Anyone feeling pressurized?

I don't know what's happening, or why this is happening, but for the last few days, or few weeks really, I've been feeling very pressurized all over my body, and especially my heart chakra area. It's very uncomfortable, you feel heavy and it's hard to breathe properly. I can't sing, or dance, it's taken away my rhythm. I can't really feel much, and it's put me in a very mind state...stuck in the physical, and feeling very masculine. I honestly never felt so masculine before..and I don't like being that way. I try to feel and connect with my heart, but it's hard because my heart feels pressurized.

You know, there's different key places on the body that are important, and if these places are blocked...or "locked" as I call it, then energy doesn't flow so freely and it's hard to have real clarity. You have your head, where your ears are, and your temples...the mouth and jaw...basically the whole head itself. You have your shoulders and chest area...front and back. You have your core, or heart area, front and back. You have your hips, and your tailbone...and also you have your arms and legs, hands and feet...and it's a bit different for these but it's the same principal.

It's important to have all these places, free and loose and "unlocked", for true balance and clarity. Both physical and inner balance, and clarity of thought and feeling. It's really what makes the difference between someone like Michael Jackson, who's body was completely unlocked and loose and light...and people you see on the street, who you can just see have locked bodies. They can't dance or sing or have any rhythm, there's no flow...they don't think or feel clearly....they're blocked and locked. In fact most people are like that lol

And for the most part, I've always been unlocked, or depressurized...but for some reason, the last few days or weeks, slowly but surely, every part of my body started becoming day I was singing and I just felt the nerves in my head change and lock up, and I couldn't really sing anymore. Not good anyway. One day I was typing and I felt the nerves in my hands change and become out of balance. One day I was lying down and I felt my hips and tailbone lock up. And now, it's my heart and core area feeling locked and pressurized.

It's very frustrating, because I don't know what's going on. Is anyone else having some type of problem like this? Where you feel your body becoming pressurized, or locked. Is this an ascension symptom? Someone help me out :S

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  • Yes.  You nailed it.  The energy is coming through hot and heavy.  Very insistent.  Maybe it is best not to worry about terms like "locked" or "blocked".  Tell the physical body what is happening.  Reassure the body that it can handle what is manifesting.  Remind the body that you will help with absorption of the energy in every way possible and that it is happening for the good of so many.  It is aimed directly at the heart chakra so let it come and let it be.

  • John, you can ask your higher self for help to balance the energyflow in your body.

  • may I make a suggestion? "Peaceful Warrior" the movie, view it alone

  • I'm actually more of a singer than a dancer...but I have pretty good body control lol And I'm not stroppy lol But...yea, thank you Emmy - pats your back -

  • I doubt it lol I love singing and dancing and being musical and rhythmic, and I don't see why I should give that up. That's one of the things I love to do most. It'd be nice to find other ways to get in touch though lol And as for heart seems normal. A sense of panic, well not really....anxiety...there's been times lately when I've had, I guess nightmares...or dreams that pushed my buttons, and I'd wake up feeling anxious and stressed. That may have something to do with it.

    But, in all seriousness, thanks Emerald for trying and sharing with me, and thanks means alot to me.

  • It's an inside joke lol Me and Emerald Nia have this thing...I tease her with it. She knows what I mean lol But it's true though, it does sort of feel that way...except 10 times worse.

  • It's not a block lol I know the's pressurization. I've had blocks before...I've felt heavy before...I never had this pressurization before. And it comes and goes, without me feeling blocked. Like again, right now, I feel good, happy, positive, upbeat..but I still feel the pressure. It's almost the same type of pressure you feel in your core when you orgasm...after sex? lolol I'm kidding, feel free to ignore that lol

  • Yes this is the first time...and I've had blocks before lol This isn't a block, it's like pressurization. There's a soreness too, a's very weird. But...oh well lol I'll just tough it out and hopefully it goes away.

  • Yea that's something that I've been through and we'll all go through eventually, that loss of identity. I've learned any identification of any kind, is ego. I am that I am...everything else is ego to some degree.'s hard to really be completely egoless, and void of some identity. And I don't even think we're supposed to do that, I think releasing the attachment to our identity, or who we think we are, is what we're supposed to do. And I kicked and screamed too lol Saying I don't want to lose my sense of self...but usually afterwards, what happens is you get a much more deeper sense of self, your true self, your soul self...and less of the ego self. That's been my experience at least.

    As for the masculine thing...I think you're right...that's probably one of the reasons for this. In fact I think you're totally right. And I really don't like feeling masculine, at least not overly masculine. I feel disconnected from my true self, my feelings. I think God, despite the masculine image, is actually feminine in nature, more so than masculine. Of course I don't see God as feminine or masculine, I see God as a being..a presence..that has feminine and masculine qualities. And ultimately that's what we all are, beings, presence..with masculine and feminine qualities that need to be balanced, that's why I try to be as androgynous as I can be.

  • Well it's too bad you have an implant lol It must be confusing. But then have something to blame lol I have no idea what's going on with me, or who to blame lol And I've asked God, please take this away God, please let me feel normal again...but it doesn't work. The only time I can really change it, is when I really will it to change. But then I forget about it and it comes back later xD lol

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