Update: Do understand, dear friends, that we can collectively work to manifest disclosure coming about on or soon after the 4th in accordance with this passing deadline. We can utilize collective meditative efforts to attempt to manifest this happening without assuming it will happen and without hanging ourselves on this date. 

I hope this post is not seen as discouraging any attempts to manifest this happening; it is rather meant to nudge us into using discernment with any channeled sources, as well as into turning within which is what is most important. 

[Taken and added onto from a post I made on this site, under yet another channel predicting this date as disclosure day.]


SaLuSa has only mentioned this date as being a deadline and has mentioned the Olympics as only a possibility. THIS IS NOT SET IN STONE DEAR FRIENDS!!! 

NO CREDIBLE CHANNEL WILL ANY LONGER GIVE A DATE FOR DISCLOSURE. They have tried to and when events didn't play out, the backlash was too severe. As such, credible channels are NOT giving out disclosure dates anymore. 

I apologize if the caps are a bit obnoxious, but I can see already the backlash that is going to occur if things don't happen on a date that shouldn't be looked toward as disclosure day. 

Remember that the cabal puts out false 'channeling's that predict major happenings, for the purposes of seeing the collective Lightworker energy take an enormous dive whenever events don't come to fruition in the timeframe mentioned. 

They then employ disinformation 'posters' to go onto our favorite websites and forums to say "that's it! I'm not falling for these fake gfl channelings anymore! They keep predicting (when they don't, its cabal entities disguised who are doing the predicting) and nothing they say ever manifests! Why follow this 'galactic federation of lies'? Whose with me!!" 

I've seen Micah cause so much confusion over this, and I'm not looking forward to being on this site on the 4th... backlash is going to be intense.... 

Please dear friends, look within for all aspects of truth and know that if one can find a feel a wholeness and completeness within, they do not need to look toward disclosure dates and find the resulting disappointment if they don't pan out. 

Cabal-employed disinformation 'posters' are likely already readying their rhetoric for how the GF is 'full of it' if this date comes and goes.. oh boy... 

Please dear friends, use discernment. 


Much Love, 


Wes :) 

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  • Great discussion dear friends, really appreciate all the viewpoints given here. I am retracting this message and closing the discussion, not because of anything said in the comments of this post, but because I am learning a valuable lesson of detachment. 

    Again, thank you all for your comments and opinions. :) 

    Much Love, 

    Wes :) 

  • actually perhaps along the lines of. . if they can carefully keep people fighting eachother then they can control the majority and forward their "views" for our world. . etc

  • why not focus the manifestation on unification of our talents and skills to create a new world ourselfs as a whole people. .

    • ..because its too much work, and we are too lazy for that... we want everything served on a plate, by the press of a button..

      • . . but do we even get to press the button xD ---- ponder ;)

  • Great point Kelly. Coincidentally, a few channelers and prominent believers have written articles or channeled messages on how to deal with disappointment, while they go on inducing it... Seems like they don't want their followers to get off the ride too quick.

  • Comment from Jane on Aquarius Channelings: 

    "Its true, we should not allow ourselves to get tied into any particular dates for disclosure, however, when this particular message about the 4th came about, I am guessing we did all initially get excited and hopeful, which is ok, because there is a increase in light energy from us humans when that happens, and I think now perhaps we are more able to settle, and accept ..ok its not going to happen on the 4th, but we know it will happen, so its gone against the cabal in my opoinion, they have actually help bring another lift in energy..reverse psychology!!"

    • But then when it doesn't happen, that vibration just sinks lower and lower.  What goes up, must come down.

  • Oh, didn't you hear Wes?  Sorry to break the bad news to you but apparently all this information wasn't coming from "the real Galactic Federation of Light".  None of it is real. 

    Hate to say we told ya nothing was going to happen but...... we did!

    • I wouldn't go that far, dear friend, as things are absolutely going to be happening. 

      Our Lives are going to change dramatically as we are helped to initiate ourselves into purer and purer planes of consciousness. A natural precursor to this happening will be the giving of advanced, free energy-based technologies that will see the Earth no longer being polluted. 

      So, dear friend, I'd save that 'I told ya so' because we haven't reached the end. :) 

      Much Love, 

      Wes :) 

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