Archangel Michael

channeled through Rev. Janisel of Sananda's Eagles  
To Begin Monday, December 8, 2014 -- every day -- for at least fifteen minutes per day 


Greetings! I am Archangel Michael, God’s Messenger of Truth and Grace. I am here, this week, also, as an Angel of the Harvest, for you are again receiving your high moon energies and all the Blessings that entails. And we are asking you, our mission allies and ground crew, to help harvest these energies and anchor them into the Crystalline Grid and into your Unity Consciousness Grid. 

The energies you receive from your sun, that come upon the solar winds, are of much benefit, however they can, at times, present themselves in ways that produce challenges for your physical bodies as well as more-than-usual chaos around you. This full moon comes to deflect some of those challenges by bringing to you a more gentle energy: an energy that will trigger additional codes within your Crystalline Grid to be released into your world for the HASTENING OF YOUR ASCENSION. 

Before beginning this meditation, please go through the protocol you have been given. (Ground, Center, and Intend for Your Energies to Join Those of Sananda's Eagles)

We ask you to begin this meditation by connecting to your moon, sending it the energy of Love, and then allowing its energies to fill you with its gentleness; a calming, soothing energy of the Divine Feminine. Bathe in this energy and let it refresh you. 

You are to then state your intention to connect to the Earth’s new Crystalline Grid and send to it these Moon Energies that you hold; then accompanying and flowing with those energies into the Grid itself, where you will be anchoring the triggers that are within these Moon Energies. 

You are asked to spend the last few minutes of your meditation in sending not only this peaceful and blissful Energy from your moon, but also the Energy of Divine Love, to the Unity Consciousness Grid of Earth. Chaos produces discordant energies within this Grid rendering it in need of strengthening, healing and, shall we say, ‘lightening up’ a bit. 

So, that is your new assignment. It has been my pleasure to bring you this exercise. 

I AM Archangel Michael, watching over each of you. I leave you with my Blessing.





The following is an explanation of the grids that have been established by Ashtar's Trinity and those participating in Project: Eagle Triad, a.k.a. the Trinity Project, under the direction of Ashtar and Sananda. 

One of the first tasks Ashtar asked us to do, after he brought us together as Ashtar's Trinity, was to create and anchor three grids from our headquarters in Sedona, Arizona. Two of these grids were more 'personal', i.e., one surrounding the Ashtar Command office, and the second one surrounding Sedona and the nearby area. The third was a planetary grid that is now part of the Trinity Project. On the appointed days, and at the appointed location, with Ashtar and others in attendance, we began the establishing and anchoring of these grids which became the basis for the work ahead.


The First Grid 

This grid would cover all of the Sedona area including the underground Lemurian City. According to the instructions we were given, it would initially be set into the ground under the center of the house as an 'egg' that we would need to hatch and expand, moving out horizontally from the center. As we got into position, we could feel the energy getting stronger and much more powerful. This 'egg' was first infused with the Violet Ray, which caused it to begin glowing. Next, it was infused with the Electric Blue Ray that caused it to begin to hum and vibrate. Lastly, we infused the egg with Golden Christ Light Energy, at which point the egg was glowing and vibrating. We then activated the egg, and out of it came a fine mesh grid that extended 25 miles in diameter, as was our intent. The energy went out in wave after wave, continuing to increase in vibrational frequency and Light, getting stronger with each wave that the egg produced. Once the grid was firmly in place, what had been the egg was now a Star, shining in Golden Light. 

The Second Grid 

We, along with many higher-dimensional Beings, gathered again in the center of the house for the creation of the second grid. We had, once again, been guided to utilize the same crystal egg that we had used in the first grid, with each of us holding the egg crystal as we infused the actual egg. The egg this time, however, was planted in the middle of the star that was made manifest during the creation of the first grid. It was then infused with the Violet Ray, the Electric Blue Ray, and the Golden Christ Light Ray. Once the egg had been infused, we activated it, which caused the grid to expand vertically. We could feel the waves of energy almost like a tornado, going upward and downward. The intensity of the energy was even higher than the first time, however, we had adapted to the higher waves of energy and this time is did not hit us as hard. 

