8110410883?profile=originalChanneled instructions are below -- please join our global trinity meditation with your powerful intentions! Your ***LIGHT*** matters, and every lamp lit changes reality for all of us, as ONE!

To Meditate and Visualize DAILY through September 11th, 2012

Greetings! It is I, Ashtar. There is so much happening on your world, much of it that you aren't even aware of. The waves of energy continue to affect not only the earth, her inhabitants and her grids but also her very path through the cosmos. A time of very big changes, to be sure! Your planet has been, and still is, in a bit of a wobble due to some movement of what you call the tectonic plates; you are still receiving copious amounts of energy through your moon; and both of these are affecting your emotional bodies. So the Eagles [and all of YOU who are reading this] are being asked to help bring about a little more stability within the associated grids.

1) For the first five minutes of this meditation you are asked to visualize a triangle composed of your planet, your sun and your moon. You are to then send the Energy of Love to the `space' in the middle of that triangle.

2) For the next five minutes you are asked to send the Energy of Love to the tectonic plates of planet Earth. You do not have to know `where' they are; simply state your intent and it shall be so.

3) Lastly, you are asked to send the Energy of Love to the Heart of the planet herself. There have been so many discordant energies, such as fear and anger, generated by events that are happening upon the surface, that your Mother Earth is being affected and in need of `shaking them off', so to speak. So please send her your love and let her feel your support for her.

I AM Ashtar, fully in support of you and sending you my love. Salut!

(more GRID information and details about Ashtar's Trinity below)



Project: Eagle Triad (Ashtar's Trinity)
** Channeled, Current, Cosmic, Charging the Grids! **

We welcome you to the Ashtar's Trinity family with open Starship hatches! Come aboard to work on a project that encompasses both Ascension and the Space Brotherhood. Joining Ashtar's Trinity means being a member of a growing global spiritual family. Simultaneously, it consists of connecting with two other individuals, together forming a *Trinity* (i.e.; a team of three).

Those of all Spiritual Paths are welcome! The involvement consists of doing three 5-minute meditations each day. Every Sunday, the meditations are sent out -- via our yahoo list -- for the following week. Currently, these are written in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French. Italian is coming soon! The instructions for our meditations are channeled -- through the body of Rev. Janisel -- from Sananda, Ashtar, Archangels, St. Germain, and others of the Higher Realms who are assisting us in this endeavor.

More information about Ashtar's Trinity:

For Our Purpose and Mission:

Email Janisel at to get started!

Here are just some of the grids we work to "charge-up" through our weekly *channeled-instruction* meditations:

The Eagle Grid, consisting of all members working within the Trinity Project.

The Lightworker Grid, consisting of all that are following the path of being 'Lightworkers'.

The Eagle/Earth Grid, which connects each Eagle to the Heart of our Mother Earth.

The Crystal Grid, which runs between all the specially-charged water crystals that were planted within the Earth -- the large elestial crystal in Sedona that is anchoring this grid -- plus the father and brother crystals that are located at the North Pole and South Pole of our planet.

The Clean Air Crystal Grid, running between all the Clean Air Crystals and the large crystals located in Sedona and the North and South Poles.

The Crystal/Eagle Grid connects the Eagles of Project: Eagle Triad with all the various water and clean air crystals which have been placed within the Earth or in the oceans, etc., and ALSO those Eagles who are drinking one of the crystal-charged waters.

The Solar/Eagle Grid connects all Eagles to the core of our Sun.

The Diamond Heart Core Grid that connects the Hearts/Minds of the Eagles to the Hearts/Minds of all other humans upon Earth, and then proceeding into the mass consciousness grid that surrounds the planet.

Some other grids we work on daily -- through our channeled meditation instructions -- include: the God / Source Grid, the Animal Grid, the Water Grid, the Crystal Grid and more! We also send ENERGIES OF LOVE to our sun, our moon, the heart of Mother Earth, and to the tectonic plates and many parts/aspects of our planet, including the beings who live here.


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  • This is a great intention we all must participate in. For all of us who knows how this can help, it's our duty. Let more creative healing ideas unfold for that day. Let's meditate and vibrate Truth healing Love in all of Earth. Through out the entire day, or all day. Thank You

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