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Ascension Shift ...World Countries Leaders Need To Be Changed To Those Who Are More Self Realized Following 3 ImportantRules

Firstly All the world countries leaders need to be changed to those who are vegetarians, drink no alcohol and don'ts

smoke, take any form of drugs and fight to bring Mother Earth and it's inhabitants to their beautiful original state. 

In others words Leaders who are meat eaters ( remember you are what you eat ), drink alcohol ( you mind is effected by alcohol so you are bound to make wrong decision, smoking and taking any form of drugs will effect your mind thus making wrong decisions.

Corruption must be removed from governments and leaders. No more greed, power and control.

Race, cast, colour, creed and differences in religion to be phased out and follow the laws of Karma 

The new world leaders should follow 3 simple rules.

1- Work on getting mother earth to its original prestine state. This alone branches out to many divisions.

Basically everything done on mother earth should be done in a way that no harm comes to mother earth, sea and sky. 

LAND ..such things as drilling, nuclear plants and weapons are just a few that need to be phased out.

Crazy projects like Cern, Haarp and Blue Beam are just a few to mention that cause harm to mother earth need to be phased out. 

Slaughter houses, butchers and selling meat to be phased out replaced by plant based diet.

SEA..contaminating the oceans, rivers and lakes with junk has to be phased out 

SKY... pollution, geoengineering muniplution..using the likes of Haarp, Blue Beam and other secret projects that will pollute the atmosphere.

2- See that no harm is done to any living entities in any way. Just the radiation is killing living entities.

3- Work on humans leading a more balanced spiritual life.

Good living conditions, good healthy food, clean water and other basic necessities are available to all. 

If your head ( leaders ) are right then your body ( people ) will be living in a happy state. 


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Religion ...places of worship have become business centres so the solution is to get back to ATLANTIEN type temples which for for healing only ..there is a cure for death, old age and disease ...yes there is 



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