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Bilderberg Plans World Population Reduction Of 80% ...SO THEY PLAN TO KILL 80% OF THE HUMANS ON THIS PLANET...IT IS NOT A VERY NICE THING TO DO

This is HEAVY KARMA what else can you do except kill them first before they kill you

Please watch the Video's below so you know what these demonic beings are planning

Bilderberg Plans World Population Reduction Of 80%

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Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Killing the 20% before they get us..whaat? we can not solve our problems with the same thinking that created them as einstein has once said. Fear is a lower vibrational habit that is difficult to let go of. Do no put energy into fear of any kind. that doesn't mean be naive about the things going on around you, but being aware and calm and delivering messages with the same tone is key and more constructive when being prepared. It is also important to know that there is no stopping the ascension, there will be changes on earth physically and how things will operate afterward when the old and faulty crash and the new and useful come in. To me, this is one of our most important lifetimes because of the timing of this and our jobs are to be the LIGHT and be examples for the rest of humanity when they are panicked and fearful of how the world as they knew it is being shaken up. The changes are already happening but soon more will follow. We need to remember who we are, we need to remember we are the brave souls that came here in this messed up world with a mission. If you ever felt different from everyone else growing up or ever felt something big in your lifetime will happen, this is it. We are leaders and teachers during this crucial time and into a new era. It is important to stay above the waters where we are looking at the bigger picture and not too caught up in these fear-based details where you will drown in them.

YES!!! so true

HAHAHA!!! more fear based confusion and ideas.   

 Do NOT believe this stuff, they wont even come close to pulling it off. We are all one!


 Love and Light your way

and All One we are:)


Here is a link to one of Ben-Arion's blogs where it mentions, "the still part of a tornado". To sum up, it is important that this is the state we should be when there is chaos around us. Read the whole blog as it also talks about fear.

My Love to All...


The Awakening Movement - The Still Point of a Tornado Posted by Ben...



No one has the right to make a decision over another!

Each spirit has his/her own path in evolution, those who cannot catchup become victim of involution and fall away.

Whoever besides the ONE god decides about numbers of who may survive and who not is a liar and thus opposing his own destiny, thus chooses to devolve in a lower being. PAH!

Planet of the angels versus planet of the apes, where do you want to go to?


edit; to avoid misunderstandings, this i not directed to you esseya, just to all and especially against the makers of that website you posted... ..actually against all to those who are dwelling in their luxury seats on top of the dark illuminated pyramids. I can continue with a thousand words now but I'll leave that for another time.



We know that the Light always wins and this is not to create fear among the 80% but among the 20% for there plan is completly out of order and will backfire. Now at least the 80% will know who they are and when they are wiped out we will have more Love and Light on this Planet. This just shows their mentality as they are worse then terrorists as they only kill a few % but they want to kill 80%. Their Wealth should be taken away from them so that they come down to Earth from Cloud 9. Victory for the Light is guranteed but we all have to care for ourselves like the food that we eat and the water that we drink.



I think some people want to see alot of people "wiped out" because they aren't seeing the true good in people and in this World.  Who deserves to be "Wiped Out"....?



Your Neighbor...

His Nephew?

The population is not going to be "Wiped Out".... 

People will remain on this Planet, and deal with their Karma, and make something good or bad out of it.  It's their choice, It's YOUR choice...

It's all of our choices, make your choices wisely.  Because in the end, we only judge ourselves...

To condemn 80% of the people on this planet to death because they aren't filled with Love and Light isn't compassionate.... And to give "Bilderberg" that much power (like they could do that anyway) is prosposterous. 



I like that word PROSPOSTEROUS sounds good it really means outrageous or absurd and going very much against what is thought to be sensible or reasonable

You are right Delilah7777 to give these rascals so much power is PROSPOSTEROUS...Those who suffer from any health problems caused by them should claim from them for any damages they have caused and some might have already died due to them.








The movie will always play what the watcher is anticipating. The alien agenda is obviously participating, most of it is government controlled. I don't think ships will land and pick anyone up, they will only influence change of events. We are not even at the embryonic stage in development, as a whole I mean.

notice that this dumbass video is 0.26 seconds long. I call that dumbass.......I like the ones that are over 10 or less minutes....the longer and the more information , the better.

OK the video says that the Bilderberg plans world population reduction of 80%. I say; DO NOT ENTER THE BILDERBERG BUILDING.

Now who in the Bilderberg is planning 80% reduction of the Earth´s overall population?

There is a very clearly and obviously noticeable rising number of bad luck incidents that usually result in death , unhappiness or one bad luck incident coming after the other until the persons involved can´t control it , all involving the Bilderberg Building.

There´s nothing wrong in my view with tearing the building down.......if many enough of you request it to be torn apart and removed , then perhaps it will......



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