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Ascension Key: S** & Love- The Divine God & Goddess ARTFORM!

Ascension Key:

S** & Love- The Divine God & Goddess ARTFORM!


I’ve been wanting to do a topic about this for ages!!! Now is the time!

 Since s** energy is our prana or our life force it is also what keeps us alive , functioning and healthy (if used positively).

When the life force is used negatively it can lead to contamination, toxity and spiritual disharmony.

Kundalini & S**:

When the average person is sexually aroused, the Kundalini energy is activated… rises up the spine, and as it approaches the brain, the sexual urge to get *rid* become stronger,  just like it does in animals such as dog’s!

 At this point, in most 3d humans, the life energy reverses itself and takes a downward motion!! 

  • it is seeking release though the genitals area because it hasn’t been trained to do much else in its life!

Spiritual Gopi Krishna believes that the human brain is still in a state of evolution toward higher levels of consciousness…. The driving force of that evolution, he claims, is the Kundalini energy, the life force!


Here is a image I found (its not my brain waves btw in case you wondering!)

Brainmap  an Orgasm in 3d reality:

 5d s**:

I believe stage 1 and stage 3 above are pivotal keys.

 If one is truly in love at state 1 (before orgasm)

state 2  allows the kundalini energy to impact both the male and female’s chakras (combined)

allowing them both to access and free entry into the upper dimensions via the sexual act/union between both awakened partners.

(The raising of their kundalini together.)

Thus when we get to stage 3 the energy is super fly high !!

Both can download information from the subconscious realms, this way assisting each other in further expansion & ascension!


  •  When engaged in sexual energy, it's important that you relax and surrender completely to the Divine.
  •  During this process there will be an increase of slow brain waves such as delta and theta waves seen on the  brainmap above.
  • The stronger the waves, (ie the MORE LOVE YOU HAVE FOR YOUR PARTNER) means the more orgasmic energy you can hold in your consciousness before it travels downward and spills over in your body in the form of a high power ejaculation


Etheric Body & Its Role In S**

  • changes first take place in the etheric body.
  • The Kundalini energy which is coiled up like a snake at the base of his/her spine in the root chakra starts to rise to higher levels passing through the chakras


  • If the person relaxes and surrenders into the s** mode, there will be obviously physiological changes. The brain changes its activity toward more alpha and theta waves being produced to prepare to get *rid* .  

  • 3d s** is all about the Brain trying to get a quick fix via genitals.

 If one is not relaxed in the situation, the life energy is then blocked, possibly leading to frigidity and impotence now or in the future or can lead to other complications.



  • As the life energy rises and increases its momentum, it’s important in that state – through spiritual bliss and connection to the divine - to hold the energy In place  (in that space of consciousness) without releasing it so free so quickly.



Because Studies in 3d were conducted and they found when the average male  gets close to ejaculation, the brain tends to shut down and reverse the energy which will then take a downward course and seek release through the genitals, similar to what happens to dogs.

  • This leads to depletion of energy and its not very productive or creative with life.

  •  So in 3d s** (according to studies) you will see very low frequencies when the energy is activated in the lower chakras.

  • “Sexuality is a simple, biological phenomenon. It should not be given so much importance. Its only significance is that THE ENERGY can be TRANSFORMED into HIGHER PLANES.”

  • -OSHO

  • When the energy rises to the higher chakras quickly, very fast frequencies will take over (see brain image). The energy is now so overwhelming that most 3d people cannot manage and want to finish up with 3d orgasm.

  • The brain's activity is shut down, and the energy takes a downward course. These changes are automatic and fast and will quickly lead to a depletion of the energy reserve

“Sex has to be transformed – neither repressed nor indulged. And the only possible way to trans­form s** is to be sexual with deep (deep meditative) AWARENESS”


  • According to scientists, they believe that the EEG pattern (high amplitude, slow waves followed by high amplitude, fast waves) is the brain's signature of a  orgasm
  • (which  involves the whole body and all the chakras).

