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Biggest storm in history: 6.5 million in Vietnam brace themselves for 235mph Typhoon Haiyan as 170,000 soldiers are drafted in to reinforce homes ...See Amazing Photos plus Videos plus Updates Added

Typhoon Haiyan was a maximum category-five storm with ground winds of up to 235mph
Red Cross today estimates 1,200 people have been killed, 1,000 of those in the city of Tacloban, Leyte
800,000 evacuated before gales whipped up 19ft waves that battered the islands of Leyte and Samar
Storm has now passed majority of the islands and is set to move inland towards Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam
Hundreds of thousands of people in South East Asia have been evacuated and moved to shelters
170,000 Vietnamese soldiers are brought in as aid agencies predict 6.5 million people will be affected
Disaster relief teams are now attempting to get supplies to those most affected
International aid teams are being flown in to the devastated country with three UK experts arriving today
Locals, many of whom are pictured transporting corpses in wheelbarrows, now attempt to rebuild their lives

One of the most powerful storms on record, Typhoon Haiyan, has killed 1,200 people and left many more injured.
According to the Red Cross, 1,200 have been left dead - 1,000 of those in the city of Tacloban, on the island of Leyte in the Philippines.
About four million people are believed to have been affected by the category five storm, according to the country's national disaster agency. This figure includes 800,000 who had to be evacuated before the storm struck.
Winds of up to 235mph and gusts of 170mph left a trail of destruction - triggering major landslides, knocking out power and communications and causing catastrophic widespread damage. Hundreds of homes have been flattened and scores of streets flooded.
The storm is now moving towards mainland Asian and is expected to reach Vietnam coastal areas on Sunday morning while humanitarian experts estimate the number of casualties will rise considerably.

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Told you to be nice to Mother many more times do I need to repeat?

I'm Vietnamese living in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Many blessings to Vietnamese people and others!

God speed to all those affected.

All my prayers...

we need to help at least through the red cross

I would like to know what is Ashtar Command Ships doing about this???
How are they helping in this storm?
Ashtar Command Ground Crew Members let us have your answers

I wonder also, if this Galactic Federation is there to help, right ? , 

Did all these people really needed to die while their technology could stop this ( Haarp or not ) super storm ? 

Wondering what lesson is to be learned from this great tragedy.......................maybe someone could help me understand .

Bodies in the streets, a plague of looters and 10,000 dead in one city alone: Filipinos struggle to cope with huge typhoon that was 'like a tsunami'
Read more plus see photos @

I watched this video already, yesterday.  The evil is difficult to comprehend, but real.  Is there any crime these individuals won't commit?  I think not.  I wonder what those in that region of the world did or refused to do that made such an attack become the choice of those hidden powerful individuals who would commit such a crime? Some way, some time, I have to believe that all will be revealed and this evil will be exposed, stopped, and brought to justice.  They are cowards.  They are pathetic.  They are beyond my comprehension.  God have mercy on their souls if they have them. 

Update: 11-Nov-2013
Race against time to save the drowned towns: Rescuers battle to reach site levelled by Typhoon Haiyan while city of 35,000 is 80% underwater

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Some people low can you get ?
Update ...Tue./12thNov /2013
Bodies piled in the streets as makeshift mortuaries are overrun and Philippine typhoon rescue teams warn death toll will 'rise sharply' from the 10,000 already confirmed



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