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Hi lovelies!

Okay, so here is my deal right now-back in July 2008 in my home state of Pennsylvania, there was alien activity right above my house that I was living in.  It was raining, but no storm.  Instead, at one point around 2AM, what seemed like lightning, but it more looked like someone was outside taking multiple flash photographs, then a buzzing sound.  This happened about 3 times. I went outside but could not see anything.  Just the rain coming down.  I reported it and it is documented with some research group for my state.

Fast forward to present day, where my ascension and enlightening process has been picking up incredible speed.  I found out I can speak "Light Language", I keep drawing this symbol that many have described as Light Language, and I feel incredibly close to the Angelic Realms.  BUT, there has been somewhat of a presence within my home that doesn't feel angelic, or maybe I am wrong?  A couple months ago, I was laying in bed when I felt like I was pricked in the lower left leg with a needle.  I quickly turned on the light and saw nothing, but I knew that wasn't a fake feeling or that I dreamt it.  But when I touched my leg, I felt a tingle, like I was recently touched there.

Lately I have been having EXTREMELY vivid dreams.  Or are they dreams?...Case in point, last night, I was flying in the air, or what perceived to be flying, and came across a body of water near my home. I was wading in the water when I looked up and saw two circular discs that had lit up a double helix like pattern that started to glow from above. I was both exhilarated and yet frightened. I heard a sound very faint, like a soft buzzing, then I woke up I believe out of fear. I'm upset I woke up because I was so captivated by what I was looking at. I almost felt I was astral traveling.

I "woke" up way to quickly for me to be dreaming, you know? Trying to understand the double helix pattern on the bottom of both ships. They both lit up so beautifully the moment I looked up into the sky. It was so peaceful yet I was so frightened. i don't know how that's possible.

My son, who is 12, has been seeing beings from a parallel level since he was a baby.  And recently, he has seen a white energy like mist outside my bedroom door.  

I would LOVE anyone input on this, as I am drawing a blank.  Where I live in Pennsylvania, there is a lot of activity of alien realms/presence.  For this I am certain.  But, if anyone has background on this, I would love to know more about it.

In Love and Light,

Lady Aine

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Some of the alien groups definitely work with the Light although it doesn't always look that way-they have been with me all my life though I only had one vivid experience, as you describe, of being taken somewhere and later dropped into my body while in bed and waking up with the bed shaking as if I physically fell in(conscience dreaming as the Carlos Castaneda books describe)-they act as tricksters and tormentors,bad medicine, to shake our awareness-they are really from here oer have been here for ever and fly around back and forth from 4d-they could also be humans in 4d ,part of our space command-



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