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Greetings from Galactic Heart . . .

Sheldan's recovery has endured many twists and turns with multiple Dew attacks starting back in March of 2011. Just when Sheldan had recovered sufficiently from his back surgery (two years ago) and was successfully writing updates and preparing to present webinars again, he suffered another attack (last November). That's when it took its biggest toll on me, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Because of PAO's community ~ YOU, we have been able to keep PAO going. Miles and I started offering webinars and I continued to send out free newsletters almost daily.

From the fullness of our hearts, we thank you. I've been able to go through hell and come out the other end. As I write that I think it sounds dramatic and yet that is exactly how I feel. I didn't recognize myself for many months. I can confidently say I've recovered and learned many life lessons.

Now for Sheldan. The GOOD NEWS is the Galactic Federation is working more openly with Sheldan as he reconnects many neuropathways in his brain. The GF never left Sheldan (or me), they were only helping Sheldan with his physical journey and would not talk to him about the world. Sheldan was encouraged to do a lot of the healing work for himself. This is how you learn about mastery.

About two months ago, the GF started working more diligently with Sheldan. Every morning now when I walk down the stairs, Sheldan waves at me and exclaims ~ "I REMEMBER EVEN MORE. Amatura and I went over more world history and personal history." It seems to me that they are working in some sort of chronological order with rewiring his brain. That's the best I can explain it.

GLORY BE! About a week ago, the GF told Sheldan it was time to do a "baseline" check on his ability to write an UPDATE! I started crying when he first told me. My Shelly is coming back 100% for sure. He's not there yet, and the GF told him it was a test to give him and them his beginner's baseline. They encouraged him not to get frustrated because it will take some time to be ready to resume his mission.

That's right! I said that Sheldan is beginning to learn how to write UPDATES again. At first he was only able to do the first paragraph then his brain got tired and the second paragraph wasn't very good. Ok. This is your baseline. Like all muscles, you have to work them to get strong.

Sheldan has to relearn how to listen to the GF and type at the same time. (Sheldan has always used only one finger for typing ~ he used to be pretty fast). Sheldan's speed isn't what it used to be and this is one of things that trips him up a bit. When looking for certain letters he loses his concentration. He had to learn how to type all over again. However, that is quickly coming back to him. The GF reminds both of us to be patient and remain positive. Every other day he will sit with them to practice typing while they dictate. Of course, we as mere mortals do get frustrated because we want swift results.

Somedays I wondered if we would ever get back to this point. Even my beloved Supa, (Arcturian Light body specialist) is now helping me in a more direct fashion like she did for so many years. She assures me that she never left. I knew she was there energetically but I could not hear her.

We are asking you, our PAO community, to continue to support us with your loving thoughts, with your healing Light, by attending our webinars, and purchasing our "specials". Continue to see Sheldan strong, vital, perfect and healthy. I don't know when Sheldan actually will be ready to offer free Updates again but I do know that he will sometime in 2020. WOW! My heart expands knowing this Truth. That's a blink away. I know we have all missed Sheldan.

I've been re-activated and maybe you have been also as we read the 8 part series of excerpts from Sheldan's archived updates that Steve Beckow posted on his website ~ GoldenageofGaia. My galactic mission has been revitalized!! Thanks, Steve.

Blessings of Love sent your way,

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Vashtar confirms the D.E.W. weapon 'attack' to be misinformation. Sorry to burst this bubble, as most material is accurate, apart from that nonsense. Directed microwave beams cause death through bloodclots and a professional would aim for heart or head shots, not this repeat amaturism...

interessting, hmm

Moreover, a fatal aneurysm could have been administered using basic air bubbles in a syringe, by a fake hospital nurse, or doctor, during his back surgery recovery.. So no need for exotic tech, even for Shel.....simple logic backs this, plus GFL monitors....He is in weak health for his own reasons....

I had a though awile back maybe he stopped with the messages with the gfl cause they are at a critical point in this operation of freeing humanity and the planet and couldnt say anything to sheldan right now cause they want to get the cabal by surprise so the d.e.w. weapon attack is what they are saying for why he cant give us updates. It could also be hes losing faith in the plan and not taking good care of his health or not caring about it anymore i go through that alot anymore not health wise mine is good but i admit i do have not much faith in the plan right now alot of days where i wish i could leave earth and come back when this is all over. Overall i dont know whats going on with sheldan hope hes okay but i do wonder whats really going on all i have is miles worth of questions anymore and dont know what to believe.

RV/Intelligence Alert: "Neutered" -- October 23, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

Multiple sources claim that another attempted coup against POTUS was subverted.

Hillary Clinton may be arrested or indicted by the end of the month as the first Q drop in 2017 indicated that she would be arrested in October.

The Inspector General's report on FISA court abuse is also expected to be released by the end of October.

Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff's surprise visit to...
...Jordan was (unofficially) an attempt to request amnesty in fear of being arrested and/or indicted once DECLAS begins.

