8110398454?profile=originalGreetings Ground Crew,

Since the time of people like Tuella who wrote a number of books dedicated to the mission of Ashtar and the Ashtar Command before she died years ago.

The Internet over the years has many writings about Ashtar Command and even those who are connected or say they are cosmic ground crew from other planetary worlds working on behalf of the Command.

One of the basic preambles of the Ashtar Command is this.

I AM A Guardian of the Light!

I AM Love In Action Here

Co-operating with Ashtar Command

I AM Dedicated to

The Kingdom of God on Earth

Interplantary Fellowship

and Universal Peace


These are the key principles of the Ashtar Command.


If this resonates with you within then you will know or have a knowing this is true within the very core of your being.


No question.


If you completely disagree with this .


The you need to ask yourself what is your real purpose on Earth?


What are your cosmic and spiritual goals if any?


Are you opposed to the Ashtar Command principles or do you embrace them in your daily life?


Within our worlds we all come from the Ashtar Command to do missions of good will on Earth.


At the same time we come, others come to do the opposite.


So my question is this do you come to do mission work on behalf of the Ashtar Command?,Do you understand the Ashtar Command?,or are you opposed to the Ashtar Command?


Please go within and be as honest as possible with your response.


Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,


Ashtar Commander

USA Global Website of the Command






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  • Greetings Stewart,

    I can understand your problem with the Kingdom of God from a Religious understanding within your experience in the 3d world.

    When we say in the Ashtar Command the Kingdom of God its not from a Religious understanding.

    Its from an off Planet spiritual level.

    The Kingdom of God exists on many Planetary Worlds beyond this orb..

    Kingdom of God = Living in harmony with your Brothers and Sisters in total peace,no wars,no pollution,no hate,just being one with God Universal in total Light and within the Cosmic Christ always.

    If this defining does not resonate with you that's ok .

    The key is to realize the Cosmic vibrations within you and let it flow like the universe.

    Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,


  • I was guided to the Swedish site that Ben started, and found it very suspicious that Ashtar Command was for real.

    Today I know better after I understood how it works to build/distribute planets and solarsystems.


    Without the AC , this planet wouldn´t exist.

    Thank you Sanat Kumara aka Ashtar.

  • Saying Ashtar Commands mission is to do good.



    There are man, there are machines.

    Man of nature see peace.(Natures Peace) Rythm, Circle  Tastes, colours. Strong clolours, fainth clours.

    Choosing of words. Importance?

    Sharing is caring?

    Soul construct- Collective consiousness.

    Create earth. Create purpose. Create a body.

    No mission, Inspecting earth.

  • I understand and I am WITH the Ashtar Command.  Their words resinate with my heart and I feel they speak the truth, through the Company of Heaven and the Source, I believe their mission is the serve humanity because we are all one. Thank you for this post.  Have a light filled day.



  • I can say with every fiber of my being that I am 100% for and- of the Ashtar Galactic Command.   I am one of the ones that will be helping when Chaos is all about and I will be helping to calm those not sure what is happening.  This did not come to me overnight but over time I have discovered what my mission is and why I am here at this time.

     Blessings to all in the name of The Most Radiant One, Jesus.

  • I'm definitely in for all those positive ways of living. And thank you for the beautiful message, some will not understand it.  Love and light  Honestangel2012

  • Hi Cmdr

    Some people have a purpose here on Earth to just grow.  Hard times offer spiritual evolution, so they may grow, become awakened and enlightened but they may not fulfil their mission as such.  Everyone is at their own pace.

    • Greetings Butterfly,

      Yes agreed each is like a wave in the ocean.

      That wave comes in and another wave is behind it.

      To grow is to expand to experience and to become awakened to what and who and where you came from .

      Once a person can do this .

      Then they will find there cosmic family and the connection to the Ashtar Command.

      The purpose to grow is important.

      The question is what are they growing spiritual into?

      We all have diverse experiences here living on Earth.

      Our person really is as a Human Race to remember where we came from.

      Will everyone get to that point I pray they all do and can.

      Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,


      Ashtar Command/Ashtar Galactic Command 


  • Greetings Kelly,

    I am not self appointed the word Commander is a spiritual word from off planet.

    So if you feel connected to the Ashtar Command and also have a spiritual passion within you to help others on your journey then you are with the Command.

    Meaning you have control of your own being which no one else has .

    Because each of us is unique.

    I agree be yourself.

    There is a galactic history as well where many waking up will find they are connected to some ET Cosmic Family.

    The Ashtar Command is a Intergalactic United Star Nation of many Planetary Worlds from the higher dimensions of Gods creation.Made with a lot of Love.

    You are correct being here now is a learning experience indeed and from that hopefully each will wake up to the connection they have with your Cosmic Family .


    There is a Universal Protocol that has existed before coming to Earth and this is the main preamble.


    Thank you for sharing your inner self here.


    Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,


    Ashtar Command/Ashtar Galactic Command  






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