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By now all should know that the voting system is corrupt in America ..just as corrupt as the leaders, the government, NASA to name a few.
Now watch Americas downfall under a incompetent leader.

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      There was very little anti-Mormonism in this election expressed in regards to Romney.  In the past most of the anti-Mormonism has come from the Evangelical/Pentecostal religious wing of the Republican Party.  Certainly not from Democrats.  The Mormons themselves tend to be anti-gay rights and marriage equality as well as against women's equality and rights.  They want to be respected - then perhaps they should respect the rights of others.

Dawn:  That is correct.  Presidents are not elected, they're SELECTED.

This man and his family are in White House living it up at high cost only due to corruption in the voting system... They say in Kali Yuga you will have false leaders who are there only for their own selfish ends.

Anja:  You have the ILLUSION of choice.  They are both sides of the same coin,. Voting makes us FEEL free.

bama went in 4 years ago not a rich man -now 15 million?  Book sales?  Kali Yuga/Piscean is over-we are in the transition period to Aquarian-these filthy spirits are being 'fried out' of the Earth, vibes will become too high for them to withstand it- acording to Swami Sri Yukteswar the transition period started in 1898 and is a 200 year process

the NWO is the international socialist/communist agenda they have manipulated there way into the highest offices in the world including finance and it's not going to be this 'wonderful' nonsense going around of fairness in financing but less and less money available in credit especially for the 3rd world

     The NWO agenda is a fascist agenda, not a communist one.  Ultimately herding us into concentration camps a la Nazi style and having the bottom 98% enslaved to the top elite 2% or so.  The planet's resources (from whence all material wealth is derived), should be shared among all and not hoarded by the super wealthy and powerful elites. 

your dreaming-it's the international commies aligned with the international banking system

   We're all dreaming the Cosmic Dream - everyone is at a different stage of awakening.  Believe me, the bankers have no intention of sharing their unearned wealth a la communism.  The term "commie" was an epithet hurled back in the 1950s and 60s particularly.  It was inane then as it is now.  You and "Dark Star" (note the name well) are entitled to your misunderstanding of this matter.  Genuine communism/sharing is antithetical to the present banking and financial systems and cabals.  Greed does not like to share.  

Thank you, Donald!  (The presence of logic on this site is always highly prized by me.)

Pet Rock:  You are correct.

May I mention something? I have been an American for 34 years. I have voted since age 18. I am also a college history major.  There is something you need to realize. America has two parts. A democracy and a republic. The democracy exists mostly at the local community level. As you get higher up it becomes a republic. 90% of all decisions are from the republic. Only 10% are democratic. They don't teach you all this stuff in school, you just learn on your own. What is a republic? Think the Roman Empire. America's foundations were originally democratic during the founding fathers but rapidly became a republic swiftly after that. Big republic spikes were in industrial era and post depression years. A republic is the form of many governments. Why? Because in case of crisis, you don't have to wait for the votes on issues. It just gets done. You pretty much have to live with a Republic. With a republic comes Capitalism. Republic = Capitalism. Anyway, in the big picture, it is part of the Earth school. A tough school for us to make choices. It does not flex, so your acts of love despite the will of the Republic are well noted on the other side aka spiritual planes. Just adapt, and keep being you, but understand the Earth human governments are not meant to change, unless you want to bring about a revolution like the US 1775-1776 war, but then again in 25 years, it will become a Republic again. If you want a fair democracy you will find it in "heaven" but here nope it is always going to be a test school.



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