Dearly beloveds,

The real fate of "Ashtar Sheran," aka Aruseak and why he has been substituted, under cosmic karmic law, is a magnificent learning curve for earth human students of the Ageless Wisdom teachings, which eclipse any earth religious teaching, or false channelling, completely and most effectively...

What it teaches is that an ascended being is still subject to cosmic karma and through a particular action, can be forced to incarnate upon a planet, within which the karma was incurred...

That being is bound and must work off the karma, which is technically of a cosmic nature, yet may be expressed in such a way, as to be more akin to planetary karma, experienced in limited consciousness. The karmic exile of the renegade, Sheran, is fully supported by our Galactic Federation, the Plejaren Federation within it and our DAL universe friends and comrades.

It also teaches students that a universal barrier, or ring-pas-not, may prevent a spirit from communicating using telepathy, inter-universally...And thus, the spirit and subsequent incarnation of Ashtar Sheran cannot communicate with human channels. YET, the numerological signature mantle of the "Ashtar" name has been assumed by another, myself, since the sol year 1983. And rest assured that I serve the Light with love. And those communications have raised in vibration, in they are no longer subject to the will of our former dark foes, serving the galactic criminal; Kamagol II.

Travel between universes is a technical achievement that we may honour the Plejares star cluster nations for accomplishing, aeons ago. Yet in spite of it, to date, no means of communications may be possible, between this universe and the DAL (Dajansini Arg Lasergnoralin.)

It teaches that the ET form is not "immortal" as some false spokespersons have claimed....That an ET may have a full consciousness and greater life-span than an earth human, yet is still subject to aging and can be physically disintegrated, as happened to Ashtar Sheran in the atmosphere of planet Timar, of the Akon star nation, DAL universe. Many here had never known this story and had never known of parallel universes to this one....Now they do....

The spirit within all forms is immortal, but the form may die.....That is a law of creation and not something to forget...It applies to stars and suns, also....As science can prove that a given star has a finite physical expression...For a site member and claimed contactee, to state that Ashtar is "immortal," is the height of earth human ignorance to the laws of creation. It also places unrealistic and unreachable glamours around ETs...making us less real, than we actually are to you all, on surface Earth. This interferes directly with our potential mass landings protocols and first contact mission and turns your space kin into idols of a fantasy, that can never be reached, nor realised...the "immortal and perfect gods" of ancient times, are never to be repeated here. Space people are not perfect and do not pretend to be. We live and breathe, as you do...we can also die, too...albeit, over longer duration incarnations, in physical forms. Let nobody place us upon a pedestal that you of the earth must religiously revere....that is not our mission. We seek to bring you up, as a relative may seek to aid another relative, who suffers amnesia. Human beings are divine and have a sacred birth right that transcends any faith in religious ideals...It is a cosmic truism. And that old adage, that blood is thicker than water, truly does apply, even in the space between star systems.

And speaking of which, even solar systems have finite physical creation durations and your current system is the second LIFE, of three life expressions of the forms offered for this solar creation...

Thus we may say that a solar logos is immortal, yet lives and dies in the "universal flesh."

The laws of spirit and creation are hopefully to be understood and applied by students in the creation of the political and societal forms of your forthcoming new star nation, to be named; SOLARIS and those denizens of it, the Solarians. To pave the way for it's sacred creation, knowledge of the laws of the universe must be in a preparatory stage, at the very least and it is my will to see that nothing shall limit or interfere with their dissemination to all...Such knowledge cannot be forced upon anyone, but it can be presented for consideration, freely and without attempts by those retrograde and reactionary forces, to dilute and interfere in the process of the evolution of consciousness...

We send our boundless love and heartfelt light to all students within this growing new Aquarian dispensation...

Thankyou for your kind attention, we shall now leave this plane of existence...

Jschwjsch Vashtar,

Commander GFL S&E Fleets akanowai dejoie,

Surface Earth First Contact Mission Co-ordinator

This message was a telepathic relay, via Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (East England Sector)

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  • Hahahahaha!

