• The reason why some channelings repeat their message can be many !.. 1: To give a basis to new readers. 2: To remind us all on the basic spirituality..SaLuSa is a good examples on that.


    • Yeah but he keeps giving false predictions.
  • I see it like this:

    The fysical body (Inkl. the ass)lol.., is in the 3-d...But our real home is in 5-d..We are here to experience

    the flipping betveen the 3 and 5d in our daily life. Typical 3-d activities is to pay bills, or other thing that isnt

    funny og thing that is boring..

    when we tune into 5-d , thinking, feeling or activity; then we feel good, having pease or experience joy and laughter..

    Humour is a exelent way to rise our vibrations, so when we playing a joke, or living like a child, we are in the kingdom of heaven, exactly as Jesus said..


  • Isn't it so that Humans naturally are 5d beings, and that we on earth have been trapped on 3d level by thousands of years?
    • My research and believe is that you are right Drome.. I find this ---)

      In the period of Atlantis (First half) the beings were in 5-d.. Earth have a higher vibration than she has now.

      Atlantis were Earths third spacius colony, and Atlantian lived on Earths surface..

      Lemuria (Mu) were a continent that existed at the same time, however , Mu were the second Spacius colony.

      Darknes infiltrate Atlantis and Lemuria and that leads to a terrible war between Atlantis and Mu. War with weapons of mass destruction.. After the war Lemuria start sinking. Gaia got an enourmous shock as a result of war. Earth quakes an very disharmonic weather followed. However, the Atlantians know that they continent had to go under water.. earth quakes was Earths Spasm.. Earths vibrations falls to 3-d as a result of this war..

      And as many of you already know, Earths vibrations now arise again from 3-d reality to 5-d, step by step..and since we all live on this globe it infect us.. ASCENSION WITH MOTHER EARTH ! 

      • 8113769098?profile=originalTimeline for Earths Colonies..
        • Very nice Rune!

          Thank you very much for this short but very clear explanation.



  • Amen.
  • Boredom is a self inflicted feeling.  

    If you're feeling bored, get out and discover life.  Look within and see how you can improve youself.  Also, put more energy into reality, the feeling I get is that you don't want to make an effort to not be "bored".

    There probably isn't going to be some magical force that comes down and suddenly relieves your boredom, although honestly, I think it would be great if people's minds were blown with spiritual awakening, that definitely wouldn't be boring and it would give you something to think about.

    Transformation is here and now, if you are feeling bored, perhaps you need to take a trip, either mentally, physically, or spiritually.... or maybe all three..... :) 


    Also, you spelled meant wrong too...  It's about anticipation, feeling excited, I think if you aren't feeling it, you need to ask yourself why....

    At any rate, hope you feel less bored soon, it's really up to you.... 

  • I will try to take a quantum jump from 3- to


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