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Ascension ~ Self Reflection, Judgement & Forgiveness True MerKaBa

Hello dear Sisters and Brothers, I wanted to follow up with my article on Twin Flame alignment and elaborate more specifically on self reflection as this is or these are the final trials we will face in our ascension process as we cross the Rainbow Bridge. Many of us are well passed the Veil of Secrecy, yet we are not quite ready for self reflection, or have yet to establish a close interaction and understanding with our higher selves/hearts.

We all have a Knowing Self and a Thinking Self, or in another way, a Temporal Self and a Spiritual Self. The Veil of Secrecy exists between these two aspects of our full spectrum selves as the Bridge of Consciousness, however this is not the Rainbow Bridge which exists as a process of self reflection as we begin to understand the Christ Self or Angelic Self and then look upon our lives with divinity. This is the ascension process. We will all look upon our deeds, misdeeds, moments of charity, grace or mistakes in absolute truth from the perspective of our Highest Light; the God Self. For all the gifts we have gifted to our fellow brethren, we will experience these moments outside of time and equally so, for all the errors in judgement that may have hurt another, we will experience those moments as well from the perspective of the ones we left an impression upon.

Ascension is essentially a reception of ourselves in a totality of the love we are incarnate. We must release all fears, regrets and uncertainties, then forgive and accept ourselves for the time we are incarnate in the space we hold. In fear, greed, hatred, anger and lust, we know ourselves in absolution, struggling to understand those emotions that we shared with one another throughout our incarnate lifetime. And those will be baby steps for some and long strides for others. For those that exist in a state of acceptance and grace, we will have the opportunities to lend a hand for those suffering in emotional crisis as even baby steps can be too arduous at times. Either way, from the fall of man, we will rise again in unity and love once again.

When we “know” what to do, we are receiving information in the form of light or energy from both the Cosmic Star Center and the Causal Star Center in through our Crown Gateway. When we “Think about what to do” we are thinking in a trinity as God Self, Christ Self and within the temporal mind which is, in this trinity, an infinitely powerful mind. The Veil of Secrecy exists between the Crown Gateway and our higher light. The more self reflection we can do in Living Prayer/Meditation, the less difficult our journey across the Rainbow Bridge will be. Let us all sail with wings wide open in grace, dear sisters and brothers.

Let our Ethereal journey be an emotional cleansing of all that we are. Let that Energy in Motion carry us with Divinity. Our (E)Motions are our Two Hearts always working in self reflection. Even if we are not aware of our Higher Selves, that Higher Heart(Thymus) is still only half of the (M)ass we hold in space and time(E=MC2). And set apart by whichever dimensional world we are incarnate within, that time is relative to the (C)Speed of Light we are vibrating at; for example the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions moving at different rates so speed and each world/creation/dimension higher and faster than the previous. Our Spiritual and Temporal Hearts and Minds are in tandem, our incarnate experience or expression of our highest light, now, then and hence forth.

For more information about how we anchor to Mother Gaia through the Earth Star and receive our Divine Blueprint from the Cosmic Star centers, see True Love Sacred Geometry. We receive our Divine Blueprint through the Ascension Star Center as that focuses downward towards the Earth Star Center. And we receive the Divine Mother or GaIa’s empowerment of her surface energies at our Root Center as it focuses to a point at the Cosmic Star Center above the head. In this we, we are relative to “Father Time” and graced with the privilege of holding and sharing Space within our Mother Gaia. We are part of her and we are ascending with(in) her as one.

In so many ways, we are a Holy Trinity. Let our Golden Flame of Divinity carry us wings open, soaring into our future. With Blessings of Love and Adoration, ♥ Jacob


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5th dimension, really why you all not talking about 13-30 dimension yet? hmmm

(1 cosmic self >>>2 higher self>>>3 creation self)..............universe dimension, infinite amount of dimension.

unless you referring grounded earthling, i am not grounded, i work with many universe vibration, at highest rate, 5 dimension is primitive toward me. I need 13 d or highest vibration, for creation stabilization vibration, toward light of creation.

I refer to these lower dimensions because this is our mission as light workers to raise up humanity as one in unity. So for those who are not yet where another may be, I hope and pray that we as individual expressions of GOD, reach down to pick those up who are struggling, even if it means we stay down in order to do this. We are after all ONE GOD in truth; One Voice, One Sight, One Heart, One Mind expression Mother/Father GOD as little either insignificant or magical notes of a grand symphony singing as one.

  Thank You for this message Divine Will Power .. i read your previous article .. i like the picture here where it clearly explain it all .. Divine Will Power i believe its important to protect one self from ,parasites, dark entities, and all kinds of lower astral beings .we need to clear all negative programming .Using protection is most important in our spiritual development ...

Thank you for this reminder of protection dear sister. I am working on this now. I took on quite a lot on through this mission. I'm still trying to bridge that gap between the Spiritual Self Community and the Temporal or Physical Self that is so strictly outlined in religion. Sometimes that acceptance between religion and spirituality is bridged only by judgement of others rather than seeing from within as all souls in One Sight, One Voice, One Mind, One Heart, One God, One Truth.

Thank you for the links Divine Will Power .


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