Aligning With Divine Oneness Of The Universe By

Christine Day


Pleiadian Message February 2023


Your planet has moved into a higher paradigm of activity as alignments to the sacred consciousness of divine oneness within the Universe has been forged through Earth. The magnetic core of your planet holds an anchor through its center, this can be likened to roots of a tree growing down into the Earth.


This anchoring has and is creating a vast expansive series of light patterns that are being pulsed from the magnetic core of Earth outwards across the planet and actively aligning through sacred connections within this resident Universe. These waves of patterns are having a strong impact within the Universal realms as the vibrational recalibrations of Earth are finally able to realign to the essence of the sacred formed energies within the sacred Spheres that make up the Universe.


Through this reconnection to the Universe, the new Blueprint of Earth that has arisen from the Reset is being anchored and actively engaged through the Grids, Vortexes and Sacred sites on the planet.


This engagement is creating a pure mantle of light, like a womb forming around the planet. The mantle is designed to ultimately support the next step of the journey of further recalibrations to activate throughout the earth plane. These happenings have been written within the sacred manuscripts and are responsible for setting in motion Earth’s transmutational cycle at this juncture.


The resurgence of the sacred womb flowing around your earth plane is reopening the next level of your spiritual potential, allowing you as individuals to launch a further interaction within your higher consciousness.


Those of you in human bodies, who are on an awakened path are contributing to the flow of this sacred womb through the interaction within your Hearts. This process is a natural returning of you, an unfolding by you, a reuniting to the One divine consciousness that has always been the pure central lifeforce within the Universe.


This all-encompassing presence is a pure loving force of consciousness which is made up of billions of light filaments that interacts with all life force within this Universe. These filaments are intertwined within your Heart cells, your Heart cells contain the vibrational light of these filaments.


The energy of Earth has been enveloped within the sacred Spheres that exists within the mapped arena of the Universe. These sacred Spheres are designed to support the rapid energetic consciousness changes that are taking place within many of you.


An aspect of the Spheres role is to bring integration and unveil to you a deeper sense of what you have been missing within the limited 3rd dimensional human constraints that you have been experiencing this lifetime and for many lifetimes. The essence of the Spheres supports the flowing experience of communion to be made possible within communities. This communion is achievable because of your newly aligned Heart frequency.


Your entire Heart has transformed since the Reset at the time of New Year. As you interact within your Heart now there is a natural radiance being transmitted through each Heart cell created by the divine consciousness light filaments that illuminates your cells. This illumination can be likened to a light switch being turned on within you.


You previously made pre agreements to become one within the alignment of your Heart, to become self-realized through the avenue of your Heart. As you take conscious moments to align you are returning. In real terms the Heart now holds a higher expression form of you.


This expansive vibration repositions you into the different reality spaces that hold Truth. You link back into an alternate timeline beyond the 3rd dimensional illusion of Earth, beyond fear and limitation. The makeup of these alternate reality spaces consists of purer forms of love frequency, they are also intertwined within the light filaments of the divine One.


An essential next focused step is to utilize the energy of your Heart to create building blocks to form natural community communion spaces within a group. While you choose to focus on your Heart’s frequency you hold the unique patterning of love within you. This energy is your unique Heart imprint that is not like any other in the Universe.


The first step is to align to the unique essence of your own Heart, to claim ownership of your imprint. You must achieve the self-recognition and fully align to your unique essence of your Heart before you can build and align with another Heart imprint to create the full authentic communion experience.


The definition of Communion is where two or more beings come together with the express purpose to align, allowing their individual Heart imprints to merge, and become one.


Know that every individual Heart imprint is able to fully align to any other Heart imprint. When two or more Heart imprints merge there is a sacred happening that evolves, there is a magnification of pure light that begins to naturally unfold itself within both Hearts simultaneously. There is a magic that is created within the form of this pure light which has enormous potential for the manifestation of a higher purpose.


Video - Divine Masculine & Feminine Meditation With Venetians





Know that your unique Heart imprint can never be compromised through Communion. Your Heart imprint will always remain fully intact and simply become more complete through the action of Communion.


As this process unfolds within the individual Hearts, there is an anchoring of self-empowerment and a further activation of self-realization for each person involved. The essence of the Communion sets in motion a huge wave of divine light throughout your planet which creates a mirroring in the Universe.


This is your time to retrieve the many blessings that are yours by natural birthright. Change is here within you, there is nothing that needs to be done and all is in hand. Trust the unfolding of yourself at this juncture through the avenue of the Heart.


Be prepared to allow a shedding of the old ways of being, releasing the old burdens of illusion. This falling away of old density is a natural process. This is a time of liberation as you allow a pure joyful launching of yourself. There is no earthly thing that can hold you back you have ultimate power of your own destiny. This entire process is part of the pre agreed happening.




  1. Bring both palms to rest on your upper chest.
  2. Bring your awareness to where you feel the pressure of your hands on your chest. Hold your awareness there and take a Conscious breath like a soft wind into where your awareness is placed. Let go and open consciously into where you feel see or sense your Heart space.
  3. Consciously claim the essence of your Heart that you see sense or feel. This is my Heart!
  4. Bring the sacred sound into your Heart, AHHH NAE EENNN AH (pronounced ar nay eenn ah)
  5. Feel see or sense the opening of the essence, the light that is there as you bring more of the sacred sound, AHHH NAE EENNN AH, and place it into the space that you see sense or feel. Open your awareness into the imprint that is opening here.
  6. Utilize the sacred sound as many times as you need, take your Conscious breath, and place it within the essence of the imprint that you see sense or feel. Simply Be.


You can repeat these steps as many times as you need until it feels complete.




You need to set out a circle of chairs or cushions or tissues to mark the places to create the circle. A minimum of six places to create the circle.


