STRANGER AT THE PENTAGON is now on VOD or Vimeo on Demand!
Use this link to watch it now:
DVDs with Behind-the-Scenes Extras will be ready in early December. So if you have ordered your's expect it before Christmas.
I will be at the LAUGHLIN UFO CONFERENCE Friday, November 14-16. I'll be showing the Stranger at the Pentagon Short Film and giving a talk on Valiant Thor and Dr. Franks Stranges. George Noory from Coast to Coast will be there to introduce me and the film too! Wait till you see the lineup of speakers! Quite impressive! Get tickets here:
I will also be holding 2 Stranger at the Pentagon screenings (12:30 & 2 PM) at the Integratron on Saturday, January 10th.

Link to "Stranger At The Pentagon" Trailer:

Feel free to post all this and forward to your friends via email!

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  • "Available" is such a static word in these financially uncertain times. ;)

    I'll add the torrent-link to this thread, if and when I can find one for this film.

    It should be available 1-3 weeks after the first public screening, if it's good enough to make people want to copy it that is. :)

  • Patti/Valana

    The thrust of the Back to the Future UFO Conference being held this weekend at Laughlin NV is to turn Awareness away from the projected negativity of the grays, abductions, and the like toward that of our Cosmic Family that wishes to join with us openly. These Visitors or Golden Helmeted Ones many of whom do indeed look like us & do have our best interest as paramount.  This refocusing of Awareness is very important as the public should know that our friends from beyond the Stars our All Family with us.

    Folks will begin to discover the Valiant Thor Story as valid as more info is leaking out of Washington regarding the events during the Eisenhower Admin regarding the (4) visitations the President had with them (2) with Beings that look like us & (2) with grays.

    Timothy Good (noted author) begins detailing these events in his most recent book "Earth, An Alien Enterprise".

    A close friend who is a retired USAF Major (intel officer) has been informing me of continuing info that he is receiving that there was indeed a Visitor at the Pentagon for a period of time in the late '50's & that info is still being kept very quiet but it is known!

    The full story will emerge as Valiant Thor continues to interact with individuals here on our lovely planet.  Their work with Val Thor is being done quietly but will have a profound, unlifting & unifying effect upon All of us!

    Believe me that their working with Valiant Thor will have result in the most benefical impact upon mankind.

    Stay tuned, focused and Aware!

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