We have the New Moon in Aquarius on January 23, our first New Moon in 2012. Our initiation into the future gets a boost of innovation and inspiration from Uranus the “Awakener” in harmonious aspect to the New Moon. Saturn and Jupiter are making a wide challenging aspect. Requiring that we use down to earth methods in attaining our fresh ideas currently being conceived.

All New Moons are new beginnings. We have the opportunity to plant new seeds in rich soil and watch what grows. Aquarius is most associated with our Dawning Age of freedom, abundance, truth, enlightenment and peace. Uranus is the God of chaos, who shatters old forms to make way for new ones. This New Moon starts another wave of breakdowns to breakthroughs. Uranus rules Truth.

What is your truth?

What opportunities are available to you right now?

Do you have faith and trust to follow your own intuition and instincts?

We come from either love or fear. Where are you coming from?

What would you dare to dream and do if you knew you could not fail?

Aquarians are the mental pioneers. They are forward focused individuals who live in the future and not in the past. Aquarians are much more emotionally involved with their work then they are with people. They must like the work they do. They invest much of their time and life force into their work.

Aquarians keyword is “Truth.” Their key phrase is “I Know.”

Aquarians heartily dislike any restraint. They are the rebels and individualists that have to go their own way, learning their own way. Independent, imaginative, creative and inventive there is a genius about them if they are evolved. In the less evolved Aquarians, there is coldness and a detachment that repels rather than attracts. The evolved Aquarians emotions are tenderized they ‘feel’ love and do not ‘think’ love. In truth, we cannot ‘think’ love one has to ‘feel’ love with an open heart.

Aquarians are capable of being good leaders and organizers. They are the individualists who are ready and willing to break new trails where inventive ideas and procedures are concerned. Aquarians have two rulers Saturn and Uranus. They must work together or chaos will result. Uranus is a shattering force that breaks up old forms. Saturn is an agent that crystallizes forms or structures and establishes them in an ego complex. Uranus is life force. Saturn is the structure form that makes life force usable on the earth plane. In other words, without responsibility (Saturn) there can be no real freedom (Uranus) only chaos. We want to be a rebel with a cause.

Aquarius is the sign of spiritual rebirth. The desire for it is strong today and sweeping the planet especially in our youth. We are entering the Age of Aquarius. We are leaving the Age of Pisces. Pisces is the twelfth house sign of restriction and limitation. We now stand between two ages and to faith—Pisces added ‘knowledge—Aquarius. In the Age of Aquarius, responsibility—Saturn and liberation—Uranus go hand in hand. True liberation can only come from inside.

Wherever Aquarius is found in our natal chart is where we need to reform old ideas and concepts about the house affairs. New Ideas and knowledge should be utilized in order to break down these old ideas and concepts form past lifetimes. The house affairs will receive abrupt changes as this reformulation takes place. The changes can be constructive or destructive, depending upon whether we are heading in the right direction. Holding on to what is ending only creates suffering. Resistance is futile in 2012. Whatever is dissolving, leaving or departing let it go. Bless it for what it has taught you.

Mars retrograde in Virgo January 23 — April 13, 2012

This is a powerful transit for Mars rules our work, career, energy, sex drive and passion. In Virgo, the hardest workers of the zodiac, Mars give us the opportunity to figure out, fix and rework what is not working in our lives. Mars retrograde in Virgo directs us to resolve self-esteem issues, martyrdom and passive aggressive behaviors. Challenges around anger, assertion, conflict and courage come to the fore. This is an excellent time to delve into our fears, underlying motivations, and to learn nonviolent communication.

New beginnings hastily started at this time prove to be premature. Sometimes requiring that we start all over again when Mars goes direct. Or else abandon our plans all together in favor of a new pursuit. Mercury the Messenger is in harmonious aspect with Mars the Action Planet at his time of retrograde. Mercury is giving us a glimpse into our future possibilities. What we see and feel now may require weeks and months to refine and to put into practice.

Mars retrograde is excellent for initiating the planning stage of any important project, endeavor and/or goal. We can use this time to go back over and rework previously initiated projects. This is a great cycle to finish anything from our past, including ‘incompletions’ in our relationships. Mars retrograde is an awesome opportunity to retrace our steps and reclaim something of value.

Creator is using our Sun’s solar flares extreme activity and the intense astrology to awaken all of life. Even our beloved pets, plants and animals are feeling the Ascension energy. Many people are in denial of the evolutionary changes sweeping our planet and lives. Some people are trying to insulate themselves in their money, relationships, addictions and/or work. Yet, there is no place to hide from Creator. On the other hand, if we are in our hearts and following our Truth. We will ride this wild evolutionary wave to our victory.

These energies can feel overwhelming and draining. The intense energy can “pop” you out of your body. We want to practice grounding daily, deep breathing and meditation. We want to apply Extreme Self Care. That is drinking plenty of clean water, sleeping tons, eating well and exercising at least thirty-minutes a day. Keeping a positive attitude and laughing a lot raises our vibration. We want to our keep vibration aligned with the increasing energy.

2012 is the year of Truth.

We are graduating from Third Dimension—3D. Our graduation date is December 21, 2012. We are returning to Full Consciousness—Fifth Dimension. In truth, we are powerful Earth Angels currently using less than 10% of our consciousness. We are divorcing our bad relationship 3D—limited thinking, abuse, domination, pain and fear. Creator’s powerful Love/Light energy will continue to expand our consciousness and awaken the masses. The Aquarius New Moon is showing us that it is time for something completely different. Get out of the rut and step into something unusual, and new. Aquarius empowers us to celebrate our uniqueness, diversity and originality.

“My Thoughts Join a Powerful Swirling Vortex of Attraction… In the same way that the Law of Attraction is responding to the thoughts, words, and actions that you are offering here in your physical reality, the Law of Attraction is always responding powerfully to your Vibrational Reality. When the Law of Attraction, the Universal manager of all Vibrations, responds to the clarity of Vibration offered by your expanding Inner Being, the result is a powerful swirling Vortex of attraction. ” —Abraham

Blessings and Abundance,

Kelley Rosano

Astrological Weather Report

Mars retrograde January 23, — April 13, 2012

Leo Full Moon February 7, 2012

Saturn Retrograde February 7—- June 25, 2012

We can weather this wild evolutionary wave together!

Share the Good Vibrations! Pass this message on!
Thank You! You Are Awesome!
© Kelley Rosano All rights reserved.

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  • Wow! I just did a Tarot reading that basically said exactly what you have right here!! Thank you for the confirmation :D Great things are about to take place, I can feel it!

  • Hi, thank you for sharing this message. I want to ask a question, if possible. My name is Mark (definition:belonging to mars), I am an Aquarius (ruling planets Uranus & Saturn),born Feb.12,1967, about 50 miles south of San Francisco (present for the summer of love's vibration), my wife is a Virgo (born 09-09-1969), this year my birthday is 02-12-2012, I have had alot of awakening experiences, encounters, and visual meditations this past week. Question; is this coincidence or is there something useful/ purposeful to be learned or taken from it, or perhaps I'm being egotistical and self-indulgent?

This reply was deleted.

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