What is going on?Just because I have been away doesn't mean you can tear this place up heh he, what I am referring to is behaviour that has transpired in some post's.No need to get into who or why, coz that is really not the issue...coz if it was, then that, in it self, could be considered censorship....agree?And, I am not so much for ehh, playing nice so to speak, so, nothing wrong with flaming other's he he, but, I see lot's of folk's who forment it, I am in loss for the right word, so I'll just use a label for the heck of it, so dont take it too seriously. So, I'll use the word "hate", perhaps not in it's dictionary sense but more as in a "grudge" kinda way. I see lot's of folk's who forment their hate and get attached to it. Can you go from total disagreement on one topic to treat your brother or sister as sibling in another, or does the "disagreement" follow you into whatever situation?And here we are, what is what if I may ask?Do you know?Well, I like to think of A.C as a place for everyone, where everyone get's to xpress themselves without the fear of being run out of Dodge. That is my most important concern. Despite all the well meaning's of everyone, if a climate where a small section of member's get to outline what is permissable or not, then the idea of A.C has lost all it's meaning for me.Coz it will inhibit those who are not so vocal to speak about "their stuff" in fear of being slaughtered by wannabe's. Don't worry, we're all wannabe's destined to become so don't get ahead of might hurt yourself he he, but I joined a long time ago because it was a virtual sandbox where everyone was allowed to xpress themselves, their hopes, their dreams, their truth's etc.Of course, there are no means to messure what has not been posted, but I feel there's alot of silent member's out there who have not dared to speak out, and there can certainly be many different reasons for that. I am not, or at least I am trying not to blame anyone, so read this as a reminder of how we could best help eachother....coz that's what it is all about...isn't it?Anyway, those of you who think you know more than the average, you should know how much....and how little there is to creation. And the infinite number of options, opinions and point of view's. So you've got "yours"...and I say fantastic. From thereon divinity shines (or is less shining) from the way you share, xplore and play with yourself (a divine joke, all pun's intended).I should like to think that the ones who claim's to be "working for the light" actually had a better understanding.....or should I say be more enlightened?So what's the deal?As I said, this is supposed to be a place for everyone, and if you see something you disagree woth that is fine....and you should disagree. But is there a fine line in our way of xpressing ourselves where being critical or disagreeing slides into the term harassing?As Robby said in one post, which you probably have said yourselves...and which I have said....we all have our path's to follow.Even if your path diverges from that of another one, does it make you right to taunt those who is on another path?Think about it!What xactly is "your right"?And if you in your kindness would like to "guide" someone who you deem to be lost, what way would be the scorn them or to kindly show them their errors/faults?But what if someone doesn't give a shit about what you have to say or your much does it anger really pisses you off right, even if the clische "I dont care" crosses your lips..or in this case, the keyboard heh he hee he, oh. we're so full of ourselves :DBut hey, let us not get too sirius, it is supposed to be fun, so let me throw in another clische : in a metaphorical way, one could ask, do you beat knowledge into your kids or do you teach them through practice? And in which category would you asume that the kids would be more a good manner? Ha ha ha ha, now that was funny as hell wasn't it? ;)But listen, we got all kinda crap here on A.C, from my jibberish to yours, planet X and Jesus, we also have eastern schools of thought represented here...and a whole lot more, take your pick. And I like it this way.I like to think of it in this way, it is like a tressure chest and everyone get's to pick whatever they want or need...there's enough for everyone.In the same way, it is noone's right to flame anyone because they chose the rubies instead of the diamond's you chose. And when I say flame I mean harass, innocent flaming and disagreements are tool's for us to learn from. I know, we like to think of ourselves as the pinnacle of truth...right?But in all fairness, we're all just good 'ol plain stupid...well...not me of course he he he I am always right :)And now for the xiting stuff.....da rules! lol#2 say's "Disruption: Repeating a behavior that is clearly interfering with other members’ use of the forums is not allowed. "From #4 we xtract "posting insulting comments is not allowed." and "Personal attacks, harassing, offensive, vulgar, abusive, hateful or bashing comments "and #6 say's it all "Treat others as you'd like to be treated yourself "And in the end, perhaps #9 "Forgiveness is the greatest power in the universe" is suitable for a continium and the end answer.It is amusing and disturbing at the same time, to see how many selfprofessed "enlightened" people fall into the same trap over and over again. Reciting old but well known thought's of wisdom is a no-problemo, anyone can do that. And they are completly useless unless they are put into practise. Your deed's are the indicator of "how far you've come"....and not what you think or write.On the other hand, perhaps it is also necessary to do what we do...y'know, in order to learn, from our xperiences....and that is precisely why I think a good cat-fight about ideas/truth's are healthy every now and then.And I wonder how many get's into the fight to win an argument?I used to, but I quickly found out that the internet is full of troll's and then we have the ones who twist everything out of context so I quickly found out that this was not me. I never felt the need to destroy anouther so that I could bask in in the glory of their demise.To me it provides many thing's, one is to "test" my own truths, and it also provides opportunity to learn or xplore avenue's we might not have thought of, it may clarify something....and lastly, it may help me help other's. But I never xpect to win. In light of oneness...isn't it like winning over oneself he he..or loosing to oneself?Well, it doesn't matter, all in all, everything I do I do for the sake of hopefully learning something. Sometimes, our path has lead us to a point where we find ourselves comfertable, and we think we know it all he he, OK, perhaps a small overstatement, but none the less, we are comfertable where we are at the moment.And when you've found your little patch of truth on the mountain of truth, it is all so easy to start throwing rock's on the climber's that are below you only because you have a better overview. But I dunno, it is an temptation heh he, but, if we could remind ourselves that each rock we throw or kick we do onto ourselves. We are suppsoed to help eachother, and if you see someone clibing a completly different route than you, but you think you have a better view from your dont throw rock's at them, you try to help by telling them where they should that guidance?And it may be healthfull to remind ourselves that none of us are at the top yet, we're all scattered all across the mountain wall, both in vertical and horizontal directions.And I may have digressed, and I dont like to be a A.C police...which I am not either, consider this a reminder since I love you guy's...a friendly reminder he he, and I was reminded by a quote from the bible (I'm just stealing quotes I am not endorsing the bible or religions) that pretty much cover's what I have tried to say:""A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.""Now at the end of this post, you might ask yourself "what was I supposed to learn from this long-ass post"? Hopefully nothing, just a reminder to be nice and be civilized!Now to the fun part, you get to flame me, blame me, slain me...or tame me, what do you think?

