Attack on Free Speech

A document coming from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) dated March 26, 2009 and entitled ‘Domestic Extremism Lexicon’ was recently leaked to the public and raised much concern because of its dubious definitions. For example, “alternative media”:(U) alternative media(U//FOUO) A term used to describe various information sources that provide a forum for interpretations of events and issues that differ radically from those presented in mass media products and outlets.So if you frequent independent news sites on the web, does that make you a radical and therefore an extremist? This ties in with the CyberSecurity Act of 2009, co-introduced by Sen. Jay Rockefeller, where the web will be under federal control. They are obviously targeting alternative media by blatantly associating it with extremism and other negative groups defined in the document like “Aryan prison gangs”, “Neo-nazis” and “Hate groups”. This is obviously the manipulative use of “guilt by association”.Too many people are finding the truth through other news channels that is why they want to clamp down on these by vilifying the alternative media and proposing web security laws. The people in power are indeed feeling the crunch and if they try to silence the public’s free speech and the alternative media, it’s just going to create even more noise. People are not going to accept it.Another definition worth pointing out is “anarchist extremism”:(U) anarchist extremism(U//FOUO) A movement of groups or individuals who advocate a society devoid of government structure or ownership of individual property. Many embrace some of the radical philosophical components of anticapitalist, antiglobalization, communist, socialist, and other movements. Anarchist extremists advocate changing government and society through revolutionary violence.(also: revolutionary anarchists)So if you’re against globalization or opposed to the idea of a “global government” or “global currency”, you could possibly be, according to this document, labeled as an anarchist! No matter how it’s stated, with subtlety or otherwise, this is obviously meant to target those who are against the global agenda and all things connected to it like Bilderberg, G20, climate change and others.Still another definition is “patriot movement” which implies that if you support or are vocal about the Constitution, you could possibly be labeled a rightwing extremist!Because of the absurdity of the document, it was just recalled recently and the “blame” was conveniently placed on the Office of Intelligence and Analysis for their “maverick” attitude by “acting without authorization”.As things start coming to a head and more and more people start waking up, let's keep the vibrations high so that even more of these documents and other hidden agenda will continue to be exposed.New DHS Memo Revealed Extremism Lexicon Authority Over the Internet? The Cybersecurity Act of 2009'Maverick' DHS Office Issues Glossary of Domestic Extremist Groups

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