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Amma The Hugging Saint ...Has Hugged Over 37 Million People All Over The World ...World Record Not Easy To Beat

For more information when she is coming to your country or near by country check @

I am surprised the Amma allows eggs ... doesn't she know that eggs are liquid flesh not suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Secondly another big surprise Amma donated one million dollars to the Clinton Foundation which is known to be corrupt as hell 

Very surprising that Amma didn't know that the Bill Clinton Foundation is corrupt as hell.

Thirdly Ammas UK visit 2019 cost £190,000 which could feed, clothe and house millions in India know they say home comes first ..or charity begins at home 

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His immune system must be so greatly tuned by now. that he should be able to withstand almost Anything nature has to throw at us. :)



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