  1. Take your place within the circle and begin to align to your own Heart imprint, set out as above utilizing the sacred sound.
  2. Once everyone is aligned then you bring your own heart frequency into the center of the circle by simply moving your awareness from your Heart into the center of the circle, everyone does this in the same moment.
  3. Feel see or sense how the individual heart energies begin to merge, align and build together.
  4. Bring the sound, AHLAHNNN… (Pronounced ar larn) into the center of the circle, this begins to build the Communion flow between the Heart imprints.
  5. You may feel a spiral like movement building in the center of the circle, like a column of light energy building. Allow a natural forming of the expression of the communion space, do not try and manipulate the energy.
  6. Utilize the sound, AHLAHNNN… as you feel to until the building of the energy is stable, no longer getting more.
  7. Then open your awareness into the essence of the collective communion energy, take a conscious breath and let go, simply Be!
  8. When this alignment feels complete for you, check in with everyone else. Then at an agreed moment everyone slowly begins to move their awareness back to align into their own individual Heart space and align to their place in the circle.


This is a new time for those of you who are ready to engage differently with your own multidimensional aspect of Self.


We witness you and all that you are in this moment.


The Pleiadians



Video - Mt Fuji Chamber Of Light For Unneeded Contract & Cord Removal











See Yourself As God Sees You By Asara Adams


Archangel Michael:

"Greetings, Beloved Ones.

We are sending you blessings of Love and Light, in this Now Moment, and we are inviting you to open your heart to our message for you...

Beloved One, if only you could see yourself the way God sees you...

You are truly made in the image of God.

It is only in the veiled perception of the individual that prevents oneself from truly seeing, feeling and knowing this divine truth.

You are sons and daughters of God and as such, you are made of God.

When you begin to see others as sons and daughters of God, you will be able to draw the veil of perception and see yourself as son or daughter of God as well.

Whatever you seek, you will need to give first.

If it is Ascension you seek, begin to see others in the light of Ascension.

If it is Peace you seek, begin to see others in the light of Peace.

If it is Benevolence you seek, begin to see others in the light of Benevolence.

If it is Forgiveness you seek, begin to forgive others and see them in the Light of Guiltlessness.

If it is Health you seek, begin to see others in the light of Health.

If it is Abundance you see, begin to see others in the light of Abundance.

It is the perception of the Ego Mind, that is trying to tell you otherwise and to "Perceive" others in the darkness of the unwanted.

Meanwhile, God within you "Knows" only Light and well-being within others and yourself.

Which one will you turn to?

Your Ego Mind or God?

The key to Ascension lies within this choice that you have every moment of your life.

With every choice you make, you will either remain in the darkness of the Ego Mind's reality or you will gradually step into the Light of God and your Ascension.

Thus, allowing you to experience the Kingdom of God/The New Earth/Your Ascension.
Know That All Is Well, Beloved Ones.

Welcome Home.

We are walking beside you, every step of the way.

Dear Ones, you are loved beyond measure. Always.

I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth.
Thank you, Archangel Michael!

Channeled by Asara Adams
Video - Remember Your Highest Purpose -
Messages From Your Soul Meant To Find You Now !
By Melanie Beckler
Blessings on Blessings...

And Happy March! (technically tomorrow here for me) but alas...

We're now entering what my guides keep calling one of the most powerful months of this year!

One of the core themes now – both challenge and opportunity – is to embody Love more fully than ever before.

Love illuminates the way through.

And empowers your Soul's Presence, wisdom, and light to be able to shine forth from within you!

Speaking of Soul Presence ...

I just brought through a new Oracle Reading for you with the Messages From Your Soul Meant to Find You now.
Love, love, love,

Video - Messages From Your Soul Meant To Find You Now !








Angel Meditation From DailyOm


A meditation with your angels can provide a new gentleness into your normal meditation routine.


Though your host of spirit guides encompasses many diverse beings, all of which willingly watch over you, meditating with angels can be a uniquely insightful experience. The angels stationed at your side are both powerful and knowledgeable—they possess a limitless understanding of your needs and desires, your strengths and weaknesses, and your purpose.


However, angels take an active part in our lives only when invited to do so. Meditation allows you to make contact with your angels and lovingly request that they participate actively in your day-to-day life.


To begin, retreat to a solitary place where you won’t be distracted by concerns. Incense and candlelight may aid you in achieving a meditative state but are not necessary. However, laying an image of an angel, angel statue, or item symbolizing your angels before you can help focus your thoughts.


Sit comfortably, breathe deeply, and let yourself relax. When you feel peaceful, invite your angels from the highest of light to sit with you as you meditate. Mentally repeat your request and reiterate that this time together is important to you.


Then, in your mind’s eye, visualize a bright-white light floating above you. As you breathe, draw this light first into the crown of your head and then into the whole of your physical self. Allow this light to spread throughout your whole being. Repeat this integration of illumination with a violet light.


Once again, ask your angels to be with you. Let the stillness surrounding you enter your soul, and open your heart to your angel guides. If they wish to communicate a message, they will do so now.


Allow them to wrap their wings around you and infuse you with their bountiful love. Breathe them in as you did the light. As the meditation draws to a close, you may feel a presence, fluttering wings, or billowing fabric, or you may see an angel in your mind’s eye. Thank them for providing you with love and light, and being with you as you meditated.


If you don’t sense or feel anything, there is no cause for worry—you can be certain your angels are with you. Don’t be surprised if you start to see signs throughout the day that your angels are near, perhaps a feather at your doorstep. As you practice this meditation, you will become increasingly adept at recognizing when your angels are near and sensing their presence.



Video - 5 Minute Archangel Blessing Meditation




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