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for the last four days i have had 5 tech ppl out to fix my spotty service anyone else?

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yea, I mentioned similar in my latest article too, also Silent Storm had an interesting recent article that may reveal insight into this. . . ? hmmm
yeah,i have some hackers now i have to use the library computer,hackers never learn,.
Yes, I have had a blue screen issue and this morning it started in the "safe" mode as it got suddenly disconnected after midnight.  These things never happen to me.  The computer is a laptop I bought new last May.  I have lots of security on it.  Still.......
also I think the crazy heat going on where I'm at must be really hard on my computer, no sleep mode anymore for me, I'm afraid its gonna fry in this crazy heat, also my house is located on a main flight rout and all the big jumbos are doing a good hard almost sideways turn right now, never seen such things before or for long time, I see a storm coming but something tells me that is not why they are doing such crazy manoeuvres, electromagnetic effects close by?
may be see what one of the techs said was that the amplifaction box that is up there on thee power lines was not working they replaced it and it still kept turning on and off then a nother guy came out who doesnt work for the same company he is a contract employee that they call for this area said we could broadcast from our connection but not receive which he thought was strange and he actually said dont tell them i did this i am not supposed to touch anything i thought that was wierd strange stuff but oh well its working now

i read recently that toxic chemtrail  mix of

barium, stronthium and aluminum are used in part in electronics. A connection? maybe, maybe not....

Omigosh Yes!  I'm in Canada, and our work internet and phone lines have been haywire all last week.  It was extremely frustrating having techs in to fix it over and over... they were doing the exact same thing each time with the same lousy result, lol.  SO they cratered the entire T1 servers for the this sector and dozens of businesses lost their connections for two days while they scrambled.  We are million dollar industries here..oilfield... so it's been hairy. 

There is only one game in town right now for businesses and can I say that TELUS has got to be worst monopoly I've ever dealt with :) 

As an aside, Anonymous has been getting some bad press here too, they are making mockery of them all the time it seems... funny though how they mentioned that they were 30,000 of them... makes you think, doesn't it?  I kind of laughed when I heard that figure :)  I wish Anonymous would take on the media---sigh, just imagine what that would be like.

ever seen the Canadian show the news room? or how about mad men, anyways, yea from a place where Marshal McLuhan came from you'd think their would be many media aware people for such task, also now I think about some of the satirical news on CBC though CBC is getting zotted more and more by the feds

though I heard this thing recently that Canadians more than any other country watch youtube, or some stat like that, hmmmm, interesting
LOL, Canadians have one of the most lax internet sharing laws in the world...share ware is legal here, and you can burn just about anything legally. 
I have issues connecting to the internet off and on...I just take it as...sometimes I can....sometimes I need to focus else where.  I also can't wear a watch...the battery dies in a few months.  Electricity is interesting to say the least!



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