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i was humbly born by my biological mother , Ah Kiew , on March 25th 1988 as the eigth child in that family in Kuching General Hospital ward. Before i was born, i remember seeing my baby's body from above in the space, and also remember a mission i was here for.the mission is to put the world in one piece and enlightened others, thus from that day onwards, GOD is my teacher, who is a Supreme Light Soul who started guiding my path.i keep on practicing meditation since primary 6 till college , and during those time, were the time of war and unpleasantness of the world. i had no choice but to try to raise the earth vibrations very high. During christmas was the time , i tried to joined the world up together which worked, but as a matter of consequences, i was way way too powerful and also managed to undo the joining up after realising it caused so much trouble like my husband's sperm dripping onto the earth, and pregnanting his own children. However, when the world was joined up as one piece, i kinded had to commit sucide as instructed by my husband (GOD/SUPREME SOUL) , otherwise our bodies become immortal. but instead............instead.......i failed in getting killed by drowning in the dolphine pool in Singapore.Instead after that i unjoined the world, and was moved to the psychitric ward from different years from 1990 to 2012...and managed to stay in that ward in 2008, only after my husband came down. But it was so messy that even other male souls are up there with him, those many wedlocks and children are born druring those period.Finally , i managed to get home to my hometown Kuching, Sarawak,Malaysia. and tried to correct the mess that was made, but instead.....i got too powerful and lifted everyone in space or what you call "heaven". Thus , everyone became gods and goddess during those times. And those were the times, the GREAT DEPRESSION OF THE GLOBE BEGAN. EVERYONE USED THEIR OWN POWERS FOR THEIR OWN BENEFIT AND FREEDOM.And thus ,i didn't care of what happened after that. i strayed from my husband and etc....had sex with my own children and same with my husband, thus my uncle said.."it is imbalance" and what he said is for real...the balance is lost. Because too many souls are born,....and unbalanced energy and behaviour of the new souls.All this is connected to the blogs/forum of what happene before, after christmas 2008 and new year 2009.The above is from my soul mother's memory as it is still intact . It is not my memory...but our Supreme Mother's Soul Memory. I hope u understand. (The word "i" from the above belongs to our Supreme Mother's Soul or Goddess )

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