• According to Thor, he came from a race of beings who lived within Venus, not on its surface. This race was superior to us in most ways––they were smarter, better looking, and lived in peace.. They were sent here to protect us from ourselves, and their number one mission was to make sure nuclear war never occurred.

    When Val (as his friends called him) arrived on this planet, he immediately went to visit President Eisenhower to offer his assistance in solving all of the the Earth’s problems. He was refused by Eisenhower and Vice President Richard Nixon, but claims he did briefly meet with the Secretary of Defense.
    Read more @
    Aliens Came in Peace to High Bridge, NJ
    Weird NJ is a travel guide and magazine to places you won't find on state funded maps or located on any tourist attraction pamphlets.
  • Get to it the Big Screen hopefully everyone can really see the movie.
  • I used to listen to George Noory on the radio every night.
      • Any more info Dear Valana please add on as it's becoming interesting and a bigger picture developing..the truth will set us free
        • Dear Krishna, I had not read what you have written above nor watched the whole video. Commander Thor asked that we do this earlier today then that I delete so much not pertinent to the question asked me by you.

          He would like to answer himself in shorter reply.
          1 - We think highly of you and do understand your sincerity and desire for truth. We understand you are getting your information from dear Rev. Frank that we both love, my having met him through Val in the Spirit world after his transition into that world from this planet some time ago and he put his arm rund me and said, "I would have believed you."
          2 - Two of his close friends involved in his inner circle told on my public "ProET" Yahoo mailing site in late 1990's that Frank shared with them he had a very high Government clearance therefore had to put fiction in his story of the real Alien visitor to the planet.
          3 - Frank was not and never claimed to be a Government Agent directed under assignment to work with Cmdr Thor for official messages between he and my President which I was...after a week long 8 hour a day testing and training acrfoss the nation and picked as Cmrd Thor's contact with my President. (One does not claim to be a Government Agent if not one as it is a Federal Offense to do sol and I do claim it and have a book on the market called, "Government Woman" specifically about my meeting with Cmdr Thor July 1950.
          A meeting which Rev Frank knew nothing about.
          4 - At the request of Cmdr Thor I refused to go under Top Secret Security status as I would have to pledge never to tell my personal story of my meetings with Cmdr Thor nor my work with him in being his contact with my President. Because of this I have used my own resources to finance my presence on the Internet, priced my book as low as possible and give away the pdf book at request free.
          5 - As long as I am on this planet I will continue to be the Commander's only official contact as he informed former President Jim Carter that if they wanted his information they should look to me alone and if any other given, run it by me for approval. I was as this time again asked to come under a Security blanket and again refused t Val's request.
          6 - Val's writings have always been as were the true interpretation of Jesus Christ...that all mankind are sons and daughters of God and all have within the God spark, and none are higher than others are possible to attain. That there are no superior races in the Universe nd those that claim it or of the darkness and do not walk in the Light of our Creator therefore me would never claim superiority to those of us here on the planet but has continually taught in reverse of this falseood.
          7 - In the 2nd Edition of Stranger At The Pentegon which can bed urchased at Used Book stores, the first page is a statment signed by a Valiant Tjpr that the atmosphere of Venus is better than the atmosphere of Earth which the probes of both the US and Soviet Union proved false. The first part of that book is a story written by Valiant Thor that claims in cave man days on the earth he stole a UFO belonging to the Venusian government to come see if there was life on the planet and the cave men dmaged his UFO by tossing rocks at it. Cmdr Thor denies writing this story as if he were only 700 years old as Rev Stranges claimed he could not have been alive during the cave man days of Earth.
          Not wishing to go into any personal relations with the Commander on your group, leaving that for our story we are now writing, Val did request I put our opinion of the movie discussed in the video as I was asked to do. Val wishes the truth could be told as he frankly thinks the movie may be Government isinformation to destroy any true belief in him or any off world intelligences or perhaps just a way to try to get more donations as that movie has been taking donations way before this site was opened.
          Val asked me to now comment and I will defer to allowing Loretta Lynn make comment for me to any movie star hired to play a fake part of a fake wife to a very real and very human Commander who is now stationed on Altair Five under the big dome of the Universal Protection Command and does not and never did live under ground nor on surface Venus which Howard Mener explained before his death.
          I'll let Loretta speak for me below... I hope our comment can be left as it represents the opinion of both the real Supreme Commander Val (Valiant) Thor and his official Government Contact Agent code name Terese Thor
          I can't put up a videoo here so will put it on my group "Val Thor Live" for this post. Please come listen as it explains the situation involving Rev Strange's belief in a wife either American (which he first stated) the a Venusian which a radio talk show host asked him which was the correct name, Diana or Deena and he really could not remember. Please come to my group and listen to Loretta Lynn sing, "You Ain't Woman EnoughTo Take My Man."
          I hope we have explained the truth of the real Cmdr Val (Valiant) Thor sufficintly Any more question we'll be glad to answer.
          One more thing...Val has asked it be explained he never wrote a book caled "outwitting Tomorrow" which was written by a James Gardner under the pen name "FraterVII and published in 1939 by the Golden Dawn Publishing Co tough one was publsiehd with his picture and name Valiant Thor and sold t many innocent Ufology believers and I'm sure made quate a profit. While anyone can public a book that's coyright ha expried they usujally keep the real author's name and Val apologizes to any that bought the book thinking he wrote it as he did not though the words were the very same. I happen to know this as I have both books.
          Soeone on this site, and she knows who she is, told openly on the Galactic site that when she touched the book with the Valiant Thor picture she was taken to a ship and raped.... That perrson should aain admit this as it is a dangerous thng to steal from an occutist whether dead or alive.
          We say this to warn that occutism is real and Val Thor s not and never wil be mixed with the powers of darkness.

          • The name he prefers is Val . Valiant is the name humans call him. Commander Val Thor.
  • I read the book Stranger At The Pentagon and other books that Dr.Frank Stranges wrote. There is a 1954 called Stranger From Venus. My sisters and niece attended one Dr.Frank Strangers meeting at the one of the universes Ottawa ,Ontario. I don't believe any positive being would come to earth the dark forces wouldn't allow it and there would consequences if one does have contact with these beings. I saw the movie District 9 and saw Prador this movie came out in1980s. yes, make it a big movie i love see it i mean the movie ''Stranger At The Pentagon ''Humanity was never meant to suffer on earth what happened that the dark forces came through the portals of the Ca causes mountains located in the Middle East.During World 2 when they dropped started dropping nuclear bombs on Japan and other location especially the Islands the Marshall Islands and the Alton Islands they evacuated thousands indigenous people to use as testing atomic weapons and use them as military bases this happened in the 1940s and 50s and there have been testing in oceans and deserts.
  • The Government ignored him looks what's happening
    • it has gotten much worse.
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