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ASCENSION AND AWAKENING..Meat Eating, Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs And Others Addictions Need To Be Phased Out Of Planet Earth

As part of ascension and awakening you need to change 

first before you can change the world and the quicker the better. 

Let's take on meat eating first :

There should be no animal killing, slaughterhouses, butchers and meat eating as animals have right to live just as you have ..if you take away their rights then your rights should be taken away as well. Also the karma associated with meat eating is heavy and the flesh of the animal eating carries very low vibrations and energy.


Effects your mind and effects your health and lower your vibes like someone who doesn't give a damn.

Smoking: Kills ...if you want to kill yourself then find other quicker ways also you are cursed by none smokers when you smoke near them.

Drugs : is a slow way to hell and very difficult to come out of this hell you got yourself into.

Various other addictions which are bad for your health...body ..mind ... spirit will lower your videos, energy and frequency. Also these are the people with high crime rates and constantly using abusive language. As they get more screwed up with their bad habits they try to recruit others.

Those with addictions should be put in rehabilitation centres and classed as third grade citizens of planet earth until the evolve 

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