Are we here to change the world?

I was going to be doing a video on this topic sometime this evening, but I thought I'd give a precursor on this through this article:There is indeed a revolution building up. I'm seeing it everywhere. Many people are waking up and realizing that they truly are human beings. But is it up to us to change the world? No. It's only up to us to change ourselves.So many people I talk to online repeatedly ask me, "Brad, how can I change the world? I want to help. I want to do what you're doing with Saviors of Earth and with Adronis." And I always tell them: "I'm not looking to change the world, I'm simply working to change myself. You can't change "the world" because people are their own being. It's not up to us to flood the world with this massive revolution idea. That's certainly not my purpose. My whole purpose for sites such as Saviors of Earth, for channelings from Adronis has only been to share ideas, to inspire, never to force. The Illuminati and Power Elite are doing that routine, and that's not my routine, thank you so much.What people fail to understand is that when they awaken, some believe they are the messiah. That they've come here to awaken humanity. No, you haven't. I haven't. None of us have. We've come here to awaken ourselves. We're not here to change the majority's thinking. The only way there can be true peace, love, harmony and oneness on the planet is when people attempt to change themselves. Realize their place within all that is. Realize that we are equal, we are all one, we are all divine, infinite, loving spiritual beings. This Earth is a school to teach self-love and self-responsibility. Those who do not love, respect or honor themselves can't teach others to live in harmony as they don't live in harmony with themselves.People, don't worry about changing others. Just change yourself. You are here on this planet for you. And when you learn to love, honor and respect YOU, then you are honoring, loving and respecting others because all that is in your heart is love. That's the game. That's why you're here. Everyone has their own journeys. Whatever your journey is, that is your path, and no one can turn you away from it. Be who you are truly meant to be. The external world can't tell you who to be. Psychics can't tell you who to be. Adronis can't tell you who to be. I can't tell you who to be. You need to look inside yourself to find out who you are meant to be. If all you do in this life is suffer and worry about the environment around you, ask why you allow yourself to enter that vibration when you want to feel harmony. Everything is emotionally connected to you. Your reality is but a mirror of your personality. When you want to leave a reality of despair and enter a world of love and harmony, you need to shift your personality to match that of harmony. Issues can only affect you if they are hitting issues you have with yourself. Let yourself guide yourself. Ideas I share or anyone shares are simply that of points of view and are never EVER the be all, end all of all that is for everyone. You have your own life to live. Let yourself be heard from within. You are the microcosm of the macrocosm. You are an infinite, divine loving being of creation. For creation would never be able to function without you as you are the puzzle piece to an infinite puzzle. You are part of all that is. You are value, you are a God self. Let that come forward. Experience Earth the way you want to experience it, not by how others want to experience.Change yourself to see change. It's what you're here for.Love, Harmony and Oneness to all of you.Namaste,Brad

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  • Well thank you for these beautiful words full of love :-)
    Yes thats true when we change ourselves, the world begins to change also. When we become able to 1st discover our own light that shines within us and 2nd develope ourselves to make it shine brighter then it will shine to the world and all the beings around us. And if we 3rd are able to become a constant channel for the cosmic light to let it flow through us, we are allowed to be a beacon of light that can share with the world constantly.

    To become a beacon, a lightworker is a beautiful thing because it helps others to catch up that there is something different, something bright in their subjectively experienced darkness. So the world starts changing.
    I experienced that for myself during the last year and it is sooooooo beautiful. People start to wake up....people I never expected to ask spiritual questions........
    soooooooooo beautiful.
    But I also saw and see the spiritual trap in which some people fall: the ego-trap, when they start believing, they were the messiah. But that is also a task, a kind of final exam to be passed: to be aware of that trap and to avoid falling in ;-) :-D
  • Very well put. Great Job!

    Love, and peace!
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