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Within the last hour, or so, I have been feeling a tremendous warm, glowing, healing energy beginning to build greatly. I am breathing it in and sending it out to everyone here and everywhere else on the planet and beyond.

Has anyone else noticed this?

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Blessed be... Lady-c... Thank you for this inspirational message of love and light.

It's more than inspiration or love...what you are doing is critical to how you progress as Soul.  Notice I didn't say "your soul".  You have to understand that the body cannot own Soul...It's the other way around!   You are Soul itself!  The divine being is not only inside of you, but what actually enlivens you and keeps you alive.  You ARE SOUL ITSELF...running a body and a mind. 

The higher self is the next step along your path to God knowledge and you need to continue to allow the higher part of you to come in.  If you do so, you will most assuredly ascend.  This, in a nutshell is what you need to do if you are to continue to grow and expand into your full consciousness.  This website has a very large following, but a very slender amount of real knowledge.  I've been here about a year and a half, and I can almost count on one hand those \who are touching what they need to explore inside for actual ascension!

Unfortunately, I won't be in town for about a week, so I can imagine the scathing annoyance that is going to be directed to me for saying such a thing.  I put my foot into my mouth and now I need to just say this.....if you aren't looking inside yourself for the answers, you are waaaaaay off base.  All the directed interest in what the Cabal is doing, waiting with bated breath for Nesara to give you something for nothing, listening to all the garbage about the President, the Republicans, etc, etc, etc, isn't going to do anything for you...!  If you really want to ascend, quit worrying about what other people think, say, or do...and spend your time honestly working on yourself with intent to be worthy of the gift we are being given.

I've been on this Planet a very long time.....suffered life after life just trying to figure out how to love, help my children be whole inside, kind to others wheather they deserved it or not.   Wheather I deserved it or not!   We all need to just get out of our own way and allow our spiritual helpers to do their jobs!  We are individually and collectively hamstringing ourselves!  I love this planet and her people, but it's time to get off this planet and learn something else.  Thank you!   Now I feel better for saying these things...they needed to be said to all you beautiful and lovely people.  Let's go home, shall we? 



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