Blessed Equinox! - What Cycles Are You Shifting

Or Embracing ?


The Equinox is always a wonderful moment to remember the balance of Nature and the Unity of Light and Dark.
As we are in the this transition of seasons it is also an opportune moment to reflect upon the seasons of our life.
What cycles are you shifting?
What cycles are you embracing?
Let's take a moment and breathe into what we have created through the past few months.
Celebrate who you are and you continue to show up to be aware of and BEcome!
We are always changing, just as nature is always moving towards the light or the dark in consistent connection to know exactly what to do when the light and temperatures begin to transition.
When we are in the dark, there is always light, when we are in the light there is always dark.... As one we move in balance no matter how much of either there is.
We, each us of in our bodies as a unique expression of Source are the Balance point, the Zero Point, the Center of Creation!
During the last full moon there was so much energy in a tight spiral through Earth, Sun and Central Sun bringing condensing us into our bodies, squeezing out anything that was no longer needed.
We are still being greeted by what is no longer needed though in a more expanded form.
The spiral has now blossomed open to envelop the whole Earth, with the Diamond Center spinning in equilibrium.
The spiral in the Sun is pulsing slowly, steadily and strongly with the clarity of the Central Sun, connected into all the other Central Suns Unifying Source within!
Do you feel it?
We are being called to rest, to be in a space of openness to the body, mind, heart and Soul unfolding in Unison.
What brings you relaxation?
What brings you into a space of connectedness?
I smile in this moment as I hear the birds singing outside on this cool morning.
In this moment it brings me great joy and peace to relax into the songs of nature.
It's nice to hear them again, during the heat of summer it's so hot here that they are quiet, even in the morning and evenings!
Maybe something simple as gazing at a tree, a flower, or the sky, or a beautiful picture, listening to soft music, the birds or taking a walk.
Open to the softness, being held in the beauty of You!
Nature, your reflection is all around.
Breathe it in, say Yes to You!
So much love to you all!
I've been having a very busy week with The Unity Consciousness Event, so this weekend for me is all about decompressing and relaxing!
I've enjoyed every minute of it and looking forward to more connection with all of you!
Be Well and have fun!
Infinite Love and Unity,

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