The King of Jordan supports President Trump's decision in Syria and rejected their request.

Executive Order 13894 signed on October 14, 2019 was a move by POTUS to block and suspend the entry of certain persons contributing to the situation in Syria.

This means that all Deep State Cabal in the U.S. have been neutered of any involvement in Syria.

The Earth Alliance is discretely blocking the Deep State Cabal on all fronts.

According to sources, expectations for the RV to begin this year remain at 80%.

The global transition to a new monetary system is also expected to occur this year.

Countries are expected to undergo reforms under the Earth Alliance's GESARA agenda after the global transition to a new monetary system.

The restoration of the Republic is expected to be completed by the end of President Trump's 2nd term.

Big events are expected in November.

RV/Intelligence Alert: "Statement" -- October 27, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

China's ruling Communist Party leaders announced to hold a conclave this week to discuss "modernizing the country's governance system".

China is aware of the implications of the unrest in Hong Kong which could spread to the mainland as their economy slows down from the lingering trade war.

The Earth Alliance's GESARA agenda is being forced on China's ruling Communist Party.

In other news, the...
...leader of ISIS, Al-Baghdadi was just captured (dead or alive) which marks significant geopolitical progress toward the transition.

President Trump is expected to make a 'major statement' today which is assumed to be about Al-Baghdadi's capture.

Sources have been told that the Iraqi Dinar would revalue soon after the capture of Al-Baghdadi.

Meanwhile, DECLAS is rolling out and rioting/chaos is expected once mass arrests/indictments begin.

U.S. Marine reserves will be activated during the time of the arrests to keep the peace and aid local law enforcement.

This is the reason for the recent update to the Manpower Guidance Order for U.S. Marine reserves.

President Trump is expected to announce the return to the gold standard to save the country from collapse during the chaos.

Once the U.S. returns to the gold standard, all countries will also begin adopting new modernized gold/asset-backed monetary systems.

RV/Intelligence Alert: "New Paradigm" -- October 30, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

During the raid on ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi, US Special Forces obtained evidence of hardware that was used to communicate with the US State Department, according to leaks.

Sources suggest that deceased ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi was in contact with Deep State Cabal players within the US State Department.

Al-Baghdadi was not warned of the raid and was not able to destroy the evidence in time.

This is why President Trump...
...kept the military operation classified.

Any government official who complains about the military operation being classified is now a target of suspicion.

The Earth Alliance now has even more incriminating evidence against Deep State Cabal players.

It is now game over for several US government officials.

These several individuals are expected to flee the US and request amnesty from other countries very soon.

Meanwhile, H.R. 5404, the bill to bring back the gold standard should be activated after 30 months of its introduction.

Deep State Cabal players within the US Government do not want this bill passed.

The US is expected to adopt an asset-backed monetary system prior to returning to the gold standard.

The main asset to back the US Dollar will be oil.

The revaluation of multiple currencies is expected to occur after each country begins adopting asset-backed monetary systems and the gold standard.

Debt forgiveness (limited to the US for now) is expected to occur before the end of the year.

GESARA agenda reforms will begin in the US first before being implemented worldwide by other countries.

Multiple issues must be addressed before the fiat financial system crashes such as the Federal Reserve, the IRS, and new banking reform laws.

Central Banking will be abolished worldwide.

Also, President Trump is soon expected to release economic sanctions on Iran as they've reached a secret agreement with the Earth Alliance.

The world is transitioning into a new paradigm.

RV/Intelligence Alert: "Transmission" -- November 5, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

Several US Gov Officials are expected to be implicated with treason as they are exposed of having ties with deceased ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi.

Israel has been told to shut down all of its embassies worldwide as unconfirmed intel states that their embassies might be housing dormant nuclear devices placed by Mossad.

The Earth Alliance is now...
...clearing out all Israeli embassies worldwide to ensure no WMD's are present.

Israel is the last stepping stone to overcome in order to achieve peace in the Middle East.

Iran and all other Middle Eastern countries will be dealt with before Israel.

Meanwhile, the US Military recently transmitted an Emergency Action Message (EAM) with a total of 242 characters.

This EAM was transmitted over the Global High Frequency Radio System which is monitored by the US Military.

The EAM that was transmitted when the US was on the verge of retaliating against Iran was only 160-180 characters long.

The recent EAM was 242 characters long which suggest a big event could be on the verge of occurring.

Rumors suggests that this EAM may be related to Q's recent drop "RIG FOR RED".

In other news, a global transition to a gold/asset-backed monetary system is expected to occur before the FISA court abuse report is released.

Mass arrests are also expected to occur before the report is released.

The FISA court abuse report will be essential in proving all involved individuals and/or parties are guilty after their arrests.

RV/Intelligence Alert: "Hot Spots" -- November 12, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

Sources are claiming the Inspector General's report on FISA court abuse is expected to be released before Thanksgiving.

