• "I feel sorry for the little guy..."

    Don't, he's made of plastic ;)

  • Have anyone noticed that that party is professionally filmed with pre-set lighting conditions identical to the quality of the presentation of it?

    If You believe this vid, I'll stop believing in You. ;)

  • yeah that's not real.

  • photo-shopped dummy

  • ...Lol...What A Cutie....x....

  • I felt sorry too, and ashamed by human behaviour. Even more so as the being was not hostile. I hope this is fake video, but it seems real to me. And, not a word about what happened afterwards.

  • THIRDPHASEOFMOON is a channel that shows some real ufo`s videos and a lot of GGI BS.

    Dont take this to serious. I dont trust Thirdphaseofthemoon at all.

    They have also superman in their collection: 

    • If it was real, don't you think there would be a lot more footage of this?  

  • The wee fella can jam with me anytime......anytime!!

    ....may even bring a few mates too..

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