Beloved Mighty I AM Presence!

Greetings of such Cosmic Light Substance!There has been NO being that has EVER Ascended into 5th Dimension without the use and actualization of Theyre Might "I AM" Presence and the Sacred Fire. Right now the Violet Flame is the Flame in Command here on Earth for the next 10,000 years which is what its going to take to restore Earth to her state where she was in the 1st two golden ages 12.5 million years ago.Stop listening to "Humans" and START listening to the Ascended Master Instruction....To get through this 2012 blip you MUST use the Violet Fire to Cleanse and purge lifetime and lifetime of built up Karma even though some of us have had "Constructive" lifetimes, we still have so much to cleanse. NOW LISTEN UP!!As the Light keeps increasing on Earth towards 2012 and beyond, our bodies have to change with it. In that case if your being and all your bodies are NOT cleansed of its DENSITY which is accumulated around your atoms then your ascension symptoms will start to increase as the light goes up. SOOOO, what do you do about it... YOU Don't just BE or just be all lovey dovey wishy washy, flowery talk about it.This is NO Nonsense times and we all have to start taking accountability and responsibility for what has been going on. Start using the Sacred Fire and acknowledge your Beloved I AM Presence that stands above you. Get your Nose into the St Germain "I AM Discourses" which he brought to Earth in 1929. Theyre the Green books and theres 20 of them.

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    • Send me a couple :-) Im living in Mt Shasta on Oatmeal all day changing the Planet :-D

      Ive read Victory and 7 Mighty Elohim...

      I can send them back when Im done reading :-)

      3445 van nuys blvd. #159
      Sherman Oaks, Ca 91403

      Whoo hoooooooooooo!
    • Thats Great Ann!

      Thats how things on the planet are happening because of the Crystalline Grin thats been laid out and is now forming. The activations which the last was 9-9-9 brought Earth much more powerful. Anyways, more and more are using the Violet flame and if you require some excellent materials and violet Fire meditation I can assist you.

      Also go to

      This is the Site and the Mystery School I am a student of. There are 3 on the planet that are Legitimate and Ive been working with a Master from the School here in Mt Shasta 24-7 for 3 months.

      The Violet Flame changed the COSMIC LAWS" Thats means some business :-D Meaning all the meditators doing 12-14 hours or more of Meditation a day is only there to discipline you. It used to be to cleanse karma so that "One day" you could apply to Ascend. St Germain told them all what they had to do and were talking the monks that live up in the mountain of the Himalayas and others etc.... that they must start using the Violet Fire and the new Sacred Fires brought here. This is No Nonsense Times. The Masters are Bringing in some major tools for us because of the times were living in. We must get with it. Also times ago masters only had the first 5 rays to be able to ascend. E.G. blue ray, golden ray, etc...we now have 8 rays, violet being the 8th. I have to check my facts on that but you get the picture, the Ascended masters are "Calling all cards" so to speak Lol. Your in good shape if you start NOW with the Violet Fire and work up to 15 minutes a day "Visualizing it" with whatever matra your working with and theres some great visuals. Litterally visualize after calling to your I AM Presence and the Ascended Hosts etc..Visualize the Violet Fire 3 feet out in all directions and 12-20 feet above you and start there. Theres so much more the start working with. When Jesus said, be in this world but not of it. He meant we must protect ourselves from the Mass Consciousness with out Electronic Tube of Light which is shown on the "I am Presence" Graphic. Google it if need be.


      Violet Fire and the Electronic Tube of Light and then go from there.

      Most Important is not to look for results and be attached to them. Thats the old paradigm thinking.. Just do the work. The New Age flowery talk with say, you just have to Love and dance around and play, well thats the Goal and we must start DOING THAT aswell BUT we must take accountability is what the Ascended Host are telling us.

      PSS. Im loving every minute of life here in Shasta, and I just Love doing all the Violet flame calls :-D

  • Hey Everyone!

    The MAIN "thing" is that things like working with the Sacred Fire and the Higher octaves such as Angels etc.. You MUST build up a MOMENTUM with it...!!
    (When your ears "ring" that's the Angelic Realms and angels working on you and clearing things out.) They also once you get used to it can tell the difference with some and you will know sometimes if your speaking about something or going to do something you might get a ring if its not a great idea to do such a thing. They ring my friend whenever he goes to smoke because they are saying to "STOP IT" :-D

    REMEMBER YOU and all us in Earth here have SOOO much accumilation of centuries of lifetimes to CLEAR. some were CONstructive but we have so much to clear. The Angels are like, JUST GIVE MORE TIME!! A WEEK ISNT GOING TO CUT IT GUYS!! Lol

    Make a habit of a fewminutes a day and build from that.

  • The Violet Flame is Great,Ive used it on and off for 20 years,but,lets not forget that the Violet Flame came from the "HU".
  • Hey Dimitri :) Thank you for posting this discussion! I have learned great disciplines from my Master Teacher on how to wash away lack, limitation, doubt and fear, and to be free of the past and embrace the Future Now. This is indeed of utmost importance in order to raise the vibrational level to enter the 5th Dimension of Light with Mother Earth. I am learning greatly on how to accomplish this just as you are. I embrace the discipline of focus and practice it in order to rise above the mundane, and to not be one certain way. We must overcome and overcome until we become! ~
  • Hey Sweety, No worries, I was kinda joking, I would rather you start reading them again. Ive got so much material Im working with from my teacher right now. Hard to read much when Im applying so much daily.

    Thanks and may the Violet Flame be with you always :-D

    'Christopher Michael'
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