Apologies to Greg and the GFL


WE’re on the very edge of something and the tension is palpable, big time.  But we, mere humans, are not in ‘the know’ like you are.  Hey, some of us snap!  How nice would it be to know exactly what is happening. (grin) 


Being in the twilight is an uncomfortable place to be.  For most of us, you are still, so far, just a very nice idea.  Most of us don't have ETs showing up in our bedrooms or offering rides in space.  We would Love to believe in you 100%, but there is this one thing. 


What if this GFL thing is just a lure from a really mean alien race that wants us kept in waiting long enough to enact their evil deed upon us?  Or even like in the movie The matrix where we would simply be batteries to you.  I know it is far fetched, and I would not write it if I believed it were true.  But you have to admit that we have legitimate reasons for maintaining that doubt in our minds, at least some of us.  What if the sheeple were right?  What if this is just a big joke?


You say you have millions of ships over us and yet, we watch the sky in vain.  We hear that some aliens were supposed to stop the chemtrails, yet, over our heads they’re spraying like there is no tomorrow. 


Some of us believed that Calleman migh have been right and that an ascension would occur either on October 28th or 11/11/11.  Some who read Stankov believe that any time now earth should be duplicated in 3 versions and that ascension should have occurred by now.


We heard Drake, Bill Wood, Wilcock and Fulford talking about mass arrest either in May or early June, now they are ‘negociating’??  We heard about disclosure happening ‘soon’, many times, but as of june 8th 2012, you still ‘officially’ don’t exist. 


Some have heard Tolec and others talk about the destruction of alien bases, but so far for us, this is only earsay, we have to take your word for it.  Don’t you think it would have been nice to get some pictures or video of this?  And let’s not forget Nibiru.  Some of us have seen videos of ‘something’ seen from the southern hemisphere.  Surely you could resolve this mystery once and for all for us, I am sure we would be very appreciative.  With your numerous ships, surely this is not a secret for you, why do you make it such a mystery for us?  Can you at least explain to us why you choose mystery over disclosing truth?  Is it so surprising if we snap?  We like it when you throw us a bone once in a while.   


I do believe it is understandable though.  35 years ago, I was hitchhiking across Canada back to Montreal and I was racing to get back ‘before the shift’.  I kind of always felt it was coming, but I was way ahead.  If somebody then would have told me I would have to wait until at least 2012, I don’t know what I would have done, but I am certain it would have been different.


How many among us would have taken the easy road?  The word ‘soon’ that I’ve grown to despise so much recently, was a precious companion all those years, and I shouldn’t have put down anyone for using it.  I have to admit it has kept me waiting and strenghtened my faith in the divine plan.  One of my guides led me to a wonderful story that got me to rethink the value of this word.


I got it from a scene in the movie ‘Another earth’.  It is the story of the first Russian cosmonaut; the first man to see earth from orbit.  The problem was, once he reached orbit, a regular ticking noise started happening in the cockpit and he could do nothing about it.  After some hours, he started to panic.  He had still many days to go and he knew this noise would drive him crazy.  He then realised that the only way for him to keep sane was to create music on top of it, and he spent the rest of his trip in bliss.             


From now on, every time I see or hear the word ‘soon’, I’ll make some music, and Greg, feel free to use it as much as you like.  I am sorry for criticising your postings; it was really not called for. 


Hey, would you tell us if nothing significant were to happed for the next 35 years?  I guess I understand now that you would have to use the word ‘soon’ quite a bit to keep the crowd interested, and it is a job I don’t envy, a job that you are doing quite well. 


Some people on this site think you are working for the marines or the CIA.  You see, that is another doubt we have to deal with.  How hard can it be to put a video on Youtube showing the inside of a craft?  Can you imagine how viral this would go?  Have one of your oversize commander with exotic features give us a tour.  How can we convince ourselves that you really want the humans to acknowledge your presence? 


True, there are things happening, like someone recently commenting to the fact that there seems to be no flies or mosquitoes anymore, and I admit I have only seen one of each so far.  I’ve read that the Venus transit would bring lightness to our bodies, and today I felt so light, it was weird and awkward, considering the fact that I weigh over 300 pounds.


I check the pulse in the local MSM every day and they are definitely moving toward the shift.  Today I was stunned.  One journalist known to be very pro establishment in the past was ranting against the banks and the syndicates, and another one in the finance section was putting down the latest TV ad governmental propaganda against tax evasion.  She was siding ‘WITH’ the people, telling them not to pay their taxes, that economic disobedience was justified in the case where governments were corrupt.  I though I would fall off my chair reading this.


