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Namaste Crew Members,

As we navigate the sea of information of the world-wide-web, we often cross paths with untruths in the form of cunning deceptions, scams and lies.  These untruths can range from benign, to down right dangerous and enslaving.  As a fellow truth seeker, I strive to share what wisdom my path has distilled upon me in hopes that I may be both of service to others, and corrected when in error.  If what I share bellow resonates with you, please take it upon yourself to learn it for yourself.  If you don't find value in what I have to say, follow your own truth and continue on your path. 

To iterate the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, "The only thing sacred after all is the integrity of ones own mind."  No belief, organization, leader or idea should be so sacred as to not merit careful investigation and scrutiny.  Any and all information you come across should first be verified through careful analysis of the supporting evidence before being accepted as true or worthy of adaptation.  If something is true, it will be substantiated by verifiable evidence, logic, and reason.  As Buddha himself once said, "Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense".

One potential problem with much of the New Age genre of information is that it is not always substantiated with hard evidence, leaving us to more or less act on faith in place of logic.  Fortunately we can use the tools of logic, reason, the scientific method and some basic psychology to help us avoid deception.

If something is true, such as the force of gravity, it will be mostly consistent, verifiable, and not require belief in order for it to be true.  It just is.  One thing we have to watch out for is our personal biases.  Is something true because it is self evident and verifiable, or does it only seem true because you believe it is?  Our minds have the capacity to create illusions of truth, where little to none exists.  Just as an example, one might believe they are cursed and made to suffer due to a mishap in a past life.  This person would then look for things in their life that affirms this belief.  Their focus on the bad things that happen to them, while ignoring or rationalizing the good things  enhances this potentially false reality.  However, if they were to perform a less biased review of their life, or even get the opinion of another, they would likely see that they are just average and have the same good/bad experiences as anyone else.  This phenomenon is known as "Confirmation Bias": "It is the peculiar and perpetual error of the human understanding to be more moved and excited by affirmatives than by
negatives" - Francis Bacon.  For this reason, feelings alone should not be trusted to confirm whether something is true or not.  Feelings and intuition can give us hunches in the right direction, but they should be corroborated with both the physical evidence and the application of logic and reason.

Another psychological phenomenon that can either deter or lead us closer to the truth is cognitive dissonance.  This is the uncomfortable feeling that we may feel when we are presented with new information that contradicts our current beliefs or paradigms.  If we allow this discomfort and anxiety to scare us away from further investigation, we could potentially forgo the opportunity to arrive closer to the truth.  However, if we investigate with the attitude that knowing the truth is more important than remaining comfortable, we can then hope to find out if this new information is closer to the truth than our current paradigm.

One thing that can complicate things is that there are different types of truths as well as differing definitions and adaptations there of.  Laws of nature (physics, mathematics etc) could be considered one type of truth, while metaphysics, spirituality, and psychology would fall under other types.  Some truths are based on facts (2+2=4), while others are more subjective (philosophy, spirituality etc).  If someone is attempting to take advantage of perceived truths, there are some warning signs worth noting to hopefully avoid being deceived:
  • Unreasonable cost for services (is it all about the money?)
  • Devotion, loyalty or worship to the leader
  • Abandonment of family, friends or non-believers
  • Superstitious or magical thinking required (goes against logic, reason or science)
  • Contradicts verifiable evidence or witnesses
  • Questioning or further investigation is discouraged (faith only etc)
  • Contradicts intuition or gut feelings (follow your hunches through to further investigation)
One last item worth mentioning is the potency and subtlety of mind control/thought reform.  Without knowing the patterns and methods of mind control, we can potentially be converted into dangerous cults, false religions, or into false thinking.  This Wiki will provide a good introduction of Mind Control.

The above represents tidbits of what I have personally experienced and crossed paths with.  Your mileage may very.  You may take it or leave it. 

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In conjunction to this discussion, am reminded of this simple sentence from the book "Letter to Earth - Who we are becoming, What we need to know?" by Elia Wise.

"No two beings ever come together for the benefit of only one."

As in Tantra, we hear that everything is happening exactly as it should. It is important that it so happens for the balance of the Cosmic Order. You come onto this earth play your part to 100% of your inner potential and de-part. The secret lies in detachment to everything and anything that happens to you.


and you will know that even in your betrayal by the other, there was some role you had to play, some learning that had to be done, else there would be no need for that interaction to take place in the first place.

with intent,
much love, light and laughter,
Truth (Excerpt from my book – The Religion of Love)
The truth is infinite, so that, with a finite mind, we can never get the whole truth. Humans have finite minds, although they are intended to progress to infinite minds—divine minds—as they evolve on the path to perfection or divinity. Truth exists on many levels; it is like a diamond, containing an almost infinite number of facets.
The only real barometer of truth is the heart, and the foundation of truth is love.
When a truth is uttered, one’s heart will respond with an inner knowing.
True intuition resonates to the vibration of truth; by attuning our mind to our God-centered inner being, we become completely open to true intuition. Speculation is of the ego; intuition is of the divine.

Here in the material world, we are presently living in an illusion of separation that makes it difficult to perceive issues of
ultimate reality (i.e., truth). What we think we “know” on earth is just a tiny drop in the ocean of knowledge; so our individual truths depend on our level of spiritual evolution.

