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I am getting very tired of people saying they are representing something they are not.  Within this community we need to develop an ability to just say no some times.  The current level of acceptance of just butchering the messages of the masters is getting to the point of being completely disrespectful to the ones who initiate the message.  

This is a current debate, one of us is obviously having difficulty in relating to the messages we are sent and I think that it is much easier to listen to what others have to say who are not involved and vested in the debate.  I think both sides do agree that neither of us have the entirety of the situation assessed, however I think we can each use this to grow stronger still.

 I encourage pros and cons of each side, but we need to start to develop an ability to discern collectively or we are never going to get anywhere.  I have framed the current stalemate of the situation.  I believe that if you read the debate in its entirety it will mirror the context I have presented below:


Important Information: Throughout this conversation I was repeatedly told that I was addicted or needed that which I was expressing.  The issue is that when challenged the ego does not acknowledge implied statements.


ie:   IF(the key) you need...

      I do not need...

      You Need if you choose...

      I represent CHOICE you represent one dualistic side...

     I said if, I never said that...


  IF the IF represents two things and one side is not allowed as a possibility, it is not an IF statement.


 If you make a statement and put a question mark for the punctuation, it does not become a question, its a statement with a question mark?




"But I'm not an idiot lol And you are picking the wrong guy to try and battle with, seriously. You can't win, and if I wanted to, I could hammer you down like a nail."

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John, given your previous logic I would prefer it, I would consider it a gift for you to nail me down.  Let me hear it, tell me what you have, I know a lot of people who make empty threats because they realize they have nothing.  The more you express your opinion the easier it is for others to see the falsities of your statements.

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Well I say connect more with your heart, and no I will not resort to some childish fight of words, even though I can and would win, because I think that's juvenile, so, no luck for you on that one lol

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My position is that if you think smoking is right for you then its right for you, and if you think smoking is wrong for you then its wrong for you.  The only thing I am against is generalized viewpoints that say everything must be the specific way of the person presenting.  Let it rip John.

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Well I'm more right brained intuitive, than I am left brained logical. And I never said you shouldn't smoke ever, I used to smoke, probably more than you lol Again, for the 4th time, all I was trying to say was, if you need any physical substance to raise your vibrations, you aren't ready for ascension, because true masterhood involves raising your own vibration, on your own, not being dependent on some substance or something outside of you. That's my position. Now, do you disagree with that, I mean what is your problem exactly? 

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Johns extended original comment:

I'll add this, smoking weed, or taking any drug, or taking alcohol, stunts your emotional growth. If you need some type of outside stimulant to deal with your emotions, or cloud them over with a feel good sensation, you need to stop that and learn to control your emotions on your own.


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  • sometimes the greatest of "allies" are the greatest of revelations, and to be revealed for the greatest purpose
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  • There is a new channeling on Beckow where ArchAngel Michael is discussing the importance of our ability to say no.  Seems pretty fitting to this discussion.
  • I HAVE SEEN this tearing down one another on too many site's. I for one am sick of it.   And know what I can do, like I did on the other site's.  STOP logging in and deleting my account, from this site too, It's just to easy to dance with this kind of talk or thyme.    The biggest hits are just this subject only different story line's to get it going all over again!  The headings on edification topic's get the least hits.   Just like a new church, starts out spiritual, but after a couple of years, it dogma, rules, dress, looks, on and on. 3d slide's back in everytime.  People will listen to a marshmellow if it started talking them.  

    I can't walk on water yet,  I believe i will be able to in the 5th D but till I get there this is all nothing but words, in a word dominated world. since eve was told not to partake of the tree of words. You think its still OK to dance with words.?    


    Before Eve, before The fall (Atlantis), pure consiousness  was never words, when you woke up, was it words you woke up to,  mine was awareness total of all things, no words, and NO Words can explain what I felt saw and experience in a flash I was ALL.


    Many channelers guide teachers before they acended spoke of this, I am just know seeing for ME I must step back into being, shining, and holding the light for those still trying to dance with ellusion, lest I fall back into It myself, and yes I'm dancing with it right now trying to show my heart and the love I have for us all. 


    No One can enter my secret heart space but Me, It's so peaceful there, I must return time is too short, so I will return to the space with no time.     See you all on the other side.   John We I  the AM Silence.

  • Oh how beautiful!  I felt a shot of love straight from my chakra at your words!  I give him a birthday wish today, may he use it wisely :) 

    Love you, Lea!!!!!!

  • Yes indeed - we are ALL beautiful angels who have forgotten how to fly!

    One quick suggestion for any who would like to feel their wings again..... intend that between the shoulder blades (back of the heart - a neglected area) is being 'fluffed up'/cleansed of anything 'sticky'... And see how that FEELS...

    Happy flying 0:-D  

  • Agreed.  Although I like sarcarsm :)  I don't think it necessarily indicates that you are placing yourself above someone else.  Sarcasm is another literary tooI we can use that I dont believe is innately negative. I kinda use it as an inside joke if you will, like hey "do you smell what Im steppin' in?". not literally, of course :D 
  • BRRRRRRing on the HUGGGGggggs for they are truly goood for HEART & SOUL!!! 0:-D
  • Yes Lea, the look will help very much.  There is a church near my house 2,000 to 2,500 people per service.  Tomorrow I sit in the front row, I need to prepare some things with the leaders, but if it feels right I think I might just walk on stage in the middle of the service and start talking.  I find it unlikely they will refuse to let me speak.  Its going to be a play it by ear thing, but I feel that at the very least I need to make contact with the leaders tomorrow, to get ready for the weeks ahead.
  • Aw shucks.  If I could blush, I would.  You are very beautiful yourself. 

    And, damn, all of a sudden I just want to knock on people's doors, wake them up and hug them madly! 

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