt the warmth and communal love of your voice. Tears came to my eyes and I am thankul that the words I write find thankful hearts. I don't think it appropriate for myself to announce the foundation of a Collective Goddess Ring. I can put in my 10 cents worth and put forward Katjami/Soreya, Lily, Olga, Marique, of course yourself Happy Kelly, Marianinia, Custos Astralis, and I ask forgiveness of those sisters that don't readily come to mind but be assured you are all included. I believe the Prime Creator/Prime Creatrix has left all with the perfect model. The Bullseye where Zero Point of Prime Creator/Prime Creatrix are surrounded by each successive Ring totalling Nine in all. Your sisters will intuitively know where each fits in and what colour they vibrate to. The Center being White next Gold then Pink and the rest I leave to you to figure out. My feeling on this is White for Purity of the Great Central Sun of Prime Creator/Creatrix then the Golden Ripple Heart Wave merging with Pink giving us Orange as in the fertilization of the egg. The Symbol being the Gold/Pink Thai Chi. Hence we have the manifestation of life in all of its sentient life forms That's enough for now. Blessings Light Love Peace and Harmony Kingjeff 

  • Has anyone been having hives?? I have been since September, though they are not quite as bad now. 


    • Hmm hives?  I don't know much about them but Aly posted a recipe for a PH bath that is fabulous and may help, equal parts of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and epsom salts.  Works great. 

      I've lost a bit of weight that I didn't need to lose, and a few others I know in my meditation group have as well.  Of course our diets have changed too. 

      Lol, and right now my left eye won't stop weeping, some one just told me I had an eye cold, I didn't know that could happen?!

      • thank you :) It's been on some other lists as a symptom....First I though it was the poison from my haircolor...that's what triggered it...but that was in September!!

  • Aly thank you so much...

    i started noticing energetic activity a couple of weeks ago one morning sitting up in bed. I was not sure if it was my third chakra purging or doing something, but after reading this post I think it is the Gaia Point. Earth attunement, grounding sounds like a fantastic idea, many blessings....

  • It can feel like a pulse of new life force in your solar plexus activating the (Gaia Point) centered balance point with earth and the cosmos.
    It is a God Code Point and new Angelic Chakra. This (Gaia Point) New Angelic Chakra is being activated and especially designed for the ultra sensitive empath Star Beings and Light Bearers.


    My third chakra is going 'nuts' and near my solar plexus to the side. Feels energetic and feels super good....i like the feeling. going to meditate on it and when I feel it....

This reply was deleted.

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