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  • ...indeed you hit the nail on the head...i sorta noticed that some like to express themselves in ways that are only gonna give rise to the same vibe they choose to put attracts like.. is it the 'hate" that's seen on some of the expressions on AC hasn't yet been transcended by those particular individuals...but then again there's always free will and they choose to choose as such...of course then we get caught up in the mix cause we want to be of service to those people who choose to stay in that vibe and we forget to exercise the allowance part of the game...and we let our emotions lead us to intervene or interfere and that doesn't serve us nor them...phew.. conundrum is it?..not really.. i figure if one does not agree nor resonate with someone else on this site then it best be to move on to another being who you flow better with..after all like attracts like...and the purpose of this site is to connect beings with other beings that are on similar vibrational the oil will coalesce with the oil and the water with the h2os ...haha...and yes indeed we must not let old paradigm vibes infect the true intentions of this site...for if we are indeed aligned with the new paradigm then maybe we shall all lead by example and make Ashtar and all the masters including ourselves proud....egos are for the coat hangers at the front of the ship...hang em up and walk in free....One Love One Light
  • me too! ;-)

    Luv ya! ;-)
    • Me three.
  • Dear All
    i hope you will not eat my head after this post...
    i am entering the AC site for 2 months now everyday, reading only, also reading the comments.i come here because i want to be connected to the concept of the galactic family and first contact ect and there are not much sites like that that
    are not delusional, so i have high expectations, you the last month i enter more to see the soap opera that is going on:banned members,goodbyes and coming back, diahrea posts,endless comments not in topic as you know better than me all i decided to become a member of the AC in order i can post this comment and i tell you this: the vibe of the site deteriorated a lot in the last month even Ben Arion requested to put ourselves together and flow with the new energies now that ARE different, but all i can see is old paradigns, old polarity concepts and articles ,instead of us reaching to the highest in full gas now as the energies allow us-i must admit that i posted in the internet maybe 5 posts in all my life so i am not judging the social activity (because i know nothing about it)-personally i think how our words are interpreted in writing it is a cultural thing too so i think maybe we should be lighter and with a better sense of humor towards each other instead of the empty chewed "i love you brother" or jumping on others throat.
    Also will dearly appreciate if you can explain to me what is the point of opening a discussion on some topic that you copy from somebody else and then below 100 comments that look like: "yes it is good!"-not cynical but...were is the "discussion"??? i want to stay here with you and "do it" and "be it" and i can "tolerate" all the variety in different stages of everyone but lately we are definatelly disgracing Ashtar by the way we do this.thank you all for reading.
  • you are just amazing:)
  • Okay kids, let me tell you about a bugger that was falling through space and know one knew who the bugger belonged to? I just happened to be out walking one day when this bugger from space landed on my head,so i took the bugger and said i might as well eat the thing since i never ate anyone elses bugger but my own,so i ate that bugger from space and that was the best tastin bugger i ever had! So now im building a Space Craft so i can find out where that bugger came from? I should have ran a DNA test on it before i ate it but i was hungry! The whole lesson i learned is , dont pick your nose unless you are sure there is a bugger up there otherwise you are wasting your time. if you cant find a bugger! Better luck next time!................That was a page from my diary i wrote when i was 2 years old,Im a grown man now so i dont pick my nose anymore.
  • When someone poses or puts forth an idea, thought, sugggestion,or what I call a verbal expression of their feelings and emotions or opinion at the time, several things come into play..1. What spirit,attitude etc.. is it or was it given in
    2. Is the person putting forth the idea etc... thinking about how the idea etc. will be received,perceived and the effect it will have on whoever is receiving it as well as themselves before they actually put forth the idea etc.?
    3. We are communicating with people from all walks of life, different levels of spirituality and awareness,education, life experience, the whole "shmoe" as they say... So it's because of this broad spectrum of parameters in communicating one's thoughts etc.., that we are reminded of the one constant whic is - We are "still" spiritual beings having a human experience.. So if we keep all these things in the forfront of when we are communicating with each other through any medium, everything will be fine, because keeping all this in mind is about communicating in love and when we communicate in love, it is the higher self that is communicating and it can only have a positive effect and experience of "Love" Everything else is just the "Ego" getting in the way! This too is given in love.... :) Michael
    • Okay, maybe you should go back to the convent you escaped from and toss some salad for your sister nuns? No desert for disobedient nuns!
      • Actually, a convent filled with sexually deprived nuns might have been fun heh he he he
This reply was deleted.

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