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I will be out of AshtarCommand till the end of the month to anchor this beautiful loving energies of Massive X Wave. I will try to integrate this Divine energies in my I Am Presence . I wanna keep and honour my sacred space and no distractions and duties at all . Much stillness is needed for this coming intense Massive Wave X... Self Love is the key on Massive Wave X.... Happy Ascension Everyone. Namaste and Love,Light and Laughter,
See you all in October
Meindert Arends

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...Enjoy Your Wave Mein.......See You On The Other Side......X.....

I had my X wave in the mid 90's and it was so good, lol. On a serious note...I know what you mean, I have been feeling it too!

..I Love....U..........

That is the spirit...I love you too...that is the way forward! These are good vibes for sure. I can feel that.

Enjoy Meindert! Thanks for the reminder! Love and light, peace, joy, bliss, ecstasy, respect, gratitude and abundance! :)

Wonderful, I´d wish Malcolm and Ravinder would follow your absence.




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