• Brilliant video.

  • INCORRECT.....


    First Contact is a necessary biproduct of planetary birthing, as the surface earth world must also be transformed and that includes humanity...


    However, humanity is NOT the prime focus of this birthing, as some suppose...albeit an important focus for starseeds and our star families...


    ETs are midwives in this planetary birthing and seek a First Contact sooner, rather than later, as Mother Earth cannot sustain her biosphere, tectonic plates and ecosystems, for a duration in excess of another 10 years...She would explode if she were unable to combine her inner and outer aspects and also, cannot maintain the bi-pole field for much longer, seeking the more stable mono-polar configuration....

    So, in effect, human evolution will be sped up, in order to meet our requirements to mother there is no possibility of a wait as long as Bashar would be too extreme for the planet to endure..and cause a massive loss of all planetary vitality....


    Maybe some humans assume that it's all about them, but it isn't.....


    • we need all these events like first contact, disclosure, etc to happen within the 2013-2015 range i believe i read these years are really important ones

  • Anger held inside oneself causes ulcers and psychological breakdown. Anger management is thus important, but ignoring a threshold of pain regarding when one should be mad for the proper reasons WILL lead to health problems, unless you drug yourself up (which is the accepted trend these days). And there are proper reasons for one to be mad.

    Expressing one's anger for being raped (physically, spiritually, or financially) is a healthy response. Note that everybody seems to forget about Jesus expressing his anger before the money-changers and Moses expressing his anger at his followers worshiping the calf. But note they didn't do this all the time.

    Anger that confronts another with an angry response from that person is healthy in the sense that it leads to quicker resolutions. It also prevents wars in which innocent persons are hurt or killed. 

    • Anger as a pure emotion is wonderful

      It is an empowered state of motivation.

      But it is no substitute for love.

      And anger the emotion is not the same as angry, the behaviour that comes from suppresing anger.

      This is the problem.

      People confuse the two.

      people who have experienced trauma suppress their anger because of the level of fear that goes with the trauma.

      Over time however the anger wants to be expressed.

      And as a result the get angry.

      And anger expressed in this way is out of control.

      Venting of that anger is only a temporary solution .

      It just relieves the pressure.

      It does not address the underlying problem

      To address the trauma you have to pinpoint the associated memory and address the fear that goes with it,

      Because over time the need to reclaim the part of you in fear only gets greater.

      and the anger just gets more out of control.

      As for Jesus...

      Anger in the manner that Christ expressed it is compassionate.

      He chose anger as his state of being to get his message across.

      He had his rant, did his war dance, and then fell back in love.

      He could do this because he had mastery over his emotional state.

      He could just as easily have used guilt if he thought it would have worked better.

      His state of being gave him options.

      This is appropriate behaviour for the Divine Sacred Masculine.

      And it is not the same as someone who vents anger to relieve pressure.

      Utimately, anger begets anger.

      because whilst what you say is potentially correct, 

      the reality is that only anger born of compassion can cut though the fear that drives conflict.

      Where the light that drives the anger is so filled with truth that fear has no option but to submit.

      and looking around, I don't see to much compassionate anger being thrown around.

      As a result, in the world we live in, anger doesn't prevent wars, the fear it incites only staves them off.

      There is only one solution to war.

      And that is compassionate action.


      And that starts with us.


      • Love will always overwhelm anger, but denying the need to express anger is a denial of your humanity, because anger is tied in with one's makeup of one's humanity (as well as love). You are either very idealistic and living in a dreamland state (not related to this reality whatsoever) or you are young and stupid and haven't faced the real aspects of this reality (and probably never had to breathe the same air with the vampires (who are "damaged goods") that run our society. I have, and I equate these vampires to be somewhat similar to the grey aliens who are reportedly fascinated with the human expression of caring, because they have no ability for such and can't be changed).

        Good luck with your message of love. It is a very noble cause and duty, and you define it well. I may not be able to explain it so well, but I do exercise this aspect of love for others at a charity hospital and in my community when I have time, because I believe that actions of love for others will always speak louder than words.

  • 10 more years... OK... weird timing for this video - great crop circles, by the way! - because yesterday I was talking to a 53 year old man about his perspective on this, since he has being searching for truth since he was 9 years old, and he believes in Jesus, but not in religion, and in ETs, and he said 10 more years. That's a long time... was hoping for 1 year myself... Well we've handled it thus far... ten years...  

    Thanks for sharing Krishna Kalki



  • I hear you Ann.

    There is a point to all the seeming misery and struggle we go through.

    And it is to make us dig deep inside ourselves and discover who we are and what we are capable of.

    So that we can move beyond the struggle and onwards to our magnificence..

    It is the struggle which creates the integrity needed for us to wield our true power :).

  • Indeed. Ann.

    Anger is very seductive because it creates the illusion of power.

    However, when you confront anger with anger, people get more angry.

    There is an upside to anger though.

    Used with intent, it is the emotion that cuts through fear and ultimately leads you back to love.

    The problem is you have to get through fear.

    And this is where people get stuck.

    And stupid.

    • good one Pete :)

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