I live near Montreal and tomorrow is the Grand Prix, an elite party, and there were promises of party poopers among the students protests.  Today, there was a ‘half naked’ manifestation that apparently draw quit a bit of crowd.  There’s nothing like Sex to sell a good story.  They’re going at it with their pots and pans and yes, things are definitely happening.


Anonymous released footage of a fancy party given by one of Quebec elite’s, Mr Power Corporation himself; Paul Desmarais, fretting with Mr NWO; George Bush sr, along with a few ex PMs, bankers and bought and paid for artists.  But the whole political scene over here is a mess, and I suspect it is the same all over the world.  We have a pseudo student strike that turned into a full blown fed up of the population against government corruption.  We have an inquiry starting right now that will examine the collusion between the government and the mafia running the syndicates and the big construction companies. 


Then we got this crazy psychopath cutting his ‘lover’ in pieces and mailing them across the country.  I bet this is related to those face eating zombies, the arrival of the famous FEMA zombie apocalypse scenario.  Yesterday we had fake anthrax letter (baking soda) mailed across the country to politicians and journalists, radio stations.  The festival Just for laugh is around the corner and a bunch of local stand up comics have put together a little something against the government.


So yes, I believe it is all going according to plan, and soon….something will definitely happened.  I believe every tiny detail of this incredible scenario is quite under control and that we are about to witness the grandiose conclusion of this human saga.  It has been a wonderful experience, despite the dept of the darkness we were sunk in, for we found down there, the brightest Love of all.  I think from now on I will simply relax and enjoy the last minutes, scrutinizing every miracles our dearly beloved angels lay before us.  Thank you Greg Giles, whoever you are, may the force be with you. 




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  • I understand what you mean with your thread. But I have said to myself that i trust in them so instead of thinking when will it occure etc i try to find myself. Who am I? why did i come here? Trying to raise my energy vibrations and man its working very very fine :) these 2-3past weeks i've had a few experiences man yesterday i almost fully had a O.B.E... Try to focus on your light, your energy and visualize the mass arrest visualize what ever you want and believe..

    Peace & Light

  • Nice clip.  I must admit that some times I am having problems with the notion that we can control most everything from 'inside'.  ''Disclosure happens inside'' seems to want to sweep the real question under the same rug as many other unresolved issues, it is the one size fits all solution, it is playing with semantics.  Yes, we can disclose our space brothers and welcome them in our hearts, but the kind of disclosure most of us would like to see is the kind that involves visible space ships landing in shopping mall parkings or low fly bye over major cities.  I believe that most of the world population would warmly welcome anybody that could help us get rid of the bunch of psychopaths that run our planet.  Please don't be shy.  

  • Great blog Nayon

    It's understandable to get a little impatient, even I. We are human and we were taught wrongly growing up. It's ok to be you and have your doubts. I know "they" our friends/family are there, I've seen them so has my wife. In this reality things change all the time.  When WE are ready they will come. That I am sure.

    Love and Light

  • Good words... it makes sense, thank you for sharing, now i understand....  perhaps, just crop circles and ufo sightings for this moment, because people are not ready yet, not ready for unselfishly love themselves, others and nature. Spiritual extraterrestrial are very sensitive aren't they. Thanks alot... ^_^

  • I feel in a similar way. In april I posted an article about that: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profiles/blogs/massage-to-the-gala...

    • Very nice.  Nobody can seriously believe that those guys don't have the technology to put a video on Youtube.  My next guess would have to be that they intentionnaly avoid the exposure, what else could be true?  We show people skies filled with chemtrails and sprayers that are pretty visible and they don't believe us, we are the crazys for pretending they are real.  Imagine trying to pursuade someone about something invisible that has been tagged as lunacy for decades.  Thank you dear happy person for contributing.     

  • I made a topic recently, giving tall orders to contactee, channelers about making visual contact with them in each major city in the world so such as we can renew our believe and they refuse and said basically "Believe and they will be here.." I'm sick of being left in the corner, trapped.
    • I am a little sad when I hear they are waiting for us.  I've been ready and inviting them for years, and still no signs.  Give me a job and I'll do it.  Ceaze the airwaves and present us as embassadors, people believe as truth anything that comes out of the tube, we'll be booked on every talk shows on the planet, but give us some real evidence of your presence and stop playing hide and seek.  Like you Soul of Isaac, many of us feel sick and trapped.  

  • I understand my brother, i understand what is your feeling... cause i feel it too, even me... that is one of Ashtar incarnated here, the word soon seems to drive me crazy. Hope they will show off their existence ASAP after read your message. Keep your faith firmly my brother, keep it firmly, because this is final stage. Love & light for you.

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