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  • Hey Dimitri~Thanks for adding me as a friend! :D Love and Light to you~
  • ----guided meditations to heal Mother Earth and myself and those around me. .... 2009 Created by Ben-Arion
    can you tell me dearest Dimitri where are these meditations? where in fact is Ben-Arion?
    love namaste
  • Hey my friend.
    I think we get some subjects by their senses and will. We always want eveythings that must adapt to follow our mind. We don't find out the meaning of life and adjust ourself to its laws. Suffering and fear happen.
  • Thank you replied to me.
    can we share a idea: " the suffering and worry that happen from what cause? . I thank you from your answer, but that is in general. can you talk about from your experiences by yourself, not from learning.
    I am sorry, im Asian, my English is limited. I look forward to hearing your sounds.
    take care,

  • what s up my friend, can I ask you something? What main cause do we suffer and worry?
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Los Angeles, CA

About Yourself

I am a newly awakened being of light like all of us on here :-) I currently spend a lot of my time healing and raising my Life Force and do guided meditations to heal Mother Earth and myself and those around me. Im in a transition period in Life where I used to train people in Martial arts, but I have recently saved up some money to spend ALL my time to work on my energy and Ascension so I can then in return Heal Earth and keep teaching and awakening others. I have successfully awakened one soul thus far and it truly is a delight! Growing up I was stricken with chronic pain in my back, neck, digestive issues, emotional issues, depressed, could not communicate as a Gemini :-) no self love just to name a few, and just in the past 2 years I have almost totally transformed to full health, FULL Self Love, emotional transformation, waking up to the truths about humanity and earth and Galactic Federation. Its hard to really explain the diversity of it all in a paragraph but I think most on this site will know where Im coming from. I am a Practitioner of martial arts, gaining my full potential in my mind body and spirit and emotions through conscious awareness and creating and experiencing life in all its wonders! I am a Ninja, Koga Yamabushi ryu Ninjitsu Warrior. I love Nature and desire to heal mother earth as I keep raising my own vibration and healing earth and others.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Galactic Federation and all involved, Ascended masters, Peiadian high council, Andromedans, My Higher self, connecting with my soul while meditating and going into silence. Sananda, Self realization fellowship.

Dimitri replied to Dimitri's discussion Beloved Mighty I AM Presence!
"Hey Everyone!

The MAIN "thing" is that things like working with the Sacred Fire and the Higher octaves such as Angels etc.. You MUST build up a MOMENTUM with it...!!
(When your ears "ring" that's the Angelic Realms and angels working on you and…"
Sep 22, 2009
Dimitri replied to Dimitri's discussion Beloved Mighty I AM Presence!
"Hey Sweety, No worries, I was kinda joking, I would rather you start reading them again. Ive got so much material Im working with from my teacher right now. Hard to read much when Im applying so much daily.

Thanks and may the Violet Flame be with…"
Sep 20, 2009
Dimitri replied to Dimitri's discussion Beloved Mighty I AM Presence!
"Send me a couple :-) Im living in Mt Shasta on Oatmeal all day changing the Planet :-D

Ive read Victory and 7 Mighty Elohim...

I can send them back when Im done reading :-)

3445 van nuys blvd. #159
Sherman Oaks, Ca 91403

Sep 20, 2009
Dimitri replied to Dimitri's discussion Beloved Mighty I AM Presence!
"Thats Great Ann!

Thats how things on the planet are happening because of the Crystalline Grin thats been laid out and is now forming. The activations which the last was 9-9-9 brought Earth much more powerful. Anyways, more and more are using the…"
Sep 20, 2009

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