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Well, there you have it folks, not that I give two sh!ts about this kind of stuff... but Malcolm aint gonna be too pleased .. lol..


InfoWars' Alex Jones is a 'performance artist playing a character', according to his lawyer

But his ex-wife says he is 'not a stable person'


Alex Jones's wife said he was 'not stable'

Notorious US broadcaster Alex Jones is a “performance artist” and his on air persona is an act, according to his lawyer.

Mr Jones runs the controversial Infowars website, which is known for propagating conspiracy theories and its support of Donald Trump.

But Mr Jones is now embroiled in a custody battle with his estranged wife, Kelly Jones, with whom he has three children. She said some of Mr Jones’s on-air rants – for which he is renowned – are evidence of him being “not a stable” father. 

Fake news conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton led a man to open fire in a pizza parlour

However, Randall Wilhite, Mr Jones’s attorney, said the behaviour was merely an act.

“He’s playing a character. He is a performance artist.” Mr Wilhite said, according to the Austin-American Statesman.

Mr Wilhite said that using Mr Jones’ on-air persona to judge him as a father would be like judging Jack Nicholson in a custody dispute based on his performance as the Joker in Batman.

The claim is likely to cause some confusion among Mr Jones’s fans, who have closely followed his musings. These included unfounded assertions that the Sandy Hook massacre and Boston bombings were hoaxes, Hillary Clinton should be jailed and that Barack Obama founded Isis.

But Mr Jones is not just any shock jock – his listeners are believed to include President Trump, who appeared on his show in December 2015, several months after he announced his candidacy. With millions of listeners a month, Infowars is credited with galvanising a large amount of support for Mr Trump during last year’s election. 

Yet Mr Jones’s former wife claimed he was unhinged. 

According to the Statesman, Ms Jones told a pre-trial hearing: “He’s not a stable person. He says he wants to break Alec Baldwin’s neck. He wants J-Lo to get raped.”

She also referred to comments Mr Jones made about California Democrat Adam Schiff, a ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee who has also defended LGBT rights. 

The presiding judge said he didn’t want Infowars to be a factor in the case but several pieces of footage from the website have already been submitted as evidence.

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All Staged: How Alex Jones' Faux Persona Was Finally Revealed

All the world's a stage.

The phrase goes back to the time of Shakespeare but it consists of a truth that is as old as time itself. That truth is that there will always be those who take on a role of someone other than themselves. For the most part, these "actors" today find themselves in careers related to stage and screen, but that is not always the case. Modern-day teachers often find themselves taking on the role of performer in order to keep a captive audience. Modern-day religious leaders often find themselves taking on the role of orator in order to keep their flock engaged. Modern-day doctors and nurses find themselves taking on the role of counselor in order to aid a heartbroken family member. All of these roles were not assigned, yet they are embraced simply as part of the job at hand.

But at the opposite end of the spectrum are those "actors" who choose to take on a role in order to deceit and deceive. The salesman who says he simply can't sell the product at that price. The CEO who pretends to care about his employees' well-being. The politician who uses the position to ignore his constituents and enrich his own pockets. These people act in a way that is contrary to their own true selves because they know what is expected of them in their roles. Were they to reveal their true identity, they would surely lose support among those upon whom they rely on to make their livelihood. So they pretend to be someone they're not, solely for professional gain. 

Yet eventually, these bad actors slip up. Normally this slip up occurs during a high-stress period or event. Inevitably, one of these bad actors will accidentally reveal his true feelings for the peons that make his success possible. When that happens, the bad actor is forced to follow a scripted pattern to make amends. First off, he apologizes for saying what he said. Then, he reassures important shareholders that his statement is not indicative of who he truly is. After that, he vows to be better moving forward. Finally, he recedes from the limelight for a time being to let the controversy blow over. All this is done in a way to feign remorse while simultaneously maintaining the exact same beliefs that caused the problem in the first place. For those who suddenly become aware of this disconnect, how they respond to the bad actor in question can dictate that actor's power moving forward.

For nearly two decades, Alex Jones has been one of these bad actors. 

Jones' bloviating, bigoted, and bile Infowars has been a cesspool for the far-right and conspiracy theorists alike. The site has spouted off anything from support for 9/11 truthers to claiming that Sandy Hook was a hoax in order to galvanize its audience. This campaign of intentional disinformation is not without consequences. After Jones published a dubious article regarding an alleged pedophilia ring based out of a Washingon, DC pizzeria in December, a gun-toting simpleton took it upon himself to save the day and opened fire within the restaurant's walls. Fortunately nobody was hurt but Jones' role did not go unnoticed. In fact, Jones' name was so closely tied to the entire conspiracy theory that he even issued an apology the same day the gunman pleaded guilty to charges in court. This was just the latest unfounded and unproven allegation that Jones used to try and stir up his gullible audience.

