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This is a very interesting and eye opening discussion that pretty much put today's delema  in focus, on Donald Trump, the state of the world, and mainly the USA.

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It's been Said that Pres. Obama will be our Last seated president of these United States,  World War III may be the reason to bring USA to its knee's and Obama's fixed seat as dictator, like Putin in Russia.  worth listening to for sure, as what may be coming down the pike.  If this is a possibility then the elections may be trumped by not Donald by a world war.

JOHN: the U.S. doesn't have a manufacturing base or a public in mass support of it's government at this time. We also have people in the military who have told their commanders that they will refuse to fight along side ISIS and Al Qaeda.  Hence, I really doubt WWIII will take place, unless the Pentagon agrees with any type of nuclear strike. Also note that there is a massive awakening taking place in the U.S. at this time concerning the use of war (and who benefits from such wars, such as Wall Street and bankers).

It will be either Trump or Sanders after Obama, and either one will have one hell of a mess to deal with after Obama leaves the White House. 

Well, in truth, it is the USA corporation that is ending, not the united states of America, constitutional republic, the world loves and wants, the real United States.....The dark want a world war to distract from that fact...The GFL will not allow them the luxury of such a diversion....and Russia serves as a faithful and vibrant earth ally, to that do all the BRICS date...

New governance is needed in America to reflect that divine will.....End the capitalist/corporate police state and free the American people, as well as people suffering from US aggression, everywhere.......

Very kind regards and blessings, Drekx Omega

End of the USA...Let's go.....!!! 

Um dearest you do know im here for now lol

Maybe recheck what I said earlier....The USA is a corporation, which we hope will end, so that the PEOPLE are free...A restored CONSTITUTIONAL republic...The united states of America, and not the USA, which is de facto dark governance, in contrast to de jure Light governance, of a restored united states of America....Note the legal spellings and terms I use to make that distinction, for clarification..

Over 500 superdelegates are committed to Clinton's nomination for President, of the de facto system, in place...That is ANTI-PEOPLE and totally counter to the will of many people, who would otherwise have a voting voice, under one person one vote....Most US citizens do not know that their system is undemocratic in multiple ways, this being an example...Please view this RT vid.....

What it means is that even if most people vote Sanders, who is a good guy, they may still be overturned, by the dark system's superdelegates....Not good for democracy, or sanity...

Regardless how many in the west believe, good thoughts and the awakening will keep us out of a world war,, there is just to much going on thats been or-castrated and playing out this very moment to egnore, happening now.

Thanks for the Icke/Jones vid, John....One factor I would like to point out about the refugee crisis, which Icke seems to think was planned to enable the planned consolidation of power, as he sees it, is that the anti-democratic, pro-big business, corporation of the EU, is actually undermined in it's propaganda efforts by the numbers and the bad behaviour of some of those migrants....and that was why after the Cologne mass rape, on new years, the Police and media were instructed not to report on it, as they did not want that info to get out...Later it was revealed on social media, then the authorities had to admit it happened....Moreover, unlike what Icke says, in the various European Union nations, there is a RISING spirit of discontent with EUrocracy and it's failures to cope....The cornerstone of the EU principle is free movement of people and THAT IS NOW THREATENED by the migrant crisis....So, in effect the EU and especially Germany and Sweden, have shot off their own feet....and undermined the very Euro project, they tried to protect from ending...and the nationalists across Europe are becoming more popular with the masses of ordinary people, who feel let down by the authorities...So if anything, the nation state is making a comeback and the EU dark project, has withered to a circus freak show....whatever the politically correct buffoons may state, they are in denial, about their failures and have been blunderers from the start....

So if this is the best the dark plan can achieve, we are laughing at them...Icke overrates their intelligence...The whole EU is now threatened with obsolescence, as the people reject it's basic principles....and raison d'etre....LOL 

Very soon the UK will BREXIT....Then it will be a quick ending for Euroland and a defeat for the dark in Europe...



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