Asthma Healing

For the first time, I really stuck it out and concentrated on my breath throughout an asthma attack. Not like an "I need to go to the hospital" one-- never had one of those and I'm not on strong medication-- just the kind that I usually take my puffer for.

I am starting to worry about my over-use of Albuterol, and have read that merely changing the way you breathe can completely reverse the effects of asthma, with practice. I have also read that asthmatics become addicted to their inhalers and the body will produce an attack from very minute stimuli because it has a crutch.

So I concentrated throughout, and it took about an hour for symptoms to cease. I am left with a slightly sore feeling above the heart chakra that I guess I have to work on, and it got my umbilical hernia a bit upset for a second, but other than that, I am responding very well to things that usually get my lungs raspy again. I have a lot more control with a lot less need to concentrate on it, it seems. I feel kind of proud, because usually when I tell myself I'm gonna do this I cash-out early from impatience.

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  • Wow Amelia that is so awesome! 

    I have been told my numerous doctors that certain puffers and  the steroids deplete vitamin stores in your body and can inhibit absorption of vitamins and minerals especially when taken regularly. I developed asthma when I smoked (first attack happened when I smoked an ounce of weed in a week - it was a good week despite the asthma attack lol). Anyway, I went through the whole steroids and puffers and I ended up using apple cider vinegar to help with attacks. I don't know why, but it helped both me and Being with our attacks and general congestion feelings. Both of our asthmas improved dramatically when we got rid of home and body environmental toxins too - chemical cleaners, sprays, chemical body care products etc; however, the full "cure" came when we both ceased to smoke. I am not saying any of these things will work for you, just sharing. I wish you much healing and recovery on your journey and I hope you remember to take care of yourself when you need to whether it be through breathing, puffer or whatever!    

  • I am an asthma sufferer. I have had many very bad attacks. I have been admitted to hospital and put on steroids. But you have hit the nail on the head! I moved out of home at 16 and because I was poor, I didnt have money to fund my medication. I was in denial for a while thinking I could live without it. I would control my breathing through my attacks. Also, black coffee was good for depleting the symptoms. Many hospital trips and steriods later, I have realised that I DO have asthma and that it needs to be treated. As it is a very aggressive chronic strain. However, my friend Jase has done the same thing and has not had to puff on an inhaler for 4 years. He said that the trick was not to register in your brain that you're having trouble breathing, as he felt it was slight panic that triggered it off....change the breathing pattern and get on with other will have far less physical effect on you and last a fraction of an hour!! Keep it up and good luck, I'm sure you can gain full control of your own body. I only wish I could have done the same. I still use the breathing techniques and black coffee sometimes to avoid steroids.
    • Why are you talking like you can't try again?
  • Thanks for all the support. I gave up later in the evening because I started to get exhausted, but I do know that I can do it now. I feel that the more I practice, the stronger my lungs will get.
  • BREATH of Life,Heal ALL Strife!
  • Glad you're looking for natural ways to heal your Asthma Amelia, I think changing and focusing your breathing does help. Keep working on it, and don't give up....

    Everything you do makes a difference in your body and your inner healing....

    Hope you continue to feel better and gain relief!
    • Well, technically any asthma symptom is an "attack." The terms for asthma are a bit melodramatic...

      Thanks a lot. =)
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