But like all bad actors, Jones' fake persona would finally catch up with him. And it just happened to do so this week as Jones faced divorce proceedings where there was a very real possibility that he would lose a hearty portion of the wealth that his fear-mongering had brought him. Rather than succumb to large financial losses, Jones had to do something he hadn't done in his entire professional career: tell the truth. In a pre-trial hearing this week, Jones' attorney argued that he was simply "playing a character" and was nothing more than a "performance artist." Alex Jones, the great purveyor of proof, was admittedly a giant con, a fake, a phony. The man who claimed the government was lying to us was actually the one telling the lie. When all was said and done the only 'false flag' was Alex Jones' credibility itself.

For those of us who know Jones, this was hardly a revelation. The question now becomes how Jones' army of useful idiots responds. Chances are, many of them are so far gone from reality that they won't even hear the news about Jones' faux persona. But for those that do hear about it, the question becomes how they will now view their Chosen One. Will they see Jones as a pariah, someone who is now dead to them? Or do they somehow stick with him despite the revelation that he is as fake as the Pizzagate scandal itself? Unlike Bill O'Reilly, Jones doesn't rely on advertisers so his success moving forward is based solely upon how his rabid viewers respond to this most recent development. 

In truth, Jones' viewers are so far out there that he may lose few, if any of them. But the damage to Jones' credibility has now been shot. This is no longer a wacked-out conspiracy theorist; this is a performance artist playing the part of a conspiracy theorist. A man who doesn't really believe the things he is saying but who is saying them anyway because he knows how gullible his audience is. A man who is ranting and raving not because he is personally angry but because he knows that his audience is angry. A man who calls government evil but who is afforded the ability to make a living by bad-mouthing and lying about that very same government. Alex Jones is still a very dangerous man, but he is now a man who has earned a new and entirely well-deserved new monicker. 

Alex Jones: America's Worst Perfomance Artist.

~& there it is!... Of course Alex will feed off this latest barrage of MSN attention, spending the next number of weeks doing backflips & over the top rants about how this is all a conspiracy to silence him. & frankly, to a certain degree, he's not entirely wrong. He is a thorn in the side of those in the mainstream who've fallen into the trap of taking him too seriously... or more specifically, those in 1-percent circles that are concerned about the number of half baked morons who worship him. As I've said before on ACC, in a galaxy far, far away... there was a time when Alex's work was a valuable addition to the Awakening Movement. Even so, make no mistake about it, he's always been a performance artist. Which in & of itself isn't a bad thing. Performance Art, at it's best, will rattle peoples cages & jolt them out of their self imposed slumbers. Alex used to play that 'role' with a kind of vigor that was welcome in 'it's all good' New Agey circles... unfortunately, over the last decade or so, he's morphed into a caricature of himself (& given his over the top bluster, that ain't easy), seemingly relishing his new commitment to be a bottom feeder, rather than someone authentically interested in awakening the masses. In the last couple of years his love affair with Trump/Teapublican/Alt Right nonsense, has put an exclamation point on how his own egoic shadows have eclipsed his original intent. The bottom line is, a captive audience can be a very seductive thing... & Alex has affectively become the very thing he pretends to be standing against. A salesmen profiting on the overall ignorance of his dumbed down audience. So it goes... the cult of celebrity will happily use anyone to do their bidding. I would add this... I don't think Alex is a 'bad actor'. From a comedic angle, in small doses... he's funny as hell. Brilliant, even. & yes, if you dig through the utter bullhsite that spews out of his mouth on the regular... there are still shards of truth meant to give his sheeple audience just enough meat to keep them coming back like Pavlovian dogs. Hey, that's Entertainment!!!! & yes, 'The Whole World is a Stage!!!' We ALL have our roles to play. Whether we choose to nourish the Light or the Darkness, is what ultimately defines us. Alex's current script speaks for itself. ;-)  

"PERFORMING ARTIST?" See below for Malcolm's reply to Luke and Stick, a.k.a masters of the art of words. Note that the IRS also defines astrologers as "entertainers," and Google defines Alex Jones as a "conspiracy theorist." More art of words.