The third grid was to be placed on the 18th of May, and it will be spherical in nature. Once this grid is in place, the entire area will be fully within the grid. When that is complete, we shall be placing the fourth grid, which will be for the Earth. For this grid, we were instructed to use Tachyon balls that are designed to assist the planet in remembering the original Blueprint. 

The Third Grid 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the anchoring of this grid was delayed for one week. This third grid that we were asked to implement, unlike the first two, was designed as a 'planetary' grid, surrounding the entire Earth. To establish this grid, we were directed in the planting of a certain number of crystals in a certain circular pattern surrounding the Ashtar's Trinity office on the outside of the building. We were also told that the Lemurians were adding all of their energy with ours in the creation of this grid. 

It was explained to us that there would be three waves that would be created through the crystals. The first would be spinning in a counter-clockwise manner, sitting just above and around the dwelling. The second one would spin in a clockwise manner from the center of the house, and the third one would be just above the ground and would spin in a counter-clockwise direction. Once all three were activated, we set the spin ratio of each wave to 13-20-33. At this point, the grid shot up, down, and out, covering the entire planet. The colors of this grid are like a rainbow and it is assisting the planet with her birthing process. 

The Lemurians informed us that the planting of this grid was extremely powerful and very successful, which was a nice validation of what we ourselves were feeling. We were also told that, once this grid was in place, other grids would be able to be established that would assist in bringing about the full cleansing of the planet, assisting Earth and the people more fully with the Ascension process. 

During a visit from Ashtar the next week, we were told that there was some work that needed to be done on the grid surrounding the Sedona area, i.e., doubling it in size and reinforcing it with the Golden-White Light. To do so, we, along with Ashtar, took our positions seated on the floor in a triangle formation. This was the exact place where the original grid had been anchored. Having come together with unity of purpose and intent, we proceeded to make the requested changes to the grids. 

New Grids 

Since that time in 1999, Ashtar and Sananda have asked those participating in Project: Eagle Triad to establish many other planetary grids that will aid in the ultimate cleansing and ascension of Earth and her inhabitants. The following is a partial list of those grids: 

The Eagle Grid, consisting of all members working within the Trinity Project. 

The Lightworker Grid, consisting of all that are termed 'Lightworkers'. 

The Eagle/Earth Grid, which connects each Eagle to the Heart of our Mother Earth. 

The Crystal Grid, which runs between all the specially-charged water crystals that were planted within the Earth, the large elestial crystal in Sedona that is anchoring this grid, and the father and brother crystals to it that are located at the North Pole and South Pole of our planet. 

The Clean Air Crystal Grid, running between all the Clean Air Crystals and the large crystals located in Sedona and the North and South Poles. 

The Crystal/Eagle Grid connects the Eagles of Project: Eagle Triad with all the various water and clean air crystals which have been placed within the Earth or in the oceans, etc., and ALSO those Eagles who are drinking one of the crystal-charged waters. 

The Solar/Eagle Grid connects all Eagles to the core of our Sun. 

The Diamond Heart Core Grid that connects the Hearts/Minds of the Eagles to the Hearts/Minds of all other humans upon Earth, and then proceeding into the mass consciousness grid that surrounds the planet. 

There are also other 'minor' grids we are working with during our Trinity Project meditations. More will be added as they are established. 



By Sananda Through Debbie Wright of Ashtar's Trinity (Sananda's Eagles)

Sananda: "How about for once, I describe to you my brother Ashtar, and what is referred to as his Command, shall I? You see, the Divine Creator is in charge of all contracts... all Soul Contracts for each life that comes anew from the Souls that decide to experience some sort of lifetime in some dimension. These Soul Contracts are guarded and protected by the Divine Creator itself. However, there came a time when this planet began to call out to the Divine Creator for Christed energies, without truly realizing what it was they were crying out for. For you see, there came a time that there were too many 'gods', too much imagination going into the wonders of all that was. And man's small brain at that time figured that it was far too much for one Creator to do, so therefore, there came about many gods. Well, the next thing you know, there are wars... many, many wars... because everyone had their favorite god and they wanted everyone else to worship THEIR god. 

