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Ashtar Command Website News-The Ashtar Command Mirror website which honors the European Site here welcomes all our Brothers and Sisters to join the USA site.
I have tried to set things up with alot of cosmic energy for all to enjoy.

The USA Ashtar Command site link is .

The logo is black and white which is from CmdrAshtar-Athena here in the US.

You can on the US site add many of the same posts that are posted here .

My cosmic goal is to have the Ashtar Command Networks interconnected in great love and oneness.

If you are already a member of both this beautiful Ashtar Command site and the USA site thats wonderful .

If you have yet to see the USA Ashtar Command site please feel free to check it out at when you have a free moment within time and space.

I want to again thank my cosmic friend and Commander Ben Arion for all the beautiful energy and work he has put into the Ashtar Command here and may the roots of the Ashtar Command spread like flowers nation to nation in the Radiant Love that all of you represent .

You are the beacons of light that will activate many more to awakened in your villages ,Cities ,Farm Communities now.

The Ashtar Command website here in the USA sends our Love to all here and beyond .

Blessings In the Light of The Most Radiant One Always ,
Ashtar Galactic Command USA

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Hi CmdrAleon

Cheers - will check it out and no doubt sign up.

There... Blessings Cmdr.
Glad to see you both on the Mirror site of the Ashtar Command in the USA.
Many Blessings to you Barron and Gay -Marie.

Just wondering why you call the USA site a Mirror site? I have been a member of the USA site for several years, having met Ashtar-Athena in 1994 just a year or so after her walk-in into the body she now occupies. She is totally authentic and I believe one of the best teachers out there. I would greatly encourage all of you to check out her weekly radio program which airs at 6 AM on Thursdays, European time zone on She is amazing. Love and Light to all. Christmas
Greetings Christmas Mager,

The word Mirror site just means we wanted to last year create a site close to the one here .
The USA site on Msn is closing down end of February 2009 so we have created a USA Site that is fairly new and also one on .

So we are only focusing on two sites here in the States and enjoying this site aswell .

Thank you for also reminding people about Ashtar-Athena's Radio show will be adding that on the AC Radio group site with link to the program .

Blessings In the Light of The Most Radiant One Always,



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