  •  However after doing tests they have concluded that In most people having s** in 3d, this pattern DOES NOT emerge.

Divine S** & Love


“Sex is fun - not a serious affair”


Osho  sums it up like this:

  • 3d s** is an Ordinary  sex act which is a release of tension or as Osho puts it, 'it's like a good sneeze'.

 If a man feels an overflow of energy suddenly, he usually wants to release it as quickly as possible in order to relax it.

However, if he ejaculates in 3d with little energy management, there will be a depletion and waste of his energy.

This can allow negativity and toxicity to enter.

  • When the sexual act is practised with awareness and true love sometimes seminal fluids do not need to released in order to feel the love between two awakened people.

  • There is no depletion of energy, no loss, and there is not tiredness, drama or depression like there would be in consumer s** (like it is in 3d).

On the contrary,

  •  following the Highly Tantric sexual act vital energy is multiplied and conserved!


  • When both partners melt with each other, vital energy is exchanged between the masculine and the feminine energies in existance on Gaia, and the energy is built to higher levels conciousness.


  • It increases their love potency and their power.

  • IT lifts their soul to higher planes of conciousness, with and without s** itself, its their choice.


Osho says:

'If you are not in a hurry to finish the act, it becomes less sexual and more spiritual. S** organs also melt into each other.

 A deep silent communion happens between two body energies, and then you can remain for hours together.

 This togetherness moves deeper and deeper as time passes.

But don't think. Remain with the moment deeply merged. It becomes an ecstasy, a samadhi, cosmic consciousness'

I believe Osho has a good point;

  • this -true- love-s**- bond which is eternal in nature and stature is created via true love energy and divine s**!

This means it can never be broken, be in pain or hurt....

and can traverse through space & time!

despite many incarnations we have on Earth and elsewhere

a person when reunite with his or her soulmate, (or as some like to call a twin flame… ) are deeply merged, together forever in their heart.... the connection is MADE forever.

Such love stories are real… believe in the POWER of Love... Let it raise you and expand you!

Love, Awareness & Sexual Wisdom is a Ascension Key!

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Dear Hellen,

in my view (and this is just my view no one should or has to agree with me)

  s** is sacred so it should be kept confined to a person who you can handle,

and who can handle you.

This is found in love partnerships (and not lust -lust is based on lower chakra and emotions) however love is based on the higher divine principles....

so love can handle ALL things...

so if you or another feels they cannot handle it;

then its a signal that there is a blockage which needs resolving, or an incompatibility.... so always listen and follow your heart, this is the key in ascension also.

This is a very nice post. Yet - how many couples feel the kundalini when having s**?

It all sounds very nice - but when having this sort of feelings - you need to be deeply in Love. 

If you are not - it will be a little false and not so nice. 

If we tried to stick to our own experiences and share them honestly - we feel connected and the same. 

When we get a little out  of reality and long for the fairy - we feel disconnected. 

You have taken this text from somewhere to plant it here - Personally I have felt the Kundalini - and it does not work like that - as a "fun thing to do"

FunkyByGod, depends how one defines *fun*... what i mean by *fun* is two people deeply in love, connected and having *fun* beneath the sheets,

a one night stand is hardly the same LOL alot of *fakery* can be involved there, and the sentiments are not the same.

Raising the Kundalini is a risque and serious business with a hint of fun ;) no pun intended ;)

I dont think many people manage to raise their kundalini to a high level when having s**

or else they'd be tapping into the higher realms or GOD/GODDESS force... this doesnt happen in 3d s**.

The bliss of raising the Kundalini is very spiritually satisfying..

so much so that the taste lasts and lasts for a long time

yes ... it lasts from lifetime to lifetime... thats why certain lovers/ *soul mate* are always destined to be lovers.../ie *soul mate*

Eddie :D

s** is a popular topic...

people like things messy and sticky


Oh Baby!

Now I'm really feeling the Kundalini



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