Also, the mainstream media is now in the spotlight and are getting heat over a cover up story about Jeffrey Epstein.

Meanwhile in the Middle East, the...
...Iraq News Gazette claims that Mossad and US Intelligence are stationed in Iraq.

Behind the scenes, threats are flying left and right as Israel is preparing to attack Iran while Turkey threatens to attack Israel in response.

The 3 major powers (US, China, and Russia) are currently in private talks about this situation.

Also, President Trump is currently in talks with Iran about having their currency revalue on the condition of denuclearizing.

Meanwhile in Asia, the situation in Hong Kong is worsening as the HKPD tyrannize local protesters.

Also, North and South Korea are preparing to announce reunification.

Meanwhile in Europe, Prince Charles is expected to visit the US and meet with the Earth Alliance to discuss the future of the crown in the UK.

Also, Deutsche Bank (DB) is now expected to collapse earlier than projected.

The collapse of DB will also bring down the European Central Bank (ECB) and ultimately cause the bankruptcy of the EU.

The dismantlement of the fiat financial system is being engineered by the Earth Alliance.

Once the "bigger than Lehman Brothers" collapse occurs, a cascade of events will follow that will lead to a global economic transition.

Once the transition occurs, oil will become the primary asset to back currencies.

This will cause oil to rise and gold to drop.

Gold is then expected to skyrocket which will then trigger all countries to adopt a new gold standard monetary system.

According to sources, there is high expectancy for the RV to occur between November 12th and the 29th.

The battle against the Khazarian Crime Syndicate (KCS) rages on as they continue to fight to preserve their global criminal network.

(Note: The Deep State Cabal is the US branch of the KCS. They have several other Cabals in Europe and other countries.)

The US, the Middle East, and Mexico are the current hot spots of the battle against the KCS.

RV/Intelligence Alert: "Trump Card" -- November 15, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

According to sources, the release of the FISA report is now imminent as Attorney General Barr stated himself.

AG Barr also met with President Trump in the Oval Office just yesterday.

"Indictments coming

"TRUMP card coming."

"At what stage in the game do you play the TRUMP card? Games R fun!"

Meanwhile, Congress finds the Federal Reserve have committed theft of Trillions and caused Economic Destruction.

The US-China trade agreement is the key to breaking the fiat monetary system.

It was agreed that China would control the global economy until the US transitions to using an asset-backed monetary system and eventually the gold standard.

China is expected to issue a new digital currency which will start breaking the fiat monetary system.

Several countries in Asia will be affected by this move.

North and South Korea is expected to announce reunification around this time.

Also, Zimbabwe is being told not to issue a new currency as the Earth Alliance's GESARA agenda mandates their currency to be asset-backed.

Russia is expected to become the world's leading nation in technology for at least a decade.

The RV of one or more currencies is expected to occur before the end of 2019.

RV/Intelligence Alert: "Harvest" -- November 19, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

'The Harvest [crop] has been prepared and soon will be delivered to the public for consumption. A Higher Loyalty [Y]. Hunters become the Hunted. Treason. Sedition. How do you remove a liability? Six o'clock can be dangerous. Family proud?'

Sources claim the FISA report is the crop being prepared for harvest.

Many officials within various positions of the government including the CIA and FBI will be exposed of committing treason and sedition.

Rumors suggests the FISA report will be released around the time of the anniversary of JFK's assassination (Nov. 22nd) and JFK Junior's birthday (Nov. 25th).

However, Fox News announced that the FISA report will be released in the first part of December.

Also, John Radcliffe claims the FISA report will contain an indictment for Adam Schiff.

The release of the FISA report will be the long awaited payback against the Khazarian Crime Syndicate's Deep State Cabal.

Meanwhile, child-s**-predator arrests have increased in 2019 signifying that the Khazarian Crime Syndicate's global human trafficking network is being taken down.

Also, President Trump has successfully caused a global phenomena where citizens worldwide are now rejecting corruption.

According to sources, a "Black Swan" economical event is expected to occur in the near future.

Recent claims and documentation proves that the Federal Reserve has committed fraud and has placed itself above the law.

Therefore, the Federal Reserve is expected to be audited in the near future.

Phase 2 of the transition has now begun.

All options to break the fiat financial system are now being considered by the Earth Alliance.

Phase 2 of the transition will shake up the fiat financial system by causing a crisis in energy, oil, and paper currencies.

The crisis will force countries into backing fiat money with oil which will be called "Black Gold".

Therefore, the world transitions to an asset-backed monetary system.

This will cause Gold to skyrocket and eventually force all countries to transition from Black Gold to Gold.

Therefore, the world transitions from an asset-backed monetary system to a gold standard monetary system.

In other news, both Iraq and Iran's government are expected to be overthrown.

As for the RV, the Iraqi Dinar is expected to be the first currency to revalue.



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