Ah Malcolm, is that the only card you have up your sleeve, the ole "art of words"? Surely you can rumage around in your pockets and dig out something a tad more refreshing, because the "art of words" card is superfluous, its dog eared and peeling at the edges from overuse and which, by the way, does not apply to either Stick nor myself. On the contrary, our "use" of words is direct and to the point, we don't beat around the bush, Malcolm, our input is bathed in truth and extinguishes falshoods like water over fire, you don't like it because .. well hey..

Crazy eyes

It's funny to see you getting your panties in a bunch in a desparate bid to justify something that is clearly unjustifiable, as Alex Jones denies the claims made by his own attorney yet admits to being an actor, that must make for one hell of an awkward relationship between the pair or them. Do you seriously think his own attorney would risk his own reputation and possibly his career by concocting a fairytale testimony on behalf of his client in a court of law? I find it deeply entertaining to observe how you and your Trump cronies scrape the bottom of the barrel in a desperate but ultimately useless frenzy, soon you'll be shoving each other aside as you jostle for position, because theres no way in high heaven you can ever convince the rest of us that your own perspective is all there is, or in this case that Alex is not an actor, when he himself admitted to in a 4 minute video he recorded in his car on the way to court, at the same time denying his own atorneys claims that he is. Hilarious. You remind me of Alex, Malcolm, its hardly rocket science recognising the comedic blow hard that Alex Jones has become, but in here you can't use a bullhorn, all you have is the alphabet to work with and thus your overuse of CAPS LOCK is nothing but Internet code for YELLING!!


Any intelegent soul can see that Alex is a rather unhinged blow hard, his over the top craziness and dare I say, violent outbursts mark him out as one unhinged individual, going so far as to challenge Alec Baldwin to get in the ring with him for a bare knuckle fight, threatening to break his jaw, knock his teeth out, break his nose and break his neck! Ouch! His sarcastic public apology a week later was nothing short of a sly dig and further trolling, but I suppose that was all just part of the act, was it? His nutty personality shines through in spades, as was demonstrated upon his first day in court, where he couldn't remember what grades his kids are in because he "had eaten big bowl of chili for lunch"! Too funny, this performance artist is set to entertain us for at least the lenght of the court case because like Trumps election facade, it's a gift that keeps giving, so grab your popcorn and watch how many "Alex Jones the Actor" comedy parodies unfold in the comming days / weeks and try to engage your funny bone, instead of chomping at the bit and frothing at the mouth, effectively morphing into an Alex Jones clone. Needless to say, you will reach for the "art of words" card again, which is superfluous. The only bullsh!t in this thread is your own input and that of your dumbed down alt-right, white trash Trump counterparts, who are all stuck on stupid! Your small time political rants about left wing liberals and other such jibberish is going nowhere, it means f@ck all to us and it dosen't even exist in the vaster, multidimensional nature of reality, it only exists inside your own heads but no matter how many times we tell you, it still dosen't register! Nevermind, I already know it went in one ear, bypassed the alien mindset in your brains and flew out the other! So, for all you Trump devotees, here is an offer you can't refuse!

Brains for sale!

Feeling vacuous? Install a brain today, special offer, 30 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE only $9.99 at your local Walmart. Buy one, get some brain cells thrown in for free! Hurry while stocks last, alternatively you can buy one on Ebay, shipping and delivery costs apply!

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I always said that Alex Jones was the modern Rush Limbaugh for Conservatives... Kinda makes you wonder why anyone into Spirituality would support this guy... But yes - He is a very dangerous attention seeker that has a serious Alcohol problem and will stop at nothing to get ratings...

It does make sense that he is now saying he is a performance artist... But if you want an extra laugh check out this video :) ahaha

:-) ...

Right on, Delilah.. it's a truely sad state of affairs when people look to and depend on Alex as their go to guy, even more concerning is that they might be immitating his explosive rants to other people they meet but anyone with a brain cell on active duty can work out what is valid and true, anyone who is truely searching for spiritual material is not bothered with Alex Jones, unfortunately the people in here who defend him to the hilt are clearly not looking within themselves if they rely on Alex to give them their sustenance. This appears to be an ongoing situation in this website, certain people are stuck on the surface level and they think they can school us, its ridiculous but its also funny. There are truely wise and intelegent souls in Ashtar Command, then there are some of the most ignorant keyboard warriors you could ever share a thread with, then there is the peanut gallery, who occasionally make a cameo appearence but whose voice is nothing but a squeak in the background!

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lol-divorce bs from the estranged wife and lawyer-pathetic-I suppose the ex is an angel and never wrong and this lawyer never lies-good try prog bozos, we know what your up to



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