In essence, all truths are half truths because life or God is infinite and with our finite minds it is impossible to understand it all. God is a mystery; God is all that is (life, love, energy, you and I, stars, rain, sun, lightning, wind, the list is infinite); so whatever aspect of God we understand or we are here to experience is our half truth, and when we will get through this grand adventure, the big picture will be unveiled.
This is why all scriptures insist on nonjudgment – ex: In Romans 14, the Bible says, “Do not criticize others” (14:13: we must stop judging others). Let us welcome all the Lord’s followers, even those whose faith is weak. Let us not criticize them for beliefs that are different from ours.
By the way, due to our physical embodiment, we do not presently possess the tools to fully understand higher truths;
we will have to progress very high on the spiritual hierarchy for this to happen. Only masters like Jesus achieve this because they operate in the divine realm.

If we consider the fact that God is infinite, there must be a multiplicity of ways of finding or approaching God-truth; this
is why we presently find religious movements proliferating in our world. To each soul God may appear different, but it is the appearance that is unique, not the reality. God reveals himself/herself to us depending on how eager, how committed is our search; our love and the understanding of God will ultimately change our perception of truth.

All the disharmony in the world—the greatest problem we are facing today—is caused by religious divergence (spiritual
arrogance) based on our belief systems, because belief creates behavior, and behavior determines reaction. The problem is a spiritual one, resulting in various ideologies based on differences in our interpretation of scriptures and in our ideas—or rather beliefs—about God and life. These belief systems limit our understanding of the truth, and hence of God. In closing, the absolute truth can therefore be summarized in just two words: oneness and love.

Knowing or Believing
Knowing is a feeling of recognition within my heart. A belief system is based on intellectual evaluation. A belief is limited thinking—weighed, evaluated, labeled, and compartmentalized. When challenged by the winds of change, some believers seek comfort within the safety of their dogmatic belief systems. Fear of the unfamiliar creates resistance to change. We will learn to feel the nudge of knowing within our heart. Ego may bolster beliefs; knowing manifests in truth.
The search for truth begins in the mind, leading us to the final destination—the heart. We are moving from the premise of believing to the beginning of knowing, and our rate of progress will surely depend on our commitment to the cause: moving from mind- or ego-oriented consciousness to heart-based consciousness. Straying from the path of the heart only brings pain.

True intuition resonates with the vibration of truth. Our God given rights of free will and free mind provides us with the power to create our own path through life. We will therefore strive to uncover our life’s plan by listening to our own inner feelings and inner voice. Speculation is of the ego and is not the same thing as discernment.
Discernment is the ability of a soul to perceive accurately and make wise choices as a result of that perception. In this case, a wise choice means creating an action or responding to a situation in a manner that promotes soul growth—joy, gratitude, happiness, and well-being.

Within the knowledge of true perception, there is basically no right or wrong, good or bad (we are dynamic choice makers). Everything happens for a reason; God is perfect. This paradox can only be very well appreciated through the
understanding of higher truths and in conjunction with spiritual progress. These notions of “good” and “bad” are simply human ideas born out of a limited understanding of the true nature of the universe where there is in fact only experience. All experience is valuable and valid and adds to the whole. If experience were simply limited to what humans call “good,” then the universe would become unbalanced and would not be sustainable. So stability and growth and ultimate perfection initially require the entire spectrum of possible experiences including those we call “bad” or “evil.” These experiences are related to the vibrations upon which we are focused. As we progress, the difference
between the vibrations decreases, yielding an increase in the overall vibration, as we travel inward toward God.
To judge an event or person as good or bad, right or wrong, is to dwell in the world of duality thereby creating imbalance. Judgment is defined as a state of comparison whereby one or more things, events, processes, or actions are considered to be better than other things, events, processes, or actions. Judgment becomes “evil” when it is applied in this manner. It represents a state of consciousness whereby some aspects of God’s creation are perceived as being more or less deserving of love than other aspects of God’s creation.

Note that judgment is not the same as preference. Preference is defined as a state of consciousness whereby a situation, event, process, or experience is more or less desirable than another situation, event, process, or experience.
most ha valamelyik barom hozzászól akkor mindig megkapom mailben?
good advice, there are many charlatans out there. strength and love to all seekers of truth!!!
Thank You, such a great article.
There is an old saying: "Never impose your will upon somebody else's will against their will"
I have a general rule:*** If it dont feel good dont do it. Always follow your intuition, it is god talking, guiding you and it wont stir you in the wrong direction. Use always discernment.***
Plain and simple.
One great walk-in from Arcturious said to us in a lecture, as we get closer to 2012 many people will get confused, you no longer can trust anyone else but your own intuition, gut feeling.
I dont want to stir up any negative programming, I am just sharing. You have the freedom of choice to accept or reject anything I say or write.
I have experienced mind control from a Kriya Yoga Teacher, the last person that I would have expected it from in such a subtle way hardly detectable . What a lesson for me to learn that was. Through my own evolution,meditation, clairaudience, clairvoyance, telepathy, I finaly discovered him doing it to me and others and I instantenously disconnected myself from that person.Peace returned back into my life..............
LOVE is always free to experience what you want.
Love, Light, Blessings
And I agree with you, Arisane. I belonged to a religious cult for 11 years, and the "signs" are so very obvious to me about whom to believe and who not to believe. This is why I have chosen to NOT read most channelings anymore. As difficult as it is to get to the place where we trust our own Inner Guidance over anything or anyone else, I've reached that point, and have found that if I do TOO much reading of others' messages, it only leads to confusion.

I happen to KNOW that I Love Truth more than anything or anyone else, and I totally believe that the Creator knows this......why would He/She allow me to be "duped"?

Quite frankly, should anyone ever try to control me again (and I've had a lot of control freaks in this Life experience) I would run as fast as I could in the opposite direction. :)))))
Little Feather, i know your theroy works for i use it myself. Thanks for Sharing.
great post!
this should be reposted every day! ~solid~



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