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While out on one of my walks the idea of starting a page on here that gets into anything health came to mind and since we post health related videos on the comment wall all the time I figured why not start a health discussion page. All our welcome as usual to post on here. 

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  • Great information from Dr. Berg here about what avoiding the sun may do to you.
  • More about Lyme disease from Dr. berg here.
  • Actually I'd be really pleased if someone out there, reading this, benefits from discovering that stevia could be a remedy, if suffering from Lyme....
    My heart goes out to all such sufferers....And Spring time seems to be a more dangerous season, for these ticks to thrive..

    "Could stevia be a good natural remedy for Lyme disease? Check this out!
    A new study shows that stevia (the whole leaf) has the potential to kill the pathogen that causes Lyme disease. "
  • This Lyme disease sounds pretty awful and the guy who made the vid, describes his symptoms in detail, over several years...
    It is a fact that simply being bitten by a tick and having a "bullseye" rash, does not necessarily mean you've contracted it and in most cases, not....However, the guy in the vid was really put through a psychological and physical meat grinder, from what he describes...Terrible thing to catch....
    I have learned that simply taking a course of antibiotics may not be the answer and indeed, harmful....The better things to take are natural herbs...And of course, a large amount of vitamin D, as the receptors are compromised by the Lyme bacteria...Oregano is a good antibiotic, with no side effects..garlic, onions and even Stevia leaf, help to combat Lyme disease, from what I've learned about the better remedies, the guy in the vid, does not mention...Dr Berg does mention these...
  • The benefits of melatonin.
  • More info about the benefits of 3 day fasting this time covered by Dr. Sten Ekberg.
    What Happens If You Don't Eat For 3 Days?
    Get the Highest Quality Electrolyte . Have you wondered what would happen if you stopped eating for several days? What goes on…
  • Getting into some great benefits we get from being out in the Sun in this video.
  • Dr. Berg gets into the truth of what is really in plant based meat in this video. No thank you to plant based crap. Real meat is better.
  • A good top 10 list of keto foods from Dr. Westman.
  • Amazing speech in the UK Parliament, by Andrew Bridgen MP, anent covid vaccine harms on the population....This is his latest speech, which was so hard-hitting, it caused the public gallery to erupt into screams of support and cheers...

    Dr John Campbell found the deputy speaker's response, "outrageous."

    This is one step closer, to an international tribunal against the vaxx instigators, at a "Nuremburg 2.0" type court...No wonder the government is silent and/or absent from the chamber, when Bridgen speaks out...
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