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Anyone know exactly what to do to manifest 5-D consciousness?

I hear that Dec 21st might be the ascension of few or many, i'd like to be apart of the group that ascends. However i'm not exactly sure about how exactly to do this. I believe I have to open my third eye, open my unconditional love heart, and ask my higher self/soul. However, I really don't know how to open the third eye or open the unconditional love heart, any assistance would be much appreciated. I just want to manifest the 5D consciousness and have the 3D experience at the same time. I also hear 5Ds can go (apparently)solid also whenever they want. Basically I want to be in the ascension but I doubt i'll be able to unless my frequency matches, which would i'd imagine take the things I listed before. Please help!

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   Tony,  just relax....   Do nothing - but  to  gather  knowledge.  That will  give you higher vibration.

   And THAT'S  the key.   Higher vibration means more Light.  More Light means more unconditional  LOVE. 

   It is something that you  include  in your  "Life  Book", before coming to Earth.    That is why, so many people are having  "miracle" awakenings,  or meetings with their Galactic  Family, when they are expecting

 the least.   And most of the time, the person having the experiment, knows  NOTHING  about this stuff.

  I suggest you watching these  2 videos:  

  1- Ashwin  Farinacci on Elohim Contact, 2012 and The End Times message.  (this is a  terrific radio show, but he has also a video interview ).

  2- Reece Jones- "The Awakening: A meeting with a Light Being".  (This is his best video ).

  I hope you'll enjoy them.


Thanks, i'll try to apply this, Where do I see the videos?



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