It became very violent and, therefore, those that knew and had always known that there was but one true Divine Creator, called upon the Divine Creator and said, "Bring us a sign. Bring us a gift that will prove to all that you are still with us, that you still watch us, that you still watch over us, and that you still protect us. Bring us the One that will teach ALL of us who you truly are and how we may truly commune with you." You do realize, don't you, that I was but one of those? 

There were many of the Christed Beings that came to ALL of the civilizations upon this earth. Each civilization that cried out for a Christed Being received one. When the first Christed Being stepped upon this planet... and I will not give away yet who that was... the Divine Creator wished to have protection for that Christed Being... SPECIAL protection... a way IN for the precious cargo, and a way OUT for the precious cargo. So therefore, the Divine Creator put out a call and asked for one who would be willing to sacrifice their own independence to make sure that this Christed Being would be protected for however long it took them to be here. One Being came forward. That Being is my brother Ashtar. But you see, it is not as if everyone else was just spinning their fingers with nothing better to do... there was much going on at that time. And this was a new planet, in universal standards, that is. So you might say that my brother Ashtar went through an intense training period from the Divine Creator to guard over this Christed Being. 

Ashtar Command BannerNow... it is as such. He did an excellent job, and he did such a wonderful job, you might say he got a promotion. And the Divine Creator asked if my brother Ashtar felt that he could handle a 'larger' mission, if he could coordinate many Beings to watch over the Beings here on this planet, to make sure that their Contract time and their Contracts - ALL aspects of their Contracts - were followed. Well, my brother Ashtar began recruiting, was given the energy and the time, and went among all the universes and recruited... asking for the volunteers to come and help. This, then, became Ashtar's Command. Now, there are going to be some that read this that will find it highly unlikely, highly improbably, perhaps even fictional. This is well and good. It is your choice. I am more or less just filling in a few blanks along the way for those that wish to have this information. For you see, the ones that resonate with this information, the ones that feel in their heart that this IS the correct information, are truly those that were the first volunteers that came to my brother Ashtar's call for assistance. For they are the ones that were with him from almost the beginning, that know the truth. And over time, many, many more have joined in. So therefore, if you do not believe this story, it matters not. Perhaps you volunteered and came in at a later time. That is fine, too. But there are also many out there who are reading these lessons that will say, "I am not of the Ashtar Command, I just KNOW of Ashtar." If you resonate at ALL with the name Ashtar... at ALL... if you KNOW of the name of my brother Ashtar... at ALL... you ARE of the Ashtar Command! 

Now... I will step on a few more toes here. There are those of you that KNOW... you feel in your heart and your soul that you are a member of Michael's Legions. If you are on this planet and you are of Michael's Legions, you are ALSO of my brother Ashtar's Command. If you were of Michael's Legions and you were NOT of my brother Ashtar's Command, you would not be here on this planet. It is possible to be of the Ashtar Command on this planet and NOT be of Michael's Legions... but it is IMPOSSIBLE to be of Michael's Legions on this planet and NOT be a member of my brother Ashtar's Command. It is just the way it is. Some of you may not resonate with that, either! This, again, is entirely up to you. It matters not to me at all if you do not resonate with this, however, I can tell you for a fact that any that know of my brother Ashtar, or any that feel they are of Michael's Legions that are on this planet at this point in time, you ARE OF THE COMMAND, and you ARE here for a SPECIFIC MISSION, possibly even more than one. For there are those out there who have denied for far too long. There are those out there that are still asleep, and it is well-past time for them to wake up. For things have accelerated to the point where ALL are needed. You still have a choice, mind you, as to whether you wish to continue on with your mission or not. However, the time has come that, if you decide NOT to continue on with your mission, that mission will be taken from you and given elsewhere. There are very few instances now of those being able to postpone their missions any longer. You CAN renegotiate your mission, you can decide not to give up everything in your life to do this because this is not what is being asked of you. The main thing that you are asked to do right now is to recognize who and what you are here for. You NEED TO RECOGNIZE WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU ARE HERE FOR." 


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