are we ever gonna be free

i dont see we ever gonna be free the world seems going back to sleep there no hope it seems history will repeats itslfe never knowing the truth of real freedom know human on this dont want to take responsibility for our slfes as a race ever want to rise up to stop the NEW WORLD ORDER

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  • @Mayir, "stop playing the victim"?...."it humiliates me?".. I AM the "voice" of the victimized. I just ask you where is your compassion?..A woman can speak out against chauvinism but a black man cannot speak out against racism?

  • @Mayir..well if you do not support Obama then I stand corrected on that one.

  • I'll take what is a troll for $4000

    It's the daily double.......

  • Is that you JIM?

  • Who is this jim person you keep thinking that I am.  Your paranoia is pretty sad.

    Onnce again doing anything to anyone when they asked you not to is a form of rape, and you sit here and try to justify it, nothing you can ever say will justify your actions.

    And calling people communist or marxist or satanist or whatever other labels you like to give people all over this sit show how mired in DISharmony you are and not interested in unity, because everyone you encounter fits into some category for you of why they are "evil".

    You are the prime definition of exactly how not to act and i am thankful there are people like you here to proffer prime examples to all the members here of exactly how not to act or treat others here in this "community"   like the same thing you just tried to attack me with.

    You have had your ass handed to you for the last what 72 hours by several people here and I love watching every second of it, watching you scramble and make mistake and backtrack and contradict yourself all over the place.

  • Sending someone something they told you they do not want is rape.

    And you just sat here and claimed your righ to rape others with your energy.

    And again in typical false lightworker fashion when your behaviour is called out you tell the person to leave, because you jsut cant stand that you have been caught again, twice in one day.

  • Sedning someone energy without their permission is like rape.

    It is a violation of that beings freewill.

    If you were a true being of the light with other peoples well being truly at heart then you would only send energy to those who want it, and not forcefully blasting them with your judgements and labelling.

    • Vampirella21Linsner-532x823.jpg

  • im helping spread videos so that people stop alll this materilism and return mother earth to harmony. so ppl can eat freely , live freely, live in truth and brotherhood . no more owner ship or egoism over mother earth. the way our eden should be. we can still create and be advanced beings but cosmic law is truth no matter what. change will come all we have to do is keep planting the seeds

  • @Kelly  LOL...thats funny!

This reply was deleted.

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