I have seen Jesus, Christ or Christ Consciousness  be mentioned on a several occasion`s here on ashtar in a different post`s, but what about Mohammed? He is the profet of the largest religion in the world; Islam. Where is he in all of this? I read somewhere Jesus .is waiting in a spaceship and it seems that people who are not too religious seem to accept Jesus, but Islam`s profet Mohammed, does he exist too? Is he too waiting in a spaceship? 



From the thread "help our planet:"

“Almighty I AM Presence of each of us, Mighty I AM Presence of all humankind, Beloved Akasha, in the name of the Infinite I AM Presence, in the name of the Great Ascended Host and the Ascended Jesus Chris....


Again, Jesus is mentioned , but not Mohammed or anyone else from the other religions. Islam is the largest religion in the world after comes Christianity. I am just curios to know what you think about it.

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  • well why are there half of the muslim population called mohammed and not many people in the western culture called jesus....


    It's also an answer not considered before and yet as valid an argument as you said about jesus and mohammed....


    It can not be answered yet equally also has a valid point to consider to be answered too.


    Jesus had to have help to pull off the greatest show on earth to open the eyes of the un awakened from their dream. And i think it had something to do with how his death came to be.


    In one sense he knew he had to die to explain about how the more you become aware about self responsibility when you awaken to your powers, the more you can not go about in darkness unconsciously using your abilities for all the wrong wrong reasons.


    If you read the www.christsway.co.za he talks about why he came here because after him there will be no one grander than what he could do for the people.


    The churches will either eventually except the way he tried to explain to his peers back then or face annihilation by their own deeds...you sow what you reap then so it is better to be knowledegablr and steer your ship in the right direction or throw caution to the wind and let where sleeping dogs lie.....develop the christ consciousness and you will know beyond a doubt of a shadow where you want to gor from their....i know because it happened to me......

    • I know, abused  women are everywhere in every culture and it is a problem here in Sweden too but it`s not so popular to talk about it. I get so furios when discussing this things here, people(men) say well there are no problem, look at the muslim countries bla bla bla. No problem? Women still get paid less than a man working same job with same education. Women still get beat up, raped and killed, usually by man they have a relationship with or used to have. And the are hundreds if not thousands cases every year which don`t get reported at all. Usually due shame and fear women feel, like it`s their own fault which it isn`t!

      So people like to act there is no problem but underneath there is, a big one, or they say we shouldn´t complain because we could have so much worse like muslim women! That`s so ridiculous!


  • Your apology is accepted. And i am sad for hearing what has happened to you and your family. I hope you are well or better now.

    I agree also we are the ones gotta change world for the better..




  • I hope my oppinion about this won't upset any followers of Islam. I think you don't see Mohammed channelings because followers of Islam religion have such a great deal of reverence and respect for him that probably if someone claimed to be talking with Mohammed, many people would feel offended, as a simple human being shouldn't be allowed to "chat" with him on a personal level. Also I noticed that many followers of Islam tend to get offended really quick when it comes to religious discussions. Feel free to contradict me if you know better, I don't want to start a dispute here, but rather to understand more about this matter.
    • You are the first person here on ashtar who actually managed to hurt my feelings. Yes you sound mean when you accuse me for "basicly" saying all those terrible things! Which i DONT. YOU said it! I don´t know what your problem is, but i can see you have a problem with muslim culture. I`m not gonna start to argue with you about religions but just for the record, HARM has been done in the name of most religions, including Christianity, remember crusades? Please don`t tell me to wake up, i am  a w a k e n. That´s it. Gonna logg of now. Bye

    • That is a good point, i`m not sure now but i think i have heard somewhere that no-one is allowed to portray Mohammed...
  • Hi! My response to your opinon is this way.I think regardless of whether Christ is mentioned more or less than Mohammed.Makes little difference because both in my opinion.Were doing their best to represent or be a living example and or embodiment of positive unconditionally loving consciousness.I do recognise their efforts.However I don't want to give my power away.To beings such as these.Who supposedly call for some kind of physical ritual.In order to live the example they gave us humanity.Instead of praying and giving our thought energy or power away to them.With words like,"Only you can save me from myself."Let's find and connect with the Christ as well as the Mohammed.That is within us all and live the words.That they spoke instead of imposing their words on others.
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  • christ is the love that simply just is. Jesus  and mohammad both embodied this christ consciousness. Jesus christ, mohammad christ, Siddhartha christ
  • Soon this Planet Earth will become a member of the Galactic Federation of Light and all members follow the True teachings of Christ....and all on this Planet will be a CHRIST CONSCIOUS BEINGS....forget all the Religions but all will live in the Mode of Goodness..like NO HARMING NATURE, NO HARMING ANY LIVING ENTITIES AND LEADING A SPIRITUAL LIFE...This are the rules to follow in 5th Dimension New Earth if you wish to get into 5th Dimension New Earth.

    BASHAR will answer your question

    • Great video Ravinder!  The masters are showing us who we really are.  I love that.  Why is it so hard to be our real selves in these 3D experiences?  Sometimes it all seems like we're put in impossible circumstances to where we don't even know why we're here and then if we're lucky enough to find out that we are here to heal our duality and ascend, we seem to have yet another carrot just out of reach.  Still reaching though...
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