This 15 minutes video could be the most effective "TOOL" to WAKE UP the majority of the people who are completely ignorant about the 'REALITY' about the 'TRUTH' of life. Please watch this video and give me your valuable inputs to SHARE this information worldwide or make it more effective.

If you think this video has the potential to WAKE UP the masses then... Please HELP by SHARING it with as many people as possible both online and offline.


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  • Nice job, Gagan! There are a lot of good clips in there. It appears that some here choose to try and belittle others' honest, heartfelt efforts/works by trying to make a mockery of them. That is a main tactic used by the mainstream media for keeping the truth from getting out; making it seem like people are silly to even consider alternative thinking or actions. Kinda makes me wonder who they are 'routing for'.
    • Makes me wonder Tally too, you just struck the nail with this sentence...bravo!

  • Thank you for this post, very nicely presented subject, one of the best I've seen so far....David Icke has been saying for ages that nothing is solid....I believe it could be the truth, but what to make of it......I don't know. I keep asking myself about the purpose.......the experience of a infinite consciousness?   If so, is all this suffering really necessary? 

  • Yea, those who believe that the world can be changed through one-liners and 150 character textblock limits, are very very ignorant and foolish. ;)

    • Mainstream does a little more than just one-liners. They usually build their stories better, have references and they also very often have their own journalists on the scene. Something the alternative media almost never has.

      Looking for truth is always good, but most new-agers I've met are so paranoid that they won't accept the truth if it's not close enough to their previous preconceptions. ;)

    • Bu that is exactly what mainstream media has been doing for ages, and very succesfully so...

      And majority of people still believe in their stories, but some have started seeing the other side of the coin just by watching these videos and documentaries from Youtube or elsewhere, by reading testimonies, researching etc, If it wasn't for these things, we would have all still be totally ignorant

      The good news is that more and more people became interested in truth,and I am totally amazed when I see how fast this process is

      So, even when someone fiercely opposes to some post or video on social media it usually awakens their curiosity and they start checking info, and the rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper.....

  • Again, Barry you have not watched the video, have you?No, need to answer it your comments tell it all.

  • You have no idea what so ever what website I am talking about, have you? Maybe then you should watch the entire video and not 2 or 3 min of it before you start spitting around and trying to ruin this blog as well.

  • There's no easy way of achieving Paradise on Earth, and that's a lesson all these lazy b@stards are probably going to have to go through hell to learn. ;)

  • I wasn't talking to you, Barry.

    But to the both of you AO and Barry: did you check out the website maybe before you start throwing stones to ANYONE for their honest trying to help others?

This reply was deleted.

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Samael's anecdotes: Chapter Eight-Part 1


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