• I favourited solar system model. Thank you kindly! =)
  • WOW!!!

    Don't apologise... I'm bewildered! Thank you. These are mega photo's! I'm soo glad you have posted them here! =)


    Keep 'em coming if there are more, they are beautiful!


    You should start an astrophotography thread my friend!!! =)

  • 2 days ago I was looking to Saturn with a binocular, even then the ring is faintly visible.

    Bytheway; the rings of Saturn contains a lot of water from it's closest moon.


    Thanks for the website in your comment, very usable! :)

  • Neat! :)


    Try Saturn too please, it looks even more amazing. ;)


    I'll try to shoot some pics through my stargazer too if the clouds allow me to do it tonight tomorrow (party tonight).

    • Thanks you guys!


      Absolutely fantastic!

  • I am truly awe-struck! Thank you very much for these wonderful pics! =)
  • Ooooh WOW!!!!!!!!


    These are fabulous pics! =)

    I am awe-struck! Can I please save these to my pc. I have never seen pics like this before. What equipment do you use?



  • Amazing isn't it!!! =)
  • Jupiter is great this time of the year! I was excited a couple of weeks ago to say hello to Orion at about 3:00a.m., This is my favorite time of the year to stargaze!
  • Yes, I saw it last night! and with my telescope, it looked AWESOME!!! I could see it's moons and stuff, galactic voyeurist lol!
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