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Ministry for past 23 years, AWCAF, Lion of Judah Ministries, Full Gospel Church, Indigenous Natural Healing Profession, (Maranai, Mulginai, CRITA, Gideon Personnel, Anastasis, others) Married for 22 years, 8 children, 1 grandchild.

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  • Welcome Gay-Marie and thanks for your beautiful pictures!!!

    Be blessed!!!


    From Amsterdam with love, Diana

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    When Irish eyes are smiling,
    'Tis like a morn in spring.
    With a lilt of Irish laughter
    You can hear the angels sing.

    Leprechauns, castles, good luck and laughter
    Lullabies, dreams, and love ever after.
    Poems and songs with pipes and drums
    A thousand welcomes when anyone comes.
  • thanks for your Requests soulsister. love and light, heli.... and peace too.
  • Photobucket

    Winged hugs to you !

  • have a great spring and summer...

  • with Love and Blessings...
  • Thank You so much for reaching "Talks with Christ" ! It's Inspiration which guides me to print parts of this book given by a close friend -an old soul, Abeille (1911-2001) former mascot of Général de Gaulle, who knew well André Malraux who asked her " When are you in your spiritual path ? " She followed the I AM Movement founded by former Guy Ballard known now as Master Godfré Ray King. Abeille was present at the Liberation of Paris inside the "Préfecture" and became few days later official interpreter for General Leclerc officers with Patton Army. She received the Medal of Freedom too ! Her grand-grand father founded with Ferdinand de Lesseps the Suez Channel whose statue (Jules Guichard) is still at the entrance. Next time, I shall print one of her poems. She was also medium and received messages from Verro, Jesus and Francis of Assise. He signs " François toujours aussi ". One of her nephews lives with his family in Cronulla where I came august 1986 and visited your country.
    By the way, I have in my australian relationships Valery Barrow ( "Contacts with the Pleiadians") and Gerry Bostock, who heals with crystals.

    Thank you again
    Have a Blessed Day !
    COUNTRY.BY, официальный сайт
  • Thanks Shianne,
    When the Birthday girl wakes up I'll show her the comments lol. Appropriate, she was born 22/02/02, she'll love them :D
    It's nice to see the ladies have been drawn to the page.

    Blessings to my Gypsy and Native American Prophetess sisters as well.

    Love and light, big hugs to all
    BB and God Bless
  • Congrats on your big family btw.... I love children as well and got the vibe from your page that you may love them as well but I guess thats covered in your bout me :D anyhow good night!! Peace Love n Light
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Gay-Marie replied to Nate's discussion Sananda's Friends in Sananda's Temple
"Lots of love and hugs, and thanks for all the help, that you have given, and that which I know you will continue to do. Thank you for your love. Love is."
Jul 13, 2010
Gay-Marie replied to 144Nathanael's discussion The Reunion of the Elements in Wiccan Focus Group
"thanks, this brings up memories. BB"
Aug 28, 2009
Gay-Marie commented on robert strömberg x-22's video
"A wonderfully clear explanation, thanks."
Aug 28, 2009
Gay-Marie left a comment for Amira-Ankhesenamen
"Hi Amira, love the videoclip ;)
Looking forward to the "jumps" and love to go and surprise people where we shouldn't be, lol.
It was a cold winter, but Aussie summer looks like it will be HOT.
Love and hugs, blessings
Aug 28, 2009

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