I was just with Malic recently and he lost his IPad at a store. We got back from the store and realized it was missing. I started to get all protective and decided to run this down with a lot of going and doing and zooming to try to find it. He remained calm. I DID NOT! I wonder why I get all bugged out when material things are at "jepordy". Something I need to look at. I think maybe if I get all zoomed out it will help the situation and yes, it did help to place a call to the store to find out they were holding onto it. My question is how to remain calm through the shit storm of my mind and body?

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  • Maybe you can see past my calm out word appearence, and on a soul level you know that as I'm assuring you I'm fine I mean i want you to be fine, you didn't lose the iPad , I did and I didn't want you to feel bad too, you just wanted to help, it hurt to much to hide and you saw it, past the act, all I have left matieraly is an iPad I dropped throwing out what was left of my life in Cali, I cried for an hour laying on a futon matteris, I put everything I could into in, my kids pictures, family albums, converted video, it was all I could carry. The glass on the display was trashed and falling out ( and cutting my fingers as I tryed to make work) apple can't support drop damage 200 dollars to fix is a deal for an 800 dollar iPad. A lass I had Noting but sorrow to pay with. A nice man at a key os k put a screan protector and told not to take it out of the case.

    Then ( months later in New York ) I left it at target. ) I left it in a shopping cart, when I gave up and you choose to call the store :)
    • It was a trip (literally and metaphorically) I know with me I can remain as the witness to my experience and sometimes there are heavy emotions going on and sometimes I remain still and calm emotionally. I think both (the pain and the stillness together) keep me on my path... Motivate me to not give up ( like I could give up even if I tried my hardest? Nope!)
  • The more awareness and acceptance the more peace happens, naturally. When I stay in the I AM and keep my attention on that simple sensation and just witness, I am more okay with me and how things turn out regardless
  • My reaction does seem to head me to choices I might not be happy with. My panicky was a choice based in desire to help but also in how conditioned I seem to be from years of doing the same thing. I CAN say where I am at today with any given situation is a heck of a lot of improvement compared to some time back. Thank you and peace and light!
  • I haven't heard of the term 'nomophobia' but I will check it out. I tend to have a lot more patience when it comes to others but not with myself as much BUT Ii am working on it moment to moment. It definitely is a conscious effort for me and the more I stay present to the moment and my see my state of consciousness, it makes all the difference. Thanks. Peace and light!
  • I can't add anything to the good advice you got from feather and semile, only to say if your conscience of your reaction to things you can conscienly control your reaction. My favorite words to myself are" Detach, trust" saying that to myself helps me stay conscience and in the moment.

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