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As Far As I Know Animals Do Not Wash Their Hands Before Eating So why Are So Many So Called Humans Doing The Same???


Really very few people do really wash their hands before rstinh

I figure out it's more like 1% for those who do wash their hands most don't properly and most touch their body parts and items after washing hands thus only 1% really wash their hands properly and touch only food after washing their hands.

Its getting to a very bad stage as a large percentage of so called humans are not washing their hands before eating meaning they are also adding extra ingredients called germs and bacteria. 

Washing your hands before eating a meal is a simple and effective method of infection prevention. When you eat without washing your hands, the bacteria and germs that are left on your fingers and palms can be transferred to the inside of your mouth. This can cause illnesses and infections.

They say in the holy scriptures that in the age of Kali people will eat without washing hands but few will be those that care.

Hands get dirty when you are out and about, when handling money, when handling mobile phones SO YOU MUST ...MUST WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE EATING. 

Mobile phones are more dirty then money as some use in the washrooms and money is also dirty as it's been circulating in so many hands. You have to be careful as 90% of the people do not wash their hands after using the washrooms so they are carrying germs and bacteria and then they eat food without washing hands. 

You see a lot of people in the streets, on the trains, tubes and busses eating with dirty hands and some also leaking their fingers. Parents stuffing food in their kids mouths without washing hands when actually they are supposed to set an example but they don't care as they also eat food without washing hands.

When indoors you can always use the sink and remember to wash out the taps before closing and now once your hands are clean you can eat your food. 

When you are out and about carry a hand wash made from natural ingredients and use it before eating your food.

It's simple so why don't you do it. I carry a hand wash with me all the time when I leave home and I make the hand wash myself using a few squarts of natural vegan handwash with half a teaspoon of natural organic coconut oil and then adding water. 


Start washing your hands from now on before you eat and  if you are out and about then carry a natural ingredients hand wash it's as simple as that  ..god has given you intelligence so use it. 

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Image result for microscopic pics of germs

Beings that may look like humans but do not wash their hands before eating are no better then animals ...they are actually mentally retarded as they don't realise that they are feeding the god given human body with germs and bacteria...disgusting creatures.

HOW CAN YOU PUT ANY FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH WITHOUT WASHING HANDS FIRST ...they are not humans but disgusting creatures 

God has given you intelligence then use it don't abuse it 

Now here is a very big problem ...99% of the people who go to temples do not wash their hands before eating yet they pretend to be very holy .

why don't they wash? I wash my hands after taking my socks off-I wash my hands 5-7 times a day-look at the monster ready to eat your flesh



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