  • First I did not want you defriend her I do not know her to really not like her I said I had a feeling and feeling can be wrong. As for my ancestor I know both good and bad there were some hurt bad by her others treated like gold. As in all families as a matter of fact my aunt was named after her middle name Ann. I got my name because someone told my mom she loved the name lisa Marie.. they would not speak of her belief as they ddn't believe in it. I know she was hurt by the church. So how can I praise someone bout something I don't know. I don't know where her heart was and her thinking. Now I been told I have her free thinking spirit but I believe in God. And he and mother created this universe and e eryrhing in it. Im sorry that's all I can say OS the truth but trust me I am receiving alot of flack Fri
    It as of lately. Love peace light.
  • I have this thought in mind, if immortality is in at stake, we can look at material, might be in super mortal career, or if not angelic order, Ashtar Sheran's profile is more of an angelic. No doubt higher attainment in realization to the substitution, Perfector of Wisdom.

  • I still consider you friend so there's a few questions yes im a follower of God as Creator of allow including Et. She thinks I take your side. Aussie for some reason she thinks you a.d are are related through Alice Bailey. I feel im being pulled so hard its unreal. But at the said
    E time you claim I state.d quiet never defending you. I feel as soon as you both learned my connection to ice you both was like oh hell no. Im not her most of my family did not have high opinion of her I never knew her. Ugh what does everyone want from me. So is what she said true.....
  • ...Hmm Maybe If You Came Down Too Earth....A Bit Drekx.......x..

  • Hello drekx wow wow I am at a loss of words. I feel some deep emotional pain within you. I pray it gets resolved. I can say g
    This much I believe in reincarnation that we go on to higher beings. Now it seems to me you have distainme.t for those who distress with you but if you disagree to someone else's postand they get upset they ate wrong. So to me its a da
    Bed icyou do damned I'd you don't situation. So if you quit poking Fu. At our belief we leave yous alone thank you.
  • Charlotte dear, as we discussed on Skype today, here are the two vids of our Sirian triad formations........... one over Cambridge East Anglia, in England and the other over New Mexico, USA..... ;-) Notice the similar ship designs, spherical scouts, which are 10-feet diameter, in the same defence formation, only different parts of the world...

    Great chat BTW......Cheers, Omega xo

  • LOL ... do you feeling ok ... lol ... omg ...

  • I have been asked by the GFL to remind all current contacts with Ashtar, that they may believe he originates in the Plejares, or Sirius, or wherever they would prefer to believe......It is acceptable either way.......and does not matter, as all GFL star nations act in co-operation in serving raising human consciousness, via the Ashtar conduit...

    The facts are actually, thus:

    Supreme Fleet Commander for the Sol system is currently a Samanet Sirian named Atura.........BUT, if anyone seeks to believe that it is Ashtar and that belief does not conflict with the laws of creation, nor GFL first contact protocols, then that is acceptable and permitted (freewill anyway permits it.)

    Note that the Supreme Fleet Commander (actual rank is "Srut") Atura has visited Earth before and was made famous by the UFO incident known by ufologists as the "Cumberland Spaceman."

    The previous Supreme Fleet Commander was a Pleiadian known as Quetzal, who past on the baton of authority over Sol, to the Sirians of Samanet, in the mid 1990s...

    Under the authority of Atura, who presides over all GFL fleets, (all star nations, as combined-fleets supremo,) there is Commander Vashtar (rank is Jschwjsch) who is responsible for the S&E fleets of the Sirians, only.....

    GFL authority maintains the quarantine that prohibits surface earth manned space flights, navigating beyond earth orbit.....It is also the same authority that protects earth from any interference from beyond the system, including potential criminality from cosmos....There are three fleet tiers in place within the system and they are security rings that sol orbit at levels; Earth-moon, Venus-Mars and Jupiter-Saturn.

    The same authority over fleets of observing craft, that benignly accompanied all Apollo missions to the moon, before the quarantine took effect in the mid 1970s..

  • pliable!!!